"Well, you can tell your parents whenever you say." Qin Yue always listens to these things simply.

"Thank you, Mr. Qin, for being so considerate." Jane stood up and stretched out her hand to help him pinch his shoulders and beat his back. "You are busy with your work and ignore me."
She’s here. How can Qin Yue ignore her? It’s because his self-control has always been so strong that she can’t see that he is influenced by her.
Most of the time when they are together, they are so warm and silent that it seems impossible to quarrel forever.
Zhan Nianbei and Qin Xiaobao are completely different. One of them is like an explosive and the other is like a fuse. If you don’t pay attention, it may ignite and explode.
"You walk so fast in Zhannian North, where do you really want to go?" Qin Xiaobao walked very fast, but Zhannian North was faster than her, and there was a Xiao Ran sitting on his shoulder, but this speed was not affected at all.
I don’t know if I deliberately ignored her when I met her today and gave her a look. It’s another lack of exercise.
"Qin Xiaobao, I took the baby to play. What are you doing with me?" I can see from the war that Xiao Ran didn’t like the new brother very much, and he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and took her out.
Qin Xiaobao will follow … Well, he expected it.
But now it’s outside, and yet the baby can’t do what he wants, so it’s better to drive Qin Xiaobao back.
"If you like children so much, why don’t we go back and make a baby?" Qin Xiaobao has become more and more cheeky recently.
Section 39
It is reasonable to say that the two of them have been together for some time and have not taken any measures. Under normal circumstances, they should be able to get pregnant with her, but there is no response at all.
Thought of this, Qin Xiaobao looked at Zhannian North. "Hey Zhannian North, do you have any problems?"
War read north eyebrows a pick "what?"
Qin Xiaobao looked at Zhan Nianbei and then at her abdomen. "I calculated that those days when we were together every day were my critical period but I was not pregnant … Anyway, I have no problem. What do you think is the problem?"
Qin Xiaobao thinks that she has no problem eating, sleeping, running and jumping, and she is very healthy. It is very likely that she is old and has a low sperm rate, so she can’t conceive.
I think how she got pregnant when she was young, poor old man. Why was she so blind in the first place?
It is very likely that this man in Zhannian North burned Gao Xiang to have a beautiful girl like her look at him.
"Qin Xiaobao, is your brain full of bean curd residue?" Zhan Nianbei couldn’t wait to knock her head to see if her head was full of tofu.
"What?" Qin Xiaobao was so angry that he shouted, "You can’t change the subject in this way if you miss the North."
"However, if the baby goes with my uncle and grandfather, we don’t care about your little aunt." This kind of thing is an insult to men, and I really don’t want to care about Qin Xiaobao.
"Uncle and aunt have a beautiful baby together?" Xiao Ran but beaming big eyes asked.
If my uncle, grandpa and aunt gave her another sister like Mianmian, she would have two sisters to play with her.
"It’s not that my uncle and grandpa don’t live with my aunt, it’s that your aunt misses."
War read north just words hip was kicked by Qin Xiaobao mercilessly "war read north who has a problem, let’s go to the doctor to know"
"If you have a problem …" Qin Xiaobao glanced at him and said gloomily, "I won’t tell anyone about this kind of thing."
Zhan Nianbei was dissatisfied. "Who said I had a problem?"
"If you have no problem, why can’t I have children?" Qin Xiaobao is looking for a problem in the war.
After all, it is normal that an old man in his thirties is not as young as she is.
Xiao Ran but stare big eyes for a while to see the war read north for a while to see Qin Xiaobao.
Her clear eyes wandered around them. It was strange what my uncle, grandfather and aunt were saying. She didn’t understand at all.
They are saying that they are sick, but it doesn’t look like a patient to see uncle, grandfather and aunt quarreling so much.
It’s better for her father and mother. Father and mother never quarrel, but play kissing and hugging.
I thought that my father and mother were playing with kisses and cuddles. Xiao Ran suddenly turned his head. "My uncle, grandfather and aunt can only have a good baby if they don’t quarrel."
She is so cute that the baby can only be born because mom and dad don’t quarrel and play with each other.
Zhan Nianbei laughed. "Who told you?"
Xiao Ran said seriously that "it’s only natural for mom and dad to kiss".
"Conghai’s little aunt loves you to death." Qin Xiaobao rubbed Xiao Ran’s head. "After that, the little aunt stopped quarreling with her uncle and grandfather and tried to have a child as cute as the baby."
"But it’s the cutest." My aunt and uncle can have children, but the children born can’t be cuter than her.
If the child is cuter than her, then everyone will not like her.
So Xiao Ran sincerely hopes that my aunt and uncle will have a child like my sister who can bark and bark.
Chapter 542 Cloth good bureau, etc.
Today, the Qin family, Zhan Nianbei and so on are all here with them, except Xiao Qinghe.
Xiao Qinghe got drunk with someone two days ago, slept and woke up, and then drank in the bar for two or three days.
In two or three days, Xiao Qinghe seemed to be a different person, and the original handsome appearance became very sloppy.
Know someone. At first glance, you may not know who he is.
"Lao Xiao, you can’t drink any more, it will kill you." This is the 999th time that Ye said this sentence.
His lip service didn’t really stop Xiao Qinghe from drinking and talking again, and he also added a glass of wine to Xiao Qinghe.
"Ye Yichen, you have a lot of shit. Mind your own business and leave me alone." Xiao Qinghe drank another glass of wine.
Ye Yichen helped Xiao Qinghe to fill up the wine again. "What the hell is bothering you, Lao Xiao?" You this picture is really not I know that Xiao Qinghe "
Xiao Qinghe sneered, "Have you heard of the recent murder case in Jiangbei?"
Ye Yichen light way "you mean huangtian wharf murder case? It’s hard to know if the case is so noisy. "
Xiao Qinghe once again gulped down the wine in the glass and couldn’t directly hold the bottle. "Do you think that man died miserably?"
"I’ve seen photos covered in wounds and ruined my face … and I don’t know how vicious the murderer and the victim are." Ye Yichen shook his head and sighed, "If I were the victim’s relatives, I would definitely dismember the murderer."
"Ha ha … will the murderer dismember ten thousand pieces?" Xiao Qinghe smiled and took a few gulps with a bottle. "I know who the murderer is, but I can’t do anything about the murderer."
"Do you know who the murderer is?" Ye Yichen looked slightly surprised and then said, "That’s someone else’s business. If you know it, don’t worry about it. No one wants to mind their own business these days."
"I don’t care about other people’s affairs … but that’s my father. The victim is my father." Xiao Qinghe said with a thump. "I know who the murderer is, but I can’t do anything."
"What? Are you kidding? " Ye Yichen looked surprised and spent a long time digesting this sentence. "Uncle Xiao didn’t die in a car accident more than 20 years ago. How could the victim be him?"