Listening to the snow, there was a one-foot-long and two-inch deep sword mark on the sword stone. The Baiyun Tower was amazed. I didn’t expect that the power of edgewise was so great just now.

There are some special gains in this attempt. The practice of magic is the appearance. Only by seeing through the source of dharma and tracing back can we see the real road.
Time hurried to the school fencing teaching day again.
Just one lesson, a group of ten figures, please try the first Xuanyi senior brother, please try the west side of the martial arts field to pass the test, and the east side is reserved for the rest of the students to continue to practice swordsmanship and stabilize the characters.
Baiyun Tower also went to the west side, and soon passed by, leaving three people in Baiyun Tower and two other schools in the west side.
For the first time, brother Tong Xuanyi, a three-person scholar, was quite satisfied and nodded to let the remaining scholars continue to practice. It was said that there was another test in the afternoon, and the scholars immediately cheered up and practiced.
Tong three people followed Brother Xuan Yi to the first sword practice room on the west side. There was a sandy land near the door, and a pile of reeds piled up fairly neatly.
Pick up a reed pole and insert it into the sand. Brother Xuanyi gave a demonstration to Baiyunlou and two other students and taught them at the same time.
Senior Brother Xuan Yi gave a very careful lecture on wrist turning, changing sword potential and cutting angle of the blade. At last, he demonstrated the seven-sword cutting technique twice.
Baiyun Tower was not in a hurry to practice sword after listening to Senior Brother Xuan Yi’s lecture. He found a futon made of grass and rattan and put it in the corner to meditate first.
From other studies, it seems that the Baiyun Tower should be a memory, and the details taught by Brother Xuan Yi are deepened, and the memory is not too bad. The Baiyun Tower directly entered the sea of memory and found it. It has just been observed repeatedly in memory.
After half a wick of incense, Baiyun Tower got up and practiced sword, with a little hand-feeling effect. It took only a moment to cut two swords instantly, but the reed pole could stand upright.
When the two scholars saw each other, they tried their swords with reed poles. As a result, when the sword was removed, the reed poles fell sideways. After some discussion, the two scholars even learned the Baiyun Tower method and ran to one corner to meditate and meditate.
Baiyun Tower still concentrates on practicing sword. If you feel uncomfortable, just sit aside and watch in the sea of memory or sit in situ to analyze your own problems.
During the rest, Baiyunlou thought to himself that he had cultivated aura during the gas condensation period and strengthened his body. In the past two days, he has cultivated the golden line and refined his body, and he has gained some benefits to the body. Simple speed is sure to cut out seven swords in just half a breath.
In this way, it seems that the focus is on the stability of the seven swords.
Sit quietly for a while and practice sword in Baiyun Tower, but instead of being bored, I enjoy it.
Chapter 25 Asking the way
Baiyunlou was concentrating on practicing and suddenly listening to a burst of surprises and cheers beside him. It turned out that a student beside him also completed a second chop.
Hearing the alarm, Senior Brother Xuanyi outside the sword room went into the sword room. This scholar briefly said that it was quite effective to combine meditation and sword practice with Senior Brother Bai.
Brother Xuan Yi was very appreciative after hearing this. He said that this method is good and praised it.
Although it is difficult for the master to make a perfect double chop after learning to practice the sword again, it seems that he has the direction of practicing the sword and is not discouraged. He continues to practice with high morale.
Baiyun Tower smiled at him, although it was a bit wrong, but it was also very gratifying to help classmates.
At noon, Baiyun Tower received the sword and saluted Brother Xuan Yi, and then went to the Academy.
In just half a day’s work, it has been successfully and stably completed for three consecutive years, and Baiyun Tower is still satisfied with this progress.
The general history class in the afternoon is very relaxing and enjoyable. Listening to the old teacher explain the dusty history of tens of thousands of years ago, watching the old teacher appreciate the ancient mottled antiquities of the Tibetan Pavilion, Baiyun Building, I feel relaxed physically and mentally.
Many antiquities in Tianyan Tongzang Pavilion have a faint halo, but Baiyun Tower is coveted.
Early the next morning, I practiced basic swordsmanship in the martial arts field outside the Baiyunlou toilet yard.
The basic swordsmanship can only be gained by diligent practice, and the second fastest word tactic swordsmanship is becoming more and more handy.
Xiao pang, the rising sun, and two school sisters also went out of the yard to see Baiyun Tower practicing swordsmanship and watched it with great interest for a while.
Baiyun Tower just put away Long Lin Jian, who was skilled in cutting and practicing for four times, and went to the courtyard dining hall with three people.
According to the morning sun, the figure of four people is very long.
Xiao pang has had two senior sisters to take care of her forging body in the past two days, but she has no worries about her future.
Although Xiao Pang has no class today, he still plans to get up early to go to the martial arts institute to exercise, and maybe he can ask his brothers for a trick and a half.
After breakfast, Xiao Pang went to Baiyunlou, a martial arts school, and the three of them went to the school to study the five-element technique.
In the courtyard, the Baiyun Tower at the peak of the ancient foot of the courtyard will take out a copper coin and throw it at Tianyi, reaching out and catching it, and nodding slightly.
Xia Chaoyang looked stunned and asked, "Why did you invest money to ask for directions?"
Baiyun Tower has a serious face. "Yes, you also know that I am too lazy to think about which teaching place to practice today and throw a copper coin to ask the way."
Zhao-yang xia a face of vacant way "this can also? Copper coins have two sides to teach but six. "
Baiyun corridor "this is not a problem. Look at the two of you, one for repairing water and one for repairing wood."
"Look, that was a head shot. I have to follow the Eastern pool to practice water acrobatics. Hey, hey, summer pool. See you later."
Then he walked to the main peak of the water vein and shouted back, "Let’s go, Oriental pool."
Oriental Ziyan smiled lightly and moved with her.
Looking at the back of Baiyun Tower, Xia Chaoyang just stood in situ and muttered, "What money has been invested to ask for directions?"
Baiyun Tower seemed to hear it and generally didn’t turn around and waved to Xia pool. Xia Chaoyang looked at her eyes and stamped her feet, and turned away.
They walked slowly and soon came to the main peak of the water vein.
The main peak of the water vein is not deficient. The water vein can be seen everywhere. Most of the lake water in the center of the five peaks of Qingtan is formed by the convergence of water veins and streams. The main peak of the water vein is full of water and aura.
All the way to Baiyun Tower, I didn’t talk to Oriental Ziyan for a few words. It is enough to be accompanied by beautiful people in the courtyard.
Unconsciously, they came to the summit, where a clear spring merged into a pool of water and several clusters of water lilies adorned the pool, and the light mist curled up like a fairyland.
Baiyun Tower can’t help but think of the pulse test of the Oriental Purple Sand Table. The vision shown in the sand table is almost the same as the water in this pool.
I can’t help but look around at the Oriental Purple Tower and see the warm sun by the pool where the younger sister Tingting stands. The girl’s shadow is printed into the pool through the shallow fog, which is a beautiful scenery.
Suddenly, Baiyun Tower turned and looked at the entrance of the summit. One person was graceful and dressed in a white house. It was Shen Ao’s snowy teaching.
Shen Jiaoxi was on cloud nine when he came to the summit to see the two of them standing by the pool in Baiyun Tower, and said, "You two are early."
Smiling, I approached Shen Jiaoxi and stretched out my hand and pulled over the hand of Oriental Ziyan. "Let’s go and see what Ziyan wants to learn today."
It’s like looking directly at the Baiyun Tower and taking the Oriental pool pool stone platform with a burst of caring and attentive.
It took a long time for Shen to teach, but it suddenly occurred to me that the secret was taken in the stone case of the Baiyun Tower, and it floated gently to the front of the Baiyun Tower with a gift.
Come with the secret, and Shen Jiaoxi whispered, "Look at this secret first, then ask me."
Baiyun Tower conveniently took the secret, looked at the pool stone platform and looked at the nearby ivy futon angrily, walked to the front of the futon, sat with eyes closed and meditated for a while, and flipped through the secret in his hand.
Its moments of beauty are picturesque
These are temporarily forgotten by the Baiyun Tower, and the two beautiful people on the stone stage are not willing to hand in this secret.
Quietly come to Baiyunlou to study this secret of water method carefully.
The first half of the secret is water exercise, and the second half is various water exercises after operation.
Without much consideration, of course, it is necessary to practice water exercise first. With the experience of practicing gold exercise, it is much faster to get started in water exercise. In less than half an hour, Baiyun Tower condensed a group of water aura.
Speaking of practicing the five elements, most practitioners will major in a five-element exercise, majoring in five-element reiki to introduce air into the exercise, and then try to break through the condensation period after the exercise is completed.
During the normal gas condensation period, the friar dantian aura group generally has a single five-element attribute, and a few of them have a double attribute, but almost one in ten thousand.
The practice of entering the condensed gas in front of Baiyun Tower is the body-refining method by the Liu Yun Dao Jing, which belongs to the general method. Many schools of repairing truth have similar methods.
This method is suitable for monks with complicated spiritual veins. The advantage is that they can absorb five elements of aura at will to transform into attribute aura. All the condensed aura in Baiyun Tower Dantian is attribute aura.
This kind of reiki is similar to the martial arts. After strengthening, it is no problem for the true qi to go to the pulse point. Normal cultivation has no influence, but most of the techniques are performed by law.
The good Baiyun Tower has created the knowledge of the sea and cultivated the five elements of aura, which can be condensed in the knowledge of the sea and the aura group in Dantian, with the same effect.
Chapter 26 Ganlu
In front of Baiyun Tower, the condensed essence of gold and wood are all in the sea and are nurtured by the weather every day.
Both the essence of gold and the essence of wood have begun to take shape, and each has condensed into an aura group, a golden light and a full of green.
Now, these two aura groups all know that the sea is slowly rotating, round and solid, except for the color, which is just like the aura group in Dantian.
It is also handy to know the sea aura at will, which hinders the Baiyun Tower from slowly introducing the newly condensed water aura into the sea.
Compared with the other two aura groups, the water aura has a dull and loose luster.
Baiyun Tower doesn’t need to wait for a few days before the weather is concise and nourishing, and sooner or later it will be as solid as its aura.
For half a day, the Baiyun Tower was condensed with water aura. Although the watery air mass was not condensed enough, the water aura at the peak of the water vein was extremely rich. Finally, at noon, the water line was barely introduced to the practice of body refining.
Baiyun Tower looks up at two women in the stands, one teaching seriously, the other learning to concentrate on a good picture of a good teacher and apprentice.
See Oriental Ziyan raise his hand to lotus pond to cast a magic method. The water around him quickly gathered into a cloud, and the cloud condensed and rolled. Soon a light rain fell into the lotus pond.
The one who ignored Shen’s instruction in Baiyun Tower gently pointed out that Oriental Ziyan was patient and careful. Look at Baiyun Tower and sigh lightly. Is there a big difference in this treatment?