Chaoyang and Ziyan glance at each other and at the same time escape from the soul and hide their bodies.

Ziyan’s soul-splitting method is like a Baiyun Tower. At once, her eyes lit up, and the little world of ghosts came back.
Brilliant light shines on people’s eyes, and the dancing fireworks are really tempting …
"This door of the underworld is easy to get in but difficult to get out. It’s good to keep outside. Don’t be curious to find out …"
See Ziyan raised my hand and waved the fingertips. Yamaraja made Baiyun Tower wake up immediately and turned to Xiaoxing and others to tell two sentences. Then he took two school sisters to the tall black gate.
Here, the three people hesitate to step in directly and instantly cross the gate and disappear into the darkness.
Stepping through the ghost gate, you enter the underworld
After thousands of years away from the underworld, Yamaraja has finally returned!
At the same time, a mysterious rule force came out from the gate of the underworld
Such changes are clearly induced by the Baiyun Tower, and will be integrated into the human world by the law of heaven.
The gate of the underworld opens, and the rules of heaven are inherited, and the number of people reappears. The ghost no longer dissipates directly, so it is considered that there is a place to return.
So the rules of heaven will die from now on, and the creatures will float here by themselves and enter the underworld from the ghost gate.
After taking the post of the incarnation of Heaven, Baiyun Tower became more and more aware of the operation of Heaven in the human world.
For thousands of years, the forbidden cycle of the underworld has cut off the life in the human world, which is a great burden for heaven.
Crushing the ghost and re-evolving the human world, thousands of years later, thousands of years later, directly dragging down heaven and making it difficult to repair itself.
With the help of the underworld, it will be easier for too many souls to die, and the ghosts will stay in the underworld for a while. Drinking a bowl of Mengpo soup will forget the past and reincarnate the spirits, which will save several days of power.
Gather sand and build a tower, so that you can accumulate the human world and get the opportunity to re-expand heaven.
With the help of the law of heaven, Baiyun Tower felt a great deal of natural computing power.
If you follow the chess path, you can see through ten subtle changes just by looking at your own extreme knowledge.
However, the natural calculation can see through everything, and you can look at the changes in the general trend.
This time, the opening of the gate of the underworld, Baiyun Tower, instantly solved the confusion in my heart, saw the general trend ahead and knew the real reason why the immortal emperor insisted on the unification of the three realms.
The fusion of the three realms is extraordinary.
At that time, the immortal emperor decided to set up a fairy court to push the celestial world from the high-level small world to the extreme, even if it was not as mysterious as the celestial world, it would make the fame of the celestial world resound through the heavens for a while.
But the immortal emperor’s planning goes far beyond this …
Fairy world has evolved to the extreme of high-order small world by powerful immortal power.
It is difficult to change in the low-level small world of the human world.
And this underworld turned out to be a small world even lower than the human world, or it was so low that it went out of its own way.
Only by integrating the three realms can we break the road and get out of that vast robbery.
Over the past 3,000 years, the reincarnation of the human world has been cut off, and the heaven has fallen, and most of the big villains have been killed.
Therefore, people are very turbulent, very stable and peaceful, but therefore few people are shocked by the world.
If the whole sky is peaceful, it will not hurt, but it will be difficult to escape from the chaos in a foreign country.
Sister should see the reason and then take advantage of the underworld to open the machine and simply let it go
Chapter one thousand and eleven Yellow Road
Considering that Yu Baiyunlou’s soul has escaped into the underworld, it will operate the heavenly power to eliminate the shock waves derived from the integration of the two worlds.
Stay virtual stability Baiyun tower immediately convergence most knowledge fled to just broke into the underworld soul body.
As soon as the three of them broke into the ghost gate, something went wrong.
You have a ghost gate and a vast yellow road.
As soon as Party A stepped into the undercity Gate, three people were attacked by dozens of ghosts.
However, most of these ghosts are weak and weak, and they are temporarily sealed by Zi Yan’s decisive hand in Yamaraja’s order.
Just after the suppression of this group of ghosts near the ghost gate, the ghosts of my mother have changed again
The original Ziyan brought the mother’s ghost into Yamaraja’s order, and as soon as she went into the ghost gate to hide in Yamaraja, the ghost was dragged out by the force of shape rules, and the soul body was directly revealed.
A good breath of the underworld is quite moist for the ghost. It is a temporary way to go back to Yamaraja to make the body.
The rule of the underworld is that when you first enter the underworld, you must go through the dead road yourself.
Three people had intended to use Yamaraja to protect the ghost of Ziyan’s mother. Now it seems that the rules of the underworld should be like those of the ancient celestial world. If there is no absolute strength, there will be fewer shortcuts. The preliminary refining of Yamaraja’s law will break this rule.
Not only that, but even the three people in Baiyun Tower have to abide by this rule and go all the way along Huangquan Road.
Of course, it’s much faster to cultivate one’s morality with magical powers.
It’s very easy to find out the soul and cast spells in this underworld, and it feels like a duck to water.
It also made Baiyun Tower feel a sense of superiority after the spiritual world.
It seems that you can do whatever you want, but you still have to follow the rules. It doesn’t mean that it takes great strength to break the rules.
Just like in front of me, Zhang Xu’s wide yellow road is covered with gray and black dead branches and leaves, and then both sides are dark and empty.
The rules of the underworld are all over the place. If you want to escape at will without being bound by the rules or forcibly escape to both sides for virtual exploration, then you can rely on the immortal throne except the Yamaraja order.
If that’s the case, the movement will certainly be quite small. The three of them are still planning to keep a low profile for a while and learn more about the underworld before planning.
But this underworld is worthy of being a ghost gate, and you can still see a big city outside, but there is a lonely yellow road in your eyes after you enter the ghost gate.
Loneliness is dark and deep
There is an endless road ahead, and looking back at the tall gate, it seems that there is no retreat
Baiyun tower three people is hinder ziyan mother was faint throb.
When I was moving forward, the Baiyun Tower felt something, and immediately thought of a move to directly royal the Lingbao Ryukyu Flower and prepare to bring the soul of Ziyan’s mother into the Ryukyu Flower World.