Many bear children no longer crowd out facial paralysis like when they were five or six years old. Lu Jiuzheng regarded his facial paralysis and wanted to be friends with Lu Jiuzheng. Unfortunately, he learned ancient martial arts from the age of four, and now he is seven years old. Lu Jiuzheng kicked the sandbag with one foot.

The sun and sand float in the sky, dressed in black gold, and Xiao Lu Jiuzheng is vivid, like a black-faced killer. The cold eyes swept over the children who leaned in, and the bear children were a little precocious. They were scared, pale and weak, and went home.
Later, when I was in my teens, these aristocratic men and young men in Beijing finally dared not be scared by Lu Jiuzheng. Unfortunately, Lu Jiuzheng had already finished all the courses in high school and entered the army one step earlier. In this way, Lu Jiuzheng can be said to be the most independent aristocratic family in Beijing, and almost no playmates grew up.
It’s no wonder that Master Lu is curious about who has the magic power to make Lu Jiuzheng take a plane early in the morning. No wonder he has a girlfriend?
At this thought, Master Lu’s angry old face suddenly turned into a smile, and he couldn’t say joy and gentleness. "Xiao Jiu, do you have a girlfriend?" It’s understandable that you don’t go home for the New Year. It’s best to take your daughter-in-law with you for the New Year. Master Lu can wake up laughing when he falls asleep.
Girlfriend I never thought that these three words would let a strange woman into my life. Lu Jiuzheng threw a cold and cruel sentence, which broke Master Lu’s fantasy "You think too much".
"I think too much? You son of a bitch, you don’t even look at how old you are. You’re in your thirties. Don’t you know this? I always tell you to get back here immediately. If you don’t find a girlfriend, you will always find a wife for you! Just get married and have a baby when you come back! "
Master Lu just burned hope when he was overthinked by Lu Jiuzheng’s sentence. At this moment, he was angry again. "If you don’t come back, you will send troops to tie you back. If you don’t get married, the veteran woman will give you a bed. Just give the old student a fucking baby!"
Bang! The phone was hung up and roared. Master Lu felt full of anger and was put out. That grumpy and angry! I slammed my mobile phone to the ground and smashed it with a vicious crutch. "Lu Xiaojiu, you bastard rabbit, you will never get married and have children!"
Lujia seniors looked at each other with rage and smashed their mobile phones, shook their heads, and they were so angry that they also had their little brother with facial paralysis. Don’t say they really couldn’t imagine that the picture of a girl around this little brother with facial paralysis always felt out of place.
Besides, which girl can stand the younger brother for a day, maybe without a word of domestic cold violence, even if she comes home for a few months, she doesn’t say a word all day, so it’s better to get an inflatable man to put at home comfortably
Speaking of vulgarity, even if you want to find a massage stick, at least you can plug it in. Who dares to treat Xiao Jiu as a massage stick? I don’t know how he died. The key is that the murder scene will never leave any traces of murder
Brother Lu always remembers that Master Lu greeted the troops three months ago on the night when he was 90 years old. It is still very important for the Lu family to get together, even if Lu Xiaojiu doesn’t want to bulk it up.
It’s a pity that Lu Xiaojiu took an emergency trip on his way back. It was almost three months, and he finally came back at the age of ten. Unfortunately, it was past twelve o’clock when he came back. The five brothers and sisters of Lujia were waiting until the early morning. As a result, who ever thought that Lu Xiaojiu climbed from the window to the third floor to sleep?
After waiting all night, Brother Lu knocked on the floor and knocked on the door after making sure that Liu Xiaojiu really came back at one o’clock in the morning. I saw who was in bed. Liu Xiaojiu made Brother Lu itch all night. Who went home and climbed the window without going through the door? Key or third floor window
I wanted to treat my own bear child like holding Lu Xiao Jiu’s nose so that he couldn’t breathe and punish him. This disobedient younger brother ended up at the bedside and just stretched out his hand. Brother Liu felt very dizzy and fell to the ground with a bang.
Neck against a sharp dagger sharp blade sen cold reflection of silver.
And holding a dagger holding up Liu Dage Liu Xiaojiu a face of cold meaning that a pair of black eyes LengLi to the extreme rolled blood if it weren’t for waking up at the last minute, Liu Dage’s neck artery was afraid of having been cut off at the moment, and although Liu Dage’s neck had a blood stain when he stopped.
Heard the noise from the building and hurried to Lujia. The other four stayed in wait for a while and watched Liu Dajie climb up from the ground clutching his neck. The deep red blood seeping through his fingers made all four people shocked. Rao was not surprised to do things. Liu Dajie was also pale at the moment. At that moment, he felt Liu Xiaojiu’s cold, murderous feelings like harvesting life and killing tools.
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☆, Chapter 66 Murder reappearance
"Missed" Liu Xiaojiu took back the bloody dagger, which was too urgent. Liu Xiaojiu had not slept for five days before returning to Lujia. His hand was also stained with many lives. The whole person was still in danger and just slept in the tight S-class. In fact, the whole spirit was still in the tight killing. Liu Dage was so sad that he almost had his throat cut.
From then on, Lu Xiao Jiu, a family member of Lu family, knew that he was asleep. That was a murder weapon. Once he met death, he didn’t know how to die, but Lu Xiaojiu was awake. That was a paralyzed face that had inherited the gene of Lu family.
The Lu family realized the possibility of marriage for Liu Xiaojiu in this generation. Almost anyone slept on the pillow and put a gun and a knife with a blade. I don’t know how much blood was stained with Liu Xiaojiu. This broken habit is estimated that no girl can accept being scared out of her mind sooner or later. Even Lu brothers and sisters dare not disturb her sleep. Xiao Jiu knocked at the door for something.
"Dad Xiao Jiu sometime there is" Liu Dage see master anger and about this just before appease the sentence, although Liu Dage is now a man of fifty years old, but in front of grumpy master is still more respectful for fear of being angry.
“! Can’t the whole army turn except him? " Master Lu looked angrily at Brother Lu. "When I die, no one will take care of him!"
Know master is really want to Liu Xiaojiu this Yao Er Liu Dage with smiling face "Dad, your body is hale and hearty. Isn’t Xiao Jiu coming back this time to bring master Ji back to see you?"
Hearing this, Master Lu slowed his face. Who doesn’t know Ji Shi’s medical skill in the whole capital? That’s a must! It’s a pity that the doctor left Beijing more than 20 years ago because of an old incident, and his whereabouts have become a mystery ever since.
In recent years, once something goes wrong with the older generation in Beijing, I can’t help but think of the old man Ji, who can live for ten years without him, but after looking for him for more than 20 years anyway, the old man Ji seems to have disappeared.
Who knows that when Liu Jiuzheng came back this time, he brought the old man back to see Master Lu, which made Master Lu suddenly smile and feel that this son is still very filial. Unfortunately, this happiness lasted for two days, and with Liu Jiuzheng’s departure, he turned angry again.
Tao Mo looked at hung up the words and walked into the door. Liu Jiuzheng saw that he didn’t intend to Tao Mo and bowed his head to continue to eat lunch. This character is estimated to be asked and asked in vain.
The whole thing of Grandma Tao’s death is not complicated, but it reveals a strange smell. After lunch, Tao Mo is washing dishes in the kitchen. An army off-road vehicle crunched and stopped at the door, followed by Captain Yin, who strode in with the car door playing in the rain.
Hold your body straight and give a respectful military salute with your right hand. This burly man is a respectful gesture in front of Liu Jiuzheng. You can’t see that Wei Zhonglin was taught rough and overbearing in the county public security bureau that day.
With Yin captain can also follow in the face of Liu Jiuzheng’s eyes. This man is a lot younger than himself, but somehow Yin captain also has a sense of tension and a straight body.
Section 32
"Just sent the news to the city. The autopsy results came out. Grandma Tao’s death was caused by the red scorpion grass and two kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, which are fake drugs. It will be highly toxic when they are put together." Captain Yin said as he handed the copy machine from the city bureau to Liu Jiuzheng.
Facts have proved that Tao Mo didn’t sell fake drugs. She bought wild grapes from perilla instead of fake drugs, although they looked like five flavors.
The five flavors seized from the Yuan store were proved to be fake drugs, which were the same as the five flavors in Grandma Tao’s dregs. Of course, the real fatal one was the highly toxic red scorpion grass that clashed with the five flavors.
"Yuan has been detained?" Lu Jiuzheng quickly scanned the drug test report. Although all the evidence was attributed to Yuan, Lu Jiuzheng and Bai Yolanda were framed.
"According to the current evidence, Yuan has a motive to kill, and the fake five flavors were searched from his drugstore, but Yu Hongcao was not found." Captain Yin also felt that this was a strange thing.
If Yolanda is being framed, it’s really terrible that the person behind this is really terrible. He knew in advance that Yuan’s plan to frame Tao Mo has been lurking in the dark. He sent Yuan himself to prison with the help of Yuan’s hand, bearing the charges of selling fake drugs and killing people. Even if he found out the crime of Chu Yuan afterwards, he released the brand of selling fake drugs. Once Yuan business came out, it was impossible to do it.
"Red scorpion grass is here in Yuan, and there is no clue to check Yan Lixi’s body." The cold sound played Liu Jiuzheng’s report.
"Do you doubt him? But Yan Lixi is not the murderer. "Tao Mo looked at Liu Jiuzheng, whose face was paralyzed. Although all the evidence on the surface pointed to framing Yuan people, it was more like Yan Lixi, but Tao Mo believed that Yan Lixi would not be behind it.
Lu Jiuzheng looked at the cold face with a paralyzed face. He also sent someone to investigate Yan Lixi before Tao Mo. Yan Lixi was just an illegitimate family. There was no sign of hatred between him and Yuan.
Liu Jiuzheng investigates Yan Lixi, who won’t be so crude to frame Yuan, but looking at Tao Mo’s so firmly maintained, I believe that Yuan Jiuzheng inexplicably feels unhappy, and his face looks even colder.
"I’ll immediately investigate the source of red scorpion grass" obviously feels that the low pressure oppression of Liu Jiuzheng’s body makes people nervous and particularly sensitive to danger. He plays it by ear and quickly winks at Captain Yin.
When they left the room quickly, they suddenly felt much easier to breathe. Cao patted Captain Yin on the shoulder. "Brother, although we just met, I like your character. What can I do for you?"
Fuck is an active soldier, and Captain Yin retired from the army. It is reasonable to say that Captain Yin can stay in the city bureau if he has less performance in the army, but this is the case these days. It is almost harder to stay in the city bureau without connections.
The original news is that Captain Yin was assigned to the city bureau, but the quota was robbed and then he was placed in the county public security bureau. But when he was young, Captain Yin was grumpy and just retired from the army. How can he accept that he was robbed of the quota in the city bureau?
As a result, Captain Yin offended the Wei family who had robbed him of his quota, and even entered the county public security bureau. Who let Captain Yin offend the Wei family? Finally, Captain Yin was assigned to the town and said it was impossible not to be wronged.
At the beginning, Captain Yin was too young to be thirty years old and his temper was rough, but he was finally persuaded by his family. After working for more than ten years, Captain Yin has long since lost his temper in the army.
At the moment, listening to Cao Cao’s words, Captain Yin also sincerely thanked Angular Faces for smiling. "Well, what can I do after this sentence? Although I am now a police station captain, I can help you directly."
Fuck and captain Yin all left Tao Mo and suddenly felt a little numb in the scalp, especially in the face of facial paralysis and Liu Jiuzheng, but also obviously felt his whole body cold and terrifying low pressure.
"Do you think Yan Lixi is a koo?" A deep voice broke the calm. Lu Jiuzheng’s face was paralyzed and his face looked calm, but the cold breath that lingered around him did not decrease at all.