"With these waves, it is better to do something else. They just attacked a falcon chariot. Shouldn’t they think about leaving as soon as possible?"

Han Shu spit out a smoke ring "suo?"
Cang Du squinted slightly. "Unless they know that a motorcade will pass by soon, they can get some benefits before running, but the information they get is obviously not detailed enough. Otherwise, if they know that it is a motorcade rather than a squad, I guess they are not crazy enough to die."
"Simply put, this is a premeditated and manipulated attack."
"Those people are just chess, but now they are abandoning."
Han Shu burst out laughing and slapped Cang Du on the shoulder vigorously. "Cocoa, you have grown a lot. Sure enough, this man always has to have a woman who wants to protect before he can grow up quickly."
Just now, I was able to calmly analyze the ponytail youth’s face at the moment and cried, "Captain, what are you talking about?"
Chapter 492 The girl’s mind is as deep as the sea
Han Shu didn’t continue to hunt down this aspect and let go of the captain of Tianjian, who couldn’t keep his face stretched. "I went to Lian Siyan and asked him to send a team to receive these people."
Cang Du zheng, "the captain behind these gold diggers guy obviously is for us to hand it over?"
Han Shu spread his hand. "With the road, then we have to separate people to look after them and wave food for them."
"You want this thing even more, and you want a headache. Just let him think about it. Anyway, he likes these curved things."
"We have ourselves, and all we have to do is continue to carry it out, and it doesn’t matter who plays tricks on us."
"If they dare to come out and clean them up when they come, see, this is our job. Sometimes things don’t want to be too complicated."
Cang Du disagreed. "I don’t think it will be so simple. What if people are stronger than us?"
Han Shu gave a sly smile, "I said I would connect my eyes."
Cang Du thought for a while and suddenly realized.
About two minutes later, a small town team exploring Nightcrawler arrived and received the gold diggers. They will be escorted back to the lighthouse base for a perfect trial and properly handled.
After handing over these gold diggers, nothing happened to Han Shu.
The captain patted his ass and announced his departure.
The motorcade started again, and the road ahead of the team was still blocked from leaving the town.
When the motorcade passed a street fork, there was someone near the window in an abandoned house. He put a telescope and took out the communication machine and whispered, "Mr. Luo Hai, they have already left. They are out of town."
A deep voice in the communicator responded "Got it"
There was a man standing on the roof of a building somewhere in the town. He put the communicator on and turned around. There was a figure on the roof behind him.
He walked past these people with his head bowed and came in front of a woman.
He didn’t dare to look up to see that this woman could put her eyes on the toes of others’ shoes.
The woman said, "What do you mean?"
He adjusted his mood as smoothly as possible and replied, "That Nightcrawler motorcade has left town. Does Ms. Shadow need us to intercept it separately?"
It took a while for the woman to say, "I didn’t expect much from you if I couldn’t come. It would be best if I could create a little trouble for them this time so that we could put something in."
"since there is not much failure, you should stick to the plan and I will inform you if there is any change."
"Yes, ma ‘am"
He still didn’t dare to look up and watch the toes of those shoes move and leave
It was a moment before he looked up. Almost all the Tiantai people were gone.
He was relieved.
At this time, someone came along. "Boss Luo Hai, what is the position of this’ shadow lady’ that actually taunts us in front of you?"
"Our Brothers of Iron and Blood can control many teams of gold diggers. Are we vegetarians?"
The man called Luo Hai suddenly turned his head and glared at his confidant. "Shut up. You’d better not show this emotion in front of that lady."
"Otherwise, we’ll probably never see the sun!"
The confidant asked, "Is a woman so capable?"
Luo Hai’s eyes are deep. "I don’t know if she has it, but I know that the forces behind her absolutely have this ability. We control a dozen teams of gold diggers. In the eyes of many people, the Brotherhood of Iron and Blood is already a great organization."
"But in that lady’s eyes, there is not much difference between crushing us and crushing an ant."
The confidant said in surprise, "Is she so powerful?"
Luo Hai hummed, "Otherwise, you don’t think I have the courage to provoke General Nightcrawler. If this matter is done well, the lady promises that we will get a formal identity instead of hiding as before."
"After that, we can live in sunshine!"
The confidant’s eyes welled up with hope and suddenly he was full of longing for the future.
"Come on, let’s go after that motorcade."
After leaving the town, the first team of Raven Team went all the way to explore the dark area according to the coordinates given by Nightcrawler Command.
At first, there was a road to drive, but it didn’t take long for the road to break, and the road surface became a cliff, so that the team method could continue to advance
So I changed my route and drove into the wilderness. On my way, I passed through one or two abandoned villages and experienced several minor battles.
Finally, three days later, I have arrived near the site, less than 100 kilometers from the signal source.
At the moment, the team has set up a temporary camp, and the players are resting.
I finally got rid of a bunch of over-enthusiastic newcomers. Tianyang found a quiet corner to sit in a daze.
In the distance, the new couple still come from time to time to have a warm conversation. Tianyang shook his head. Once upon a time, he was a rookie who just joined Nightcrawler like them.
But in the past six months, it has been regarded as a senior by new people, and they have been pestering themselves with tricks whenever they have the opportunity.