The dog is afraid that the minor injury will become bigger and the danger will reach his life, so he will resolutely retreat.

See Yun Fan stop dog stopped in the distance to look still has a fright.
I never imagined that this young fighter would threaten his life.
"Yu people, it’s not that easy for you to kill me. What do you want to do in my dog tribe holy land?"
The dog barked and asked.
"There is a treasure I need in Return Air Valley, but it is not worth a word to your dog tribe. I am not interested in your dog tribe. I am too lazy to pay attention to you if you leave me alone."
Yun Fan drink a way that he is not a small yuan people, what barbarian Yu people feud he didn’t feel.
A barbarian or a Yu man is not an enemy unless he is provoked.
If you become an enemy, Yun Fan will not be treated differently because the other party is a barbarian or a Yu.
"Are you serious? Won’t hurt my dog tribe? Do you dare to swear? "
Quanxian boulevard
"I’m sitting straight in Yun Fan and I swear to you?"
Yun Fan look awed "believe it or not! If you don’t believe me, just come and fight! "
Chapter 266 Jin Jingyuan! (1 more commutation ticket)
Dogs are afraid to fight again, and they are skeptical and retreat.
For the treasure in the return air valley, the dog knows that the body is indestructible. The strong intuition tells him that the small wind visible to the naked eye in the calm area in the center of the return air valley is extraordinary.
It’s a pity that Gu Wu’s body fighters specialize in the body after the integration of spirit and martial arts, and the rhyme roots can’t touch the source of wind essence
So this benefit can belong to Yun Fan.
The dog retreated to the return air valley and returned to normal. The hurricane roared and no one bothered Yun Fan anymore
Yun Fan continued to realize the profound Taoist rhyme in the source of wind essence.
In about an hour, Yun Fan’s perception of wind and rhyme finally reached the level of being able to arouse the essence of wind.
Yun Fan’s wind rhyme draws the essence of the wind to move the direct income body
Direct refining of wind essence into the body is ten times faster for the understanding of wind rhyme.
Yun Fan sits cross-legged in the calm area in the center of the Return Air Valley, where the wind is strong and the wind is the most suitable source for refining and refining.
Time is long
This closure means three months have passed.
By the middle of March the following year, Yun Fan was twenty-four years old.
The source of wind essence is thoroughly refined. Yun Fan’s understanding of wind rhyme is extremely profound
Even if you don’t make the flying avatar just pure wind and wind, the speed of the clouds and sails is not slower than that of the former flying avatar.
The flying avatar’ Wings of the Green Wind’ transcends the realm of Tong Xuan, and its accomplishments are not only great achievements, but also a breakthrough, which can fully double the speed of Tong Xuan’s great power.
Yun Fan’s flying speed of "Green Wings" reaches an astonishing 24 times the speed of sound, which is comparable to that of the king in the middle term.
Yunfan, who left the return air valley, visited the dog tribe.
From the mouth of King Kong’s indestructible strong dog, it is known that the largest known metal vein in Xiaoyuan is the Qianxian Gold Vein in the northern part of Daxia Empire.
Qianxuan Mountain is 40 Yu Wanli away from the dog tribe.
Yun Fan flies at 24 times the speed of sound, flying more than 50 thousand miles an hour.
Yun Fan, a big city in the Great Summer Empire, had a big meal. Although he can maintain his life by absorbing the aura of heaven and earth now, he will keep his mouth shut for three months and fade out the birds.
Good wine, good meat, a big meal and then move on. In the evening, Yun Fan arrived near Qianxuanjin vein.
Qianxuan gold vein is the largest metal vein in the Great Xia Empire, which contains many kinds of metals, the most sharp enough to create a weapon to destroy the unity of spirit and martial arts.
This is the summer empire, with the peak of the integration of spirit and martial arts and the strong guarding it.
And in the Qianxuan Mountains, there is also the northern army of Daxia Empire. There is King Kong in the army, and the strong man is the marshal of the northern army.
The Great Summer Empire is much stronger than the dog-man tribe. King Kong is not bad. More than one strong man, Yun Fan, did not break in.
The summer empire, where the vein is important, must not allow outsiders to enter. If it disturbs others, it will surely attract the strong.
Even if Yun Fan can defeat King Kong in the early stage, it will be difficult to deal with King Kong in the middle stage, while the Great Summer Empire has even the strongest King Kong in the peak.