There were several rounds of confrontation between the two people in the form. If this is the martial arts world, there may be that kind of knife-like spirit.

"This is the registration material for Fudan University Entrance Examination. Please fill it out carefully." Liu Xiaoyun lost his momentum after the defeat. Just now, he gently put the envelope in his hand on the table in front of him. His slender fingers are like suet white jade. It is a pity if he doesn’t become a musician.
"After that, you will be my alumnus."
"It’s also your father and daughter alumni!"
Liu Xiaoyun’s spirit-saving kung fu is not as good as that of Liu Zhiqiang’s face. "I’ll come back for information after New Year’s Day." The words sound just fell and he turned away and walked out of his office with eager steps.
Fudan Chen Bo stared at the envelope, striking the school badge, and the motto from the Analects of Confucius, "erudite and determined to ask questions and think closely", frowned and knocked on the desktop for a long time, then put it aside and hit the front desk.
Since it was reorganized into a workshop group system, it has been much easier and the work efficiency has been greatly improved.
Employees often come up with some very interesting ideas to apply for the establishment of a workshop. If there are fewer than two or three people and more than a dozen people, a workshop can be established in the company department.
For example, today, I applied for an ant desktop project, and a desktop application applet with a size of 5MB can help manage desktop clutter and shortcut patterns, which is beneficial to ant search technology Windws unified key to change screen and save background, and at the same time, I can find the Internet I need to find through the quick search box.
There is also an interesting ant emoticon tool, which can import pictures and automatically generate eif suffix. QQ emoticon has some editing functions, although it is far less powerful and stupid than PS.
Although the software is small, there is no profit prospect, but it is of great significance. One is to attract traffic, and the other is to interact effectively with high brand reliability. Both Chen Bo directly approved it and handed it over to CEO Zhou Botao for follow-up.
That’s not amazing. And
Can Shen wear slipper class? You cry when your feet are in your shoes.
You can wear slippers in batches, but be careful not to pollute the atmospheric environment and hand them over to the human resources and administrative office.
Shen I am a Chinese enthusiast. Can the company set a weekly Chinese day to call on everyone to maintain the unified culture?
On the first and fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, the national costume day was set up, and all employees were called to wear national costumes to the company class for a departmental vote. The top three bonuses rose by up to 5% in the month, except for ethnic groups who like to face nature frankly, and copied to the branches of human resources and administrative departments.
There are countless big applications like this. If it is reasonable and legal, it will be approved. It seems that Internet companies are so sloppy, but the work pressure will not let you relax. Every production detail plan needs to be changed before you can work overtime online.
Even if Chen Bo suddenly had an inspiration in the middle of the night, he would immediately wake people up and try to change something that affected the experience. If the design is so intense, they will be crazy if they don’t make their working environment easier.
After a busy day, Chen Bo returned to Gubei’s residence and inserted the key to turn the handle as usual.
But before he could do that, he would automatically turn and creak, and the familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of him.
“Surprise! Are you happy that I am back? "
Gao Yuanyuan greeted him back like a bird waving its wings excitedly. Before Chen Bo came to change his slippers, she went straight upstairs and gave her a warm wet kiss.
"Oh, I hate it! The smell of smoke is so heavy!" After a long time, his lips were so shy that the bird hugged him Bochen way
"What is the smell of smoke? That is manly! " Chen Bo teased.
At this time, a sudden woman full of Hong Kong and Taiwan flavor interrupted them when they were ambiguous, "Feed! Even if you two want to make out, can you find a secluded place? Do you want me to watch your erotic show? "
Gao Yuanyuan Wen hurriedly let go and his face was covered with blush. He took Chen Bo to the woman with a pair of peach blossoms and said, "This is the first time I told you that I am a good sister and a good girlfriend Jia Jingwen."
"This is Chen Bo, you know," he said to the woman with pear dimples.
"Know your darling, my ears are grinding out cocoons." They are very familiar with each other and joke to see Jia Jingwen stretching out a hand to Chen Bo nifty tunnel. "Should I call you the president? Or a brother-in-law? "
"It’s just a code name. You’re welcome to call me by my name." Chen Bo gently squeezed her weak finger and asked carefully, "Have you eaten?"
"No, I’m waiting for you to come back and do it!"
"so if I work overtime tonight, you won’t eat?" Chen Bo changed slippers, let go of his briefcase, took off his neck and tie, and held the sleeve.
"Hee hee, I have already made it clear to Sister Qing that you won’t work overtime until we wait for you. If you work overtime, we will go out to eat."
I have to forget that there is another one around me who should do it. What she does every day is nothing that Liu Qing doesn’t know.
"Then sit down and play for a while. I’ll cook."
Chen Bo turned down Gao Yuanyuan’s proposal to help. Since there are guests throwing it alone at home, it is not good, and she is really not proficient in cooking, which is not enough to make things worse. Even cooking rice may not be cooked.
After an hour’s hard work, Chen Bo brought out three dishes and one soup from the kitchen.
Fried sea bass with Dutch beans, braised sea bass in bacon sauce, celery and lily, and a tomato and egg soup are all home-cooked dishes. Steamed sea bass is the best, but it is suitable for the latest fresh fish. When it dies, it can be stuffy to cover up its aging and fleshy quality.
"You’re just acting too much, which should be a rumor. If there is such a thing, you can’t hide it." Chen Bo didn’t express his doubts, but simply fooled the past. The girl’s interest in beauty and clothes was obviously much greater than this current political news. In a short time, she enthusiastically discussed what styles of bags and makeup plans to go shopping.
Chen Bo gulped down the egg drop soup in the bowl, made an excuse and got into the bedroom to leave the two of them to chew slowly and pack up.
Skillfully typing the ant search interface, entering Fengcheng without information, and then looking for the key words "Fengcheng Hospital" still failed to find any information.
Fengcheng is one of the top 100 counties in China, with four tigers in Lingnan and a small manufacturing industry almost famous. It is not an exaggeration to say that this place is the vanguard of private enterprises in Lingnan Province. Since it is the frontier of reform and opening up, it inevitably brings together several migrant workers. The permanent population of a county-level city is close to 30 thousand, and the population density is quite high.
It is impossible for such a large base to appear in the dark, or Jia Jingwen is wrong.
However, Chen Bo still didn’t give up, but called the ant search backstage. There is a positive test waiting line that should be a webpage snapshot.
Web page information will be captured in the form of a screenshot unless you delete it every second and it is not captured by the original ant, and the number file will be covered only after it is kept for six years.
Chapter III Wheel Track
The webpage snapshot is powerful, even if you change the domain name and clear your own network, it will automatically stay where it is. If there is no line, it will be too expensive. You can’t rashly occupy the existing data before the computer room is ready.
Chen Bo typed a few key words in Fengcheng Hospital and immediately got a snapshot of the photo page.