Brilliant and vigorous, like a wave, slowly reveals a hidden body; It’s not as high as the sky, it’s pure and stalwart, and it belongs to Terran Angzang.

This body is wearing a mysterious robe and her hair is tied at will without the emperor’s decoration, but she stands there quietly, and there is a spirit that makes people fold the king’s spirit. Her eyes are long and her eyes are heavy, and her eyes are reflected in the clouds.
"The tide has turned" Li Yu recovered. Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help smiling and raising his hand to introduce Ren Huang into the dream world.
This dead corner of the logical boundary between reality and reality doesn’t need to worry that she will be affected by the traces of cause and effect caused by her hand.
Li Yu, who has returned from this body, has also got out of the way and returned to the ancestral realm, but he can fight with high altitude consciousness.
"plateau consciousness, then let’s see who can laugh last."
Ren Huang left his body and smiled, showing the fruit of Jianmu, but not swallowing it, but directly throwing it away, which will be integrated into the dream world and part of Sinochem will completely sublimate its qualitative power!
It can be said that the attitude of reducing demand is consistent, that is, the alternative Buddha does not limit that the Buddha is not weak, and the plateau is even better in some aspects. After all, it is a hazy consciousness and does not know how to move.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
In laughter, Ren Huang changed his state, and the dream world combined to harness this transcendental force and hit the plateau line shrouded in mist.
She didn’t mean to wait for the other party. She wanted to make a move, so she left if she wanted to.
"Are you? How can someone who doesn’t belong to that person have such power? " The plateau consciousness gave a hazy shock, and the two sides directly confronted each other.
In the form of impact, Ren Huang’s legacy sent some light spots into the chaotic ancient era of the plateau line arrival.
Another 200,000 years have passed on the plateau line.
It has been a long time since the army went to war, but after they entered Eritrea, they stopped, which made people feel a little uneasy and could not help but think about the worst result.
Good surroundings are unknown, and the dark world of the universe will be cleaned up when it goes out, otherwise they will probably face his threat.
"The Emperor of Heaven must return safely." People keep praying for blessing and hope to wait for the triumph.
But time doesn’t stop because of people, and it is still moving forward rapidly. In a blink of an eye, 100,000 years have passed, and everything seems a little different.
Recently, people feel that time is like a knife, and every day, it seems that there is a disaster coming.
Residual fairy king strong people with intuition has gradually sensed as if there is a huge creature is slowly open your eyes to note the heavens.
There is no doubt that it is not the ancestor, but the road is as high as possible!
Hundreds of thousands of years have passed. Did the expeditionary army fail? After all, it was Eritrea that gave birth to unimaginable creatures.
Who can resist when all the creatures come out?
People’s hearts can’t stop sinking and feel a kind of anguish.
Especially towards peace and tranquility, strange substances have gradually appeared, and the sky has become more and more scattered, and lotus flowers have drifted like clouds, and everything is changing towards ominous signs.
"Did it really fail? Too high to stop?" At this time, people can’t help but give birth to despair, and the heavens and the earth are depressed. If it weren’t for the Emperor of Heaven, the soul lamp they left would still be long, and many people would feel surprised.
And a hundred years later, suddenly there was depression and exhaustion, and the recovery in the distant ancient land radiated outward to destroy all tangible materials
This day is like this all over the world, and people in the big world are trembling and nervous, realizing that the catastrophe has come and changed suddenly!
"big sacrifice!" Sure enough, just a moment later, a cold sound came from the depths of Eritrea to all over the world.
People can clearly see that bloody Eritrea is full of broken limbs and broken flags, and there is still blood spilling over them today!
People have seen the Emperor of the Wild, the Master Meng Zu, the ancestors, the sacrificial spirit and others, all of whom are badly hurt, and the opponents have been hit again and again in the resurrection, and no matter how strong they are, it is difficult to protect them; Their fighting today shows the strength of terror.
At this time, there was a terrible edge in the depths of Eritrea, and the fog rolled out and blew through the barriers of the heavens and the earth, and the big hand that covered the whole world reached out to relieve the pressure.
"Jie Jie Black Age Festival will come after all, and everything will be resisted!" A large number of strange groups of dark creatures flooded in from the broken sky and rushed to the earth to cut down all obstacles.
The big black hand slowly retreated and did not intend to destroy the world. It was going to break through the barriers of the heavens and the world. If they offer sacrifices to all ethnic groups.
Omron! You can see that an ancient world has been pierced and led to an unknown arrival, and the lotus flower has risen into the altar to raise the plateau consciousness.
Zeng! At the same time, the most advanced barren emperor in Eritrea slashed his sword and smashed his big hands one after another, throwing the thunder pool to protect the heavens.
"In vain" There is a sound of indifference in the depths of Eritrea, and many figures fly along the passage. At the moment of arrival, the world overturns and the world keeps falling apart.
"Struggle is just the last fig leaf of the weak; Great sacrifice, we will personally crush your hopes.
Black Age Festival! "
In the depths of Eritrea, someone announced indifferently, and a terrible coffin broke through the ground, and a virtual shadow squeezed the whole universe, but in an instant, it reached the heavens and the world and reflected the hearts of all souls.
The most terrible thing about the strange smell is that the earth highlights six figures in the coffin and slowly walks out. They are no longer ancestors but the road is as high as possible!
At that time, the small sacrifice was to speed up their own escort and pave the way for launching small sacrifices; But unfortunately, I was hit halfway and was disturbed by the high law, resulting in unfinished work. Six of them walked out and the remaining four were interrupted and needed to continue to make up.
The so-called big sacrifices and small sacrifices are now sacrifices to the plateau, and they can also get a lot of vitality essence from them.
"High down to the world …" Some people in the heavens looked stiff and couldn’t help shivering. That’s the real way to live.
What’s worse, it’s not one but six!
And none of them can compete? This is a scene of despair
At this moment, the people who fought in Ecuador were silent and could not help sighing. They did their best and succeeded, but they failed to stop it, which delayed four people
Although it is already an extremely brilliant achievement, it is pale in the situation of these six heights.
"I won’t take a step back even if the blood is dry." Shi Hao clenched Xianjian’s broken armor and was full of blood, but generate broke through the haze with the light of rushing clouds.
"Very well, then let you be amazing again. Once I think about it, I can kill you in the past and the future." Eritrea has a high out of cruelty and pegged it to Shi Haomeng.
Everyone gives birth to a sense of strength, and when they curl up and solidify, people are stuck in a quagmire, and even if they rescue each other, their ability seems to be able to watch the Emperor of Heaven dissipate.
Just then, there was a vibration in the river of time, and the ancient and modern clocks rang.
Zhong Bo tried his best to stretch when curled up, to make the distorted Zhu Shihui recover, and to make that point fall a finger and solidify in place.
Then, the splash of time waves will knock off the strange high point, and the fingers will be shocked to reveal different colors.
In that ups and downs, a figure appeared with its back to all beings and stepped towards Eritrea.
The strange fairy emperor stared at him. "It seems that you are a person in this world and in the future?"
"There is no peak at the end of Xianlu!"
In the coming years, the world is moving like a yellow bell, a big bell and a big bell, and the smog of the world is dispelled, leaving a bright and dry Kun.
Another bell sounded as if it solemnly announced its return, which shocked the world.
"The Great Emperor!" The black emperor was ecstatic and couldn’t help shouting that it was the person he knew best!
"Finally!" The dragon, the red god, the ancestor worship spirit and others are even more shocked that this fallen old friend has returned!
Nine days and ten places are even more in uproar. Once the leader reappeared at this most critical moment, which blocked Uruguo!
The vast clock and waves wash away the years, illuminate the heavens and the world, illuminate the chaos outside, illuminate the unknown universe, illuminate the dark world, illuminate the darkness, and the earth rises like the sun, and Ran Ran blooms
After all, the bells will shake again!
At the end of the fairy road, whoever sees the peak will succeed!
Chapter six hundred and forty Plateau consciousness anger
Brilliance shines in ancient and modern times, and when I raise my hand and grasp it, a bronze fairy clock highlights the rotation of a sparkling river of time.
There are also mysterious aspects of the interpretation of the years in the ups and downs of the mysterious robes and high crowns.