"Regret?" Wang Haidi pulled out a pistol and pulled out the last bullet from his pocket and put it into the magazine, smoking a cigarette and laughing every time. "Why not regret it?" ! I overestimate myself. I can rush into the city hall of Kiel to give the rebels a surprise. Meet me at the city hall. I can use my life to force the empire to stop entangled in those political struggles and let Kiel stay away from the war earlier. Now I am a few blocks away from the city hall and seven kilometers away from my home. I have not only failed to save Kiel, but also failed to protect my family! "

Lauren knew that the navy would talk about all kinds of regrets, and it was calm until the imperial navy god of war found the last bullet in his pocket and kept it for himself. He might have expected this moment.
Bouncing around the battlefield, Lauren found a layer of wet fog suddenly in his eyes.
"General, you are a hero! It is my pleasure to work with you! "
"Hero ….." Wang Haidi repeatedly said that this rotten vocabulary was lost by others, and his soul seemed to be holding a cigarette. The pictures that he had forgotten just now and now flashed into his mind like slides.
I remember a long time ago, there was a young student who didn’t want to be fettered by such famous names as father, husband and son-in-law. I remember a long time ago, there was a young soldier who always used some sentimental reasons to prevaricate about him, sir. Since when can I treat my righteousness and responsibility as a man?
Wang Haidi fumbled for the matchbox while thinking.
"West lime negotiations …"
The gun on the battlefield suddenly stopped. The Marines leaned out half of their heads in surprise and looked at the battlefield that suddenly fell into a dead silence. Then they saw a worker leader hiding his face in the dark with his back to the sun coming out from behind a bunker, stepping on broken stones, scratching and burning branches, and the plasma of soldiers’ residual limbs slowly came along.
"Is it Blunt?" Hear the familiar sound Wang Haidi holding matchbox hand unconsciously fell to doubt way
The second gun Chapter 4 Turn the tide (5)
"Is it Blunt?" Backed against the fortifications and lit a cigarette for himself, Wang Haidi was stunned for a moment. He followed the sound and turned his head to meet Kiel’s not dazzling light. With the memory of the old year, he quickly confirmed the identity of the worker leader who came out of the sunshine.
"Selim, we need a dialogue!" Blunt also walked forward, and the sailors in the Marine Corps position on Holsten Street pointed their rifles at the bold guy of about sixty, and their hands were full of sweat.
"It’s blunt? I fought a decisive battle in Holstein Street, and the man who cornered me was Blunt? !”
Wang Haidi suddenly wants to be quiet in the battlefield, laugh at heaven and dog blood, laugh at fate, David Betty, one is enough, and there is no need to let the national war and socialism fight for these things to ruin another friendship!
"Very good!" Wang Haidi threw away the cigarette in her mouth and held the corner with sharp edges and broken walls, trying to get up.
If the years of Kiel Wharf are unforgettable, then the years of naval academy are valuable to the world, but since the birth of the paper "On Asymmetric Warfare in Battleship Times", Wang Haidi has exerted a subtle influence on this historical latitude. When the Helgolan Bay cannon ended the butterfly effect, the storm-forming empire won the naval battle that should have been defeated, so the traveler knew that he had been involved in the torrent of the times. "
The European War is the best era, and the empire is bent on breaking the shackles of the old world to Germany. It is also the worst era, because it is difficult for the empire to win this war in Wang Haidi’s memory. This magnificent era, Wang Hai, with his own efforts, impressed the history, made the German navy’s ares famous on this planet, and made another humiliating fleet become the king of the North Atlantic.
When Wang Haidi stood deviating from the established historical track, he didn’t know that there was a final conclusion about the debate between heroes and heroes in the future. He always changed and created history, but whenever Wang Haidi was complacent and wanted to relax jǐng, he would be embarrassed to find that he personally destroyed many things, just like the broken friendship in Dogel Shazhou that night, just like the idealism in jeopardy after the narrow-cut meeting in Kierholsten Street.
Wang Haidi knew that Blunt was an important leader of the rebels. He had imagined that Blunt was confused or intimidated by socialism. The road to rebellion did not go so far. He had imagined several ways to meet Blunt, but he did not expect that they would fight for life and death in Kielholsten Street and almost ended each other.
This is the memory of the Franco-Prussian War. In the battle, the empire was unified, and the Bronte Kiel pier eliminated Wang Haidi’s heart. The last trace of joining the navy was the call for Bronte in the early days of the Bronte War in evil influence
"come on, give me a reason to destroy that empire!"
With a sullen spirit, Wang Haidi staggered up and stumbled forward with a destroyed rifle. Wang Haidi was too eager to know that Blunt would betray his once ideal and turn a blind eye to the fate of the empire. Wang Haidi was too eager to hold Blunt’s collar and let him see what he had done to Kiel. Wang Haidi was too eager to tell Blunt what the Russians promised to the empire in secret negotiations and what they paid.
He is a traitor!
"General, don’t go out and be careful. This is a y and n plot!" Keep the position Lauren school and marines face se a tight dissuade way
Wang Haidi held out his hands to the officers and men of his own marine corps and made a gesture of pressure to signal them to calm down. Then he put a pistol in the gun chamber at the last moment and inserted it into the holster, staggering out of the front of the position
Marines see the law and dissuade the navy from sticking their teeth out of the fortifications. Grasp the rifle in their hands and aim it at Blunt and Linden Street. If something goes wrong, they will rush out and kill that grandiose guy and take back their God of War.
The real workers’ picket team is no easier than the marine corps soldiers. They hold their breath and pay attention to the battlefield with rifles. The reactionaries are desperate and desperate.
"I’m here. What do you want to say?"
I haven’t seen my old friend Wang Haidi for many years, but there isn’t much joy in my heart. The smoke has dissipated a little, but the bloody smell has taken the opportunity to spread. I always wake up Wang Haidi more than ten meters away from the battlefield. That person is not his old friend but a life-and-death enemy!
No matter how noble Blunt’s reasons are, no matter whether socialism and * * represent the direction of human progress, betrayal is betrayal!
"I didn’t think of it either!" Guns were fired in the direction of Holsten Street and Linden Street. The Marine’s face showed a little snickering, while Blunt’s hand was flustered and grabbed the rifle and looked around.
Blunt was not moved by the approaching guns. He stared at Wang Haidi’s face wearily and said, "Actually, I should have guessed that using myself as bait to attract the enemy’s main force and then let the reinforcements finish the battle. This point is to win the naval battle in Shazhou, Dogel. Heidi Selim wrote ridiculously. I didn’t expect that the navy will be you to command this battle, but Selim, you should know that I am finished, but you can kill you before the reinforcements arrive!"
"Where?" Wang Haidi looked at Blunt contemptuously and retorted
"Join us!" Blunt’s lips trembled and said that he was rejected many years ago. "You worked as a dock worker and were oppressed by tycoons like foreman and Dick. You should be able to know whether Germany is our Germany or the tycoons’ Germany. I fantasized that you can legally party politics and make this country change, but after all, you can’t fight the butcher’s knife in 1915. You may be able to walk out of another road, but you, the officers and the emperor who control this country, are deeply afraid that you civilian officers will not hesitate to launch round after round of political storms. You should join us by all the pressure in Germany."
"Blunt, is that why you made the Kiel mess?"
Wang Haidi smiled and leaned forward and backward as if it were the funniest joke of the century. Her arm was scratched by shrapnel, so it hurt faintly. But Wang Haidi still laughed impudently until she burst into tears. She grabbed Blunt’s collar a few steps ago and roared
"Do you remember Kiel Wharf when I asked you what it was like to participate in the Imperial United War? Did you give me the answer? You said that war is terrible, but someone has to pay for this nation in the future. Now you ask me if I want to go with you in Holsten Street, and I want to return this sentence to you! "
Wang Haidi’s move caused the two sides to be tense. The workers’ picket took up rifles and pointed them at the arrogant imperial admiral, while the marines jumped out from behind the fortifications and pointed their guns at Blunt. Both sides almost wiped their guns off.
Blunt raised his hand and asked the picket soldiers to shoot at Wang Haidi in anger and said, "Tell me about it."
"I’m tired of this country, too, but since we didn’t stop the war when the European war broke out and aroused the hatred of the country and the nation, we shouldn’t and are not qualified to fear suffering. The war of life and death is terrible, but someone has to pay for it in the future!"
Blunt was speechless. He was like an old man who was dying. A gust of wind could knock down Haidi without mercy. Blunt’s meaning became louder and louder until the roar resounded through Kiel and shook the whole Germany!
"Maybe socialism is the way forward for mankind, but the problem is that the imperialist war did not let the allies enter our German soil to kill our nationals, but socialism has destroyed Russia, plunged this country into war and stopped the turmoil, and it is likely to lose a large territory in Eastern Europe, which has left Kiel scarred!"
At this time, not only Blunt couldn’t say anything to refute, but even the workers’ picket soldiers couldn’t help lowering their guns and didn’t dare to see the devastated Kiel, who didn’t dare to see Heidi Selim in anger.
At this time, the guns in the direction of Holsten Street and Linden became more and more fierce, and some star shells had fallen behind Blunt.
The reinforcements came faster than Blunt thought. This means that the reinforcements are not rushijīng to call Uzbekistan, but the military quality is higher than that of the workers’ picket. The professional soldier Blunt has no j and ng power to think about what the reinforcements from Selim will come faster than Albert’s reinforcements.
When the main workers’ picket team left, the war in the city hall had already entered the end. Albert had no reason not to send troops to reinforce.
"The reactionary reinforcements of Executive Committee Blunt are coming. We have to get out of here!"
Blunt lost his mind. Calmel Keogh called several soldiers who jumped out from behind the fortifications, or directly framed Blunt, the second figure of Kiel Revolution, or surrounded him, holding rifles to guard against the possibility that the Marines might retreat in the direction of Sheridan Street with cold shots.
Marines also climbed up from their positions and blocked the navy behind them to cover Wang Haidi’s retreat.
The fragile flesh and blood of real workers and soldiers can stop hate bombs. If one side can’t hold its breath, the modern history of Germany and the history of the twentieth century will be rewritten, which will make the heads of British, French, Russian and American spies want to go crazy, that is, no one has fired, and both sides let each other go in silence.
Workers’ pickets run in the Linden block of Bronte Asaka Manato. There is the rich area in Kiel. They firmly believe that where the zhèng fǔ incarnation army is, there will be some scruples. Marines will send Wang Haidi back to the security works and wait for reinforcements to meet.
The disorderly footsteps came from the direction of Kiel Port. The Marine Corps Lauren School greeted him with a bullet in the abdomen, and pursued the rebels fleeing to Charlenden Street. The company of sorge Thomas stayed to take charge of the commander-in-chief of Kiel’s counter-insurgency command, Wang Haidi, and the jǐng Guards directly took care of the wounded in Holsten Street.
"General Selim, Commander Lauren, sorge Thomas led the Danzig Bay Marine Corps to report!"
Sorge Thomas called the soldiers to spread out and set up the jǐng ring line, and then trotted over to salute the dusty Wang Haidi and Lauren.
Jīng Haidi didn’t have the strength to get up and reciprocate to Captain Thomas of sorge. He nodded slightly to Captain Thomas of sorge in the bunker of his nest, and then called him to find a relatively complete building in Holsten Street, and first set up the Kiel counter-insurgency headquarters.
When Wang Haidi spoke, sorge Thomas root didn’t dare to look up at the mythical naval god of war Wang Haidi. When this young naval captain was shy, he patted sorge Thomas on the leg and encouraged him a few words.
Not long after sorge Thomas left, Heinte thaelmann School felt the battlefield with his Hanover Grenadier Corps.
At this time, Holsten Street has been covered by no smoke and dust at present, and the walls on both sides of the lush old oak-charred wood street are covered with deep and shallow craters, and the battlefield is full of dumping roadblocks to damage gun casings, workers’ pickets and marines’ broken arms and limbs, and blood brains.
The Marine Corps trapped in Holsten Street seems to have suffered heavy casualties. On both sides of the street, there are soldiers who have been killed in a hurry and covered with white cloth. There are also many dying seriously wounded and lightly wounded people who are bandaged. Companions help them limp towards the temporary field hospital. Heinte thaelmann School finds that Heidi Selim, the imperial prestige, will be among the lightly wounded.
Selim’s face was pale, his eyes were bloodshot, his arms were covered with bloody bandages, and the navy admiral’s system was wrinkled. Even so, Selim remained a marine’s elegance. He was walking towards the field hospital with the help of a marine, and he said something to a naval officer lying on a stretcher with the rank of naval academy.
"Heinte thaelmann, head of General Selim’s Hanover Grenadier Corps, reported!"
The army has finally arrived!
Looking at the tired Army Military Academy, Wang Haidi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Wang Haidi didn’t know whether the arrival of the Hanover Grenadier Corps was due to his empire’s identity, or whether Heinte thaelmann’s independent Zhang or the Eastern High Command General Hoffman played a major role. He once again won the bet, although his life was on the line, he still dragged the ambiguous army into the water.
The Kiel Workers’ Armed Town Hall and Holsten Street have lost too much strength and spirit, plus 3,000 marines, 3,000 Hanover Grenadier soldiers and the counter-insurgency forces of the mecklenburg Reserve Division, which will arrive in Kiel with a total strength of more than 7,000, should surpass the rebel forces.
There shouldn’t be much repetition in Kiel’s counter-insurgency war. I hope Kiel should leave less blood!
Wang Haidi looked up and pointed to the hall of Kiel, a few blocks away from Holsten Street, and ordered.
"Heinte, thaelmann, go to reinforce and stick to the army forces at the city hall. If they are no longer there … then outflank from the city hall and kill the main Kiir rebels who fled from my side! If this army is destroyed, the war in Kiel should almost be over! "
Heinte thaelmann School turned around with a strong sense of unease to tie his troops’ guns had stopped and came to Kiel City Hall to reinforce them.
After the departure of Hanover Grenadier Corps, Wang Haidi finally came to a slightly less devastated building in Holsten Street, clutching her aching arm, and relied on sorge Thomas to find a chair to rest. Since the moment she heard about the Kiel riots, Wang Haidi has never had a good rest. He bravely broke into the Holtnau Shiplock with business spirit and said that the uprising fleet would get out of the way and force the army to take action to make Kiel dawn come earlier.
It was not until the army entered Kiel’s follow-up troops that Wang Haidi was sure that he had turned the tide and reduced the impact of Kiel’s rebellion to a small extent before he dared to relax his nerves a little.
"Last night, a total of 937 marines were killed in the war, 262 were seriously injured and about 3,000 rebels were killed …"
Because of being shot in the abdomen, Lauren School had to temporarily stay in Kiel’s counter-insurgency headquarters to recuperate and temporarily serve as Wang Haidi’s chief of staff. Because of the French battlefield, Lauren School complained that she was half lying in bed at the moment, staring at the numbers in her hand with strength.
"What about the number of casualties at City Hall?" Wang Haidi left and right and didn’t see Lauren’s report on the battlefield of the city hall. He asked anxiously
"One person survived …" Lauren didn’t want to increase the pressure on the navy for a moment before Wang Haidi forced to tell the truth.
"I’m fast enough, but I didn’t expect it to be too late." Wang Haidi was a little sad.
This rebellion almost destroyed the city that brought a lot of warmth and joy to Wang Haidi and made him feel a sense of belonging. It was not him, Wang Haidi and the empire. Other soldiers could. It was betrayed and buried by one of their own hands. Thinking of this, Wang Haidi’s resentment against Blunt and the radical workers’ party added a little bit.
"mecklenburg Reserve Division has arrived in the periphery of Kiel. In addition, Jodman, the guard of Charlottenburg Palace, has also come to bring the first batch of 5,000 reinforcements to Berlin." Looking at the face, Y and N, the navy will be fine, and Lauren will worry that he will fall into the laughter and change the subject by weaving demons by himself.