Xiaoyu smiled and said, "This is the chairman of the company, surnamed Lu, and the first person in the game, the soul mage Feiyang. Now if the boss has any requirements here, you can meet him face to face."

The girl smiled at me after she finished. I looked at the two girls and was shocked. Are these two children hungry? But we’re not hamburgers! Both girls look shocked ~ is it necessary to see us like this? "Two good you can promise to come to my company with only one introduction. I’m very touched and of course very welcome! There are other company employees who are all brothers and sisters. There are not many rules here. Please feel free to order. Besides, Xiao Yu said that you have heard the requirements. I will try my best to meet them! "
I have tried my best to behave more like a boss, but we really don’t know how to behave.
After that, I smiled at the two girls, but the two girls still looked at me for a long time in wait for a while. After that, Xuan came out with a sentence that made me very speechless. "This chairman, huh, are you really flying?"
After the question, this girl looks forward to looking at me. I look at Xiao Qi next to her. This girl also nods hard to see the sample. I also want to ask this. Is there a big gap between us and your impression of flying? So what do you remember?
"Hehe, Feiyang seems to be me, if there is no duplicate name in Gods"
After I finished, the two girls came to see me for a long time, and then they looked at each other before they agreed that it was "not the same as expected"
I felt very naive ~ I continued to smile and asked, "Can you tell me what flying is like in your imagination?"
"Should be very tall and thin eyes with a little bit melancholy" Mary said "well, fragile and lonely and inarticulate ~" Xiao Qi also revealed that I was flying in my imagination. I unconsciously touched my face and hair and looked down at my eyes. I was wearing a wry smile.
"Ha, ha, oh ~ ha, ha, float in the sky feeling you should be a bad old man with cloudy eyes and gray hair and few words in seven old! Haha ~ "
Xiao Yu laughed and chattered, and then described an old wizard in a magic story. It happened that two girls seemed to nod their heads after thinking for a while ~ I agreed. Looking at these three girls, I could touch my nose and think for a while, and then said to the two girls, "Well, you described the tall, thin, inarticulate eyes with a trace of melancholy, which is quite in line with the guy at the cold front ~ If I were to introduce you to the game again, it would be like this. Haha," I said, sharing my hands and laughing.
"Well, it’s not the same as I thought, but it looks pretty handsome, and it’s not bad ~ hehe." Xuan said with a sly face, I speak very much, and now it looks pretty good? Pretty handsome, huh? You certainly didn’t speak your conscience!
"Yes, although not the kind of melancholy man you like, he is also a handsome boy. Aha! Come and take a photo with the light rain and flying in the reality! "
Xiao Qi, this girl directly took out her mobile phone and pulled Xiao Yu and Xuan to my side, and then squeezed herself in the middle. She stretched her arm so long that she pulled the distance between the mobile phone and several people. When I didn’t react, she scraped a few photos of four people. When I reacted, I finished filming the imaginable photos, I finished the part that affected the effect ~ After filming the four people, Xiao Qi pushed Xuan again. She took a photo with me and Xiao Yu and was pushed aside. She was dissatisfied and clamored for Xiao Qi to take a few photos. After that, Xuan also took out her mobile phone and pulled Xiao Qi to squeeze herself. This time, I was
The two of them tossed around for a while, then took some photos of me and Xiaoyu respectively, and then the two of them were asked to do all kinds of movements and keep all kinds of postures. We finished their shooting skills and the model didn’t get paid yet! I’ve been satisfied with the two girls for a long time, but I’m already tired. This ya is more tired than killing boss.
Finally, I met the requirements of the two girls, showed them the future construction site under renovation, and handed over the person in charge of the renovation team, telling him that these people are all employees of our company, except that I have arranged the work, so they can plan the rest and let him construct according to their requirements.
After listening to my arrangement for two girls, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect that I would let them decorate the office space of the company according to their own wishes, and repeatedly confirmed whether they really wanted to arrange it. After getting a satisfactory answer, the two girls communicated with the person in charge with great interest and sometimes made gestures.
After reading it, I finally have nothing to do with it. It seems that it’s time to go, look at the car and then buy a car and go home for an afternoon. It’s probably almost over ~ I’m tired
This time, I said that Xiaoyu finally didn’t object. I breathed a sigh of relief. These two girls are enough to toss people around. If we don’t leave, we will not be able to stand getting permission to pull Xiaoyu and flee the scene without saying hello.
I didn’t know where to buy a car after I got out, but Xiaoyu said an address. This girl said that I didn’t know much about the car before, and I didn’t pay much attention to the car. The car brands I knew were limited to Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Red Flag, which have been common for many years. We can’t afford to buy a car. After walking around the city for 20 minutes, it seems that I left the bustling area and stopped at the edge of the city, only to find that this place seems to be selling cars. All kinds of brand stores I know and don’t know have light rain, which dragged me directly to
While walking, I looked at all kinds of cars parked, but it was totally topped and I didn’t know how to go to town. Just walked into the hall, a beautiful woman who looked 2034 years old and had a mature charm was greeted with a smile. "Welcome, do you want to see the car and choose the car?" The store has just arrived at several new limited-edition models. I’ll take two of them to have a look. If you buy them now, there will be a certain rebate. "
There are so many cars here that it’s new without saying anything. I smiled and joked, "Is there a limit to beauty?" ~ Although I don’t know anything about cars, I know that this word is often associated with words such as’ expensive’,’ rich’ and’ second ancestor’. Do we seem to be linked to these words? "
Beautiful women are thought of by me when I ask one leng, aren’t they? Still trying to fool me, you, you’re all dressed up and I can’t tell? You’re dressed like that, and you want to tell me you’re broke? But I dare not say that the customer is the emperor. If you meet an absolutely rich customer, you are the only emperor! Must be carefully received.
Chapter 119 Cars
Xiao Yu laughed when I heard this sentence suddenly, and then rolled his eyes at me. I smiled and looked at the mature receptionist. "You don’t show us the limited edition either. I don’t know much about cars. I don’t know what you call it. I haven’t decided what to buy for the time being. Why don’t you show us all first? Maybe you just saw your limited edition new car. Should this be okay?"
“ ` ` w w w
After listening to my words, the receptionist resumed her smile and said politely, "Well, I’ll take two people to see the different models and styles of cars in the store now. I’ll give you a brief introduction. This way, please, sir. Our company specializes in importing top luxury sports cars and SUVs from abroad, covering almost all the world-famous brands."
"Let’s take a look at it first. After reading it, I feel that I don’t know much about all kinds of brands, types and models."
I’m telling the truth, but I don’t believe it from the receptionist’s expression.
Xiao Yu and I were taken into a super-large garage, and all kinds of cars were dazzling. Each car had a separate exhibition hall. The receptionist showed us one car after another and introduced it. "This sports car was newly developed by Ferrari last year, and its appearance was dazzling, and it kept the consistent style of all sports cars. The performance of acceleration and cornering control can be said to be the best among sports cars."
I look pretty good for the bright red sports car, but as the introduction is too publicity, I don’t want to go out and become the focus. I just shook my head and Xiaoyu kept smiling and holding my arm without expressing my opinion.
"This car was just launched by Aston Martin this year, and it took seven years to reach the market. It is also a sports car. Although it is not as fast as Ferrari, Aston sports car always pursues luxury decoration and driving comfort."
After that, the receptionist smiled and looked at me. Unfortunately, I shook my head. She didn’t show any dissatisfaction. "This Lamborghini is slightly better than Ferrari in terms of instantaneous acceleration and maximum speed. Many young people pursue speed, passion and excitement. It will be the first choice. After all, not all people who buy sports cars can go to the track to compete. The pursuit of pure speed is better than the control performance."
Say that finish look at me again, I still shake my head. I’m also very resistant to say that I’m also a young man, saying that I don’t like the excitement of sports cars. That’s false, but I may pursue a low profile. This guy is really eye-catching ~ The receptionist beauty still shakes her head when she sees me, and then seems to have a bright smile. "It seems that Mr. Wang is not particularly interested in sports cars, and most of them belong to you, so-called second sai-jo Gongge. Young people are free and like top sports cars running around, Mr. You or Let’s take a look at the suv over there. It’s different from a sports car. It pursues luxury appearance and speed. The suv is more bold and unrestrained, but it’s more calm and restrained, but it’s absolutely classy. Moreover, self-driving travel of off-road vehicles is very good, even in the desert mountain road of the prairie, there will be no problems, such as Porsche Cadillac Land Rover Babs jeep and so on. We may all like it here. "
I looked in the direction pointed by the receptionist ~ Everyone looks domineering and calm. Maybe what she said is not limited to publicity and calm, but it doesn’t mean that this guy doesn’t punch a hole ~ Looking at the receptionist’s beautiful eyes, I’m really embarrassed to shake my head and look at Xiaoyu. This girl just said, "Take your time. There are other things that you can always find."
Ok ~ "You know what? You don’t introduce me one car after another. I’ll look around myself. If you feel good, you can give me a detailed introduction."
After that, I didn’t wait to answer. I pulled a light rain and turned around in the garage, while the receptionist followed me slowly. If I stopped in front of a car and introduced it for a long time, I stopped in front of a black car and came to this car. My eyes lit up and I immediately liked the appearance. The lines looked very comfortable. This is my type. The body lines are not as flat and compact as a sports car, but they are smooth, slow and low-key. Many of them don’t look clumsy and rude like that bully.
Receptionist beauty immediately smiled when she saw me stop to observe my face carefully. "This car is also a top luxury car made by Aston Martin. The appearance of this car is a blend of different car elements. Although it is not a sports car, it has the characteristics of soft and smooth lines of sports cars. It doesn’t look ordinary like ordinary cars or solemn and rigid like Bentley Rolls-Royce. Although it is not as excellent as top sports cars in speed, it can also meet the standards of ordinary sports cars. Aston is famous for its decoration and preparation. Pursuing luxury, not to mention the most luxurious of its kind, but there will never be more than four seats. Moreover, the hatchback design allows you to put away the roof at any time. If you want to drive to the suburbs to relax and breathe fresh air in your spare time, it will lift the roof. Kyle will integrate your natural scenery with fresh air without affecting your normal driving without stopping to run to the grass or the Woods. Sir, if you like, I can arrange a test drive for you. I believe you will be very satisfied with this car. "
After listening to the beauty introduction, I am more sure that it is it! I peeked at Xiao Yu’s side, hoping to see from this girl that she agrees with my choice seriously. Sure enough, this girl also nodded, "Just take this car for a test drive, so you don’t need it. Please help me complete the formalities as soon as possible, and I’ll drive directly."
"ah? Good sir, I’ll do it right away. You can go to the lounge with me and wait for a while. It will soon be good. "The reception beauty was so excited when she saw that I didn’t say anything, but she didn’t even touch the car for a moment.
I followed the receptionist to the lounge. Someone brought coffee and was excited. The receptionist had already left. She should have gone through the formalities before sitting. Soon the receptionist came back with several sheets in her hand. "Sir, you need to fill these out and sign them together."
I took a few sheets without looking at them in detail, which seems to be writing a contract. Anyway, I looked at the place where I need to sign, and I need to fill in the information and fill it in quickly before returning it to her hand. The receptionist was happy to take it, which seemed to be relieved, and then smiled brightly. "Sir, including the car payment and various taxes, the total is 70,000 rmb." After that, she smiled and stared at me.
Damn it ~ I was really shocked to hear this number, so many! Md buying a car is really a luxury wave! Fortunately, it is enough for us to exchange 10 million gold coins to buy ten cars. If we had a hundred talents to do a lot of things in our mind before, but if we came to buy a car, would a good car be enough? I took out my bank card and handed it to the receptionist. The beautiful woman smiled and took it and turned away.
"It’s good to ask the price first after buying things ~ It’s really a good flower to spend nearly ten thousand yuan on this car ~ I didn’t know how to spend it when I went out even with more money. Now I know one kind." I didn’t face Xiaoyu Naidao until someone walked away
In the face of my complaint about the light rain, Zhan Yan smiled and said slowly, "You should change your way of thinking now. If you have a billionaire company and invested a lot of money, but when you go out or appear in public, you are driving a car with tens of thousands of dollars, which is very rough on foot. Then how can others have confidence in your company?
Some things need to be shown to others, especially now that the company has a network video industry, and it is still in its infancy. You must first make the employees of the company have confidence and passion, and your external packaging can give them some information, and then show the public the strength of you and your company. Some technical forces are generally invisible to the public and will not be white, but the most direct and understandable thing is financial resources. Hehe, you and I love spending money so much. Hum ten thousand cars, my father and grandfather have never sat and can’t afford it. Uncle can afford it, but he has been afraid to buy it for fear of being scolded and giggled by grandpa. "
"Well, I just haven’t been able to cope with the light rain for a while. I’ve always wanted to ask a question. What’s your background?"
"Well, you get used to it slowly. I’ve also been exposed before. Although life is not bad, it’s not extravagant. Now I’ve also been exposed to you. What is luxury in my family? Grandpa was born in the military, and his father was born in the military. After he was trained, he was born in politics, and his mother was also an uncle. He was an alternative school and went into business after graduation.