Moreover, the operation requires extremely high medical skills of doctors. Even if the general doctors take over, they may not succeed. It is estimated that the doctors can take over the operation with one hand. Is anyone willing to take this risk?

☆ Chapter 7 Forced entry
Listening to Tao Mo’s straightforward words, Zhou Qian was also silent. He was very angry and felt that there was a fire burning in his chest. However, the first few words made Zhou Qian’s white Tao Mo say that it was the truth. Before that, he reported the illness of the old chief to several national doctors, and they all shirked all kinds of perfunctory.
Now let them operate in person, and the risk of operation is so great that absolutely no one wants to pick it up and dare not pick it up. Looking at the frown, Tao Mo, Zhou Qian suddenly regrets that this little girl is so stupid and bold that she dares to give an injection to the old chief. If other doctors have a little experience, they will definitely shirk and run away.
In fact, Tao Mo is not Zhou Qian’s foolishness and daring to heal the old chief. The danger is clear and white. Tao Mo has a sincere heart after all. She is willing to take over and take risks. Perhaps it is because Tao Mo is just a person. She doesn’t have much concern and consideration.
"If no one really takes over, I will personally operate on the old chief!" When Tao Mo gritted her teeth, she knew the risk of this operation. Tao Mo still ignored it. She is a Chinese doctor but also proficient in western medicine. Although Tao Mo has never done it, she also has surgical experience.
It’s Tao Mo who has the spirit to support him. It’s a great test of Tao Mo’s ability to perform high-precision surgery in this generation. Since it’s decided, there is no room for regret.
Tao Mo looked shocked and moved Zhou Qian primly. "The Zhou team sent someone to find my master. I need someone to help me during the operation, and the old chief can support me for half a month at most. If I still can’t find the medical skills, I will personally operate on the old chief seven days later."
Listen to Tao Mo’s words. Zhou Qian, a dark-faced middle-aged man, couldn’t help but get red in the eyes and patted Tao Mo’s shoulder. He couldn’t watch the old chief die, but those national doctors were afraid to take responsibility. Finally, the surgical bravery was handed over to Tao Mo.
If Tao Mo was sure, she wouldn’t say until now that Zhou Qian knew Tao Mo. There was nothing she could do. She couldn’t watch the old chief die like herself. She would rather take the risk herself and know how dangerous the operation was, but she was still willing to take it.
"Tao Mo, I promise you that no matter who wants to move you in the end, I will step on Zhou Qian’s body!" Choke the sound Zhou Qian solemnly assured Tao Mo that he was blunt about Tao Mo’s mind and Zhou Qian could not let Tao Mo have an accident.
Qin Lao chief suddenly caused a storm in the capital as soon as the news of the disease came out in Tanjiang City. It was not a secret that Qin Lao chief’s body was stuck in the blood vessel at the heart position. In that year, he had several expert consultations, but because the position of the shrapnel card was too difficult, no doctor dared to carry out surgery to remove the shrapnel.
However, fortunately, this shrapnel has little effect on the body of Qin’s old chief, which has been dragging on for decades. With the aging of the old chief’s body, the impact of this shrapnel has become more and more serious. Although medical technology has made rapid progress and development in these decades, there is still no way to take out the shrapnel and rely on medicine to relieve chest pain.
In fact, the doctor who has seen the old chief knows in his heart that the old chief’s body is like a time bomb, and no one knows when it will be sent, but no one dares to say that now the old chief suddenly falls ill in Beijing, and these national doctors are all relieved at this time.
Fortunately, it happened in Tanjiang City, even if there was an accident, they didn’t. If there was an accident in Beijing, even if they didn’t want to, they had to bite the bullet and once the old chief had an accident on the operating table, no one could bear the responsibility.
Especially after listening to Zhou Qian’s detailed report on the old chief’s illness and watching the film, the old chief, this is the worst case. The shrapnel is completely blocked in the arterial blood vessels, not to mention the operation. I am afraid of moving a body casually, and the old chief may cause cardiac arrest due to blood vessel blockage. It is not necessary to say that anyone with a little medical knowledge knows the danger.
Compared with many national doctors in Beijing, they breathed a sigh of relief, and the turmoil in the political circle was even greater. Especially, knowing that the old chief was really dangerous this time, once the old chief went to his hands, the soldiers would be handed over. This is a real battle. Once the family can be successfully taken over, it would be a big step. To think of this possibility, both sides of the military and political affairs are constantly moving these days, waiting for the opportunity to take a slice of it.
"Xiao Qin, the stubborn old man, just let that worthless second child do this to himself. If he dies, it will be interesting to see if he can let Xiao Sun Jiuquan have the face to meet his eldest son and daughter-in-law!" Master Lu sat on the sofa angry and slammed the teacup in his hand on the coffee table.
I have been on the battlefield together and carried guns for decades. Master Lu is more than ten years older than Qin Lao. He didn’t take care of Qin Lao in those years. Now Master Lu is still alive and healthy, but Qin Lao is in danger. Master Lu can’t help but sigh at the moment.
"Dad, the atmosphere on the military side is very tense these days. It is estimated that there is something wrong with Qin Shu to take over the soldiers in Qin Shu’s hands." Looking at the angry master Liu Dage who broke the cup, there are some regrets.
Different from Lu Gusun’s numerous Qin old leaders, there are two big sons who are really good successors, but they were accidentally sacrificed, and Jian Qin, the second son of Qin old leaders, is definitely a product of genetic breakthrough, and he has no advantage in seeing Qin old leaders.
Jian Qin was a wan ku when he was young. If it weren’t for his own son, Qin Lao’s chief could have killed him alive. Finally, Qin Lao’s chief completely gave up this child. Anyway, there is still a big family business.
The powerful Qin old chief packed Jian Qin and his wife and left them abroad. They could no longer rely on the old chief’s title to be Hu Fei. From then on, Jian Qin and his wife hated the old chief and recognized him as eccentric. But in the face of the strong Qin old chief, they faced the same cold face. In the army, eldest brother Jian Qin and his wife could bite their teeth.
Who knows that God’s will made the old chief of the Qin Dynasty accidentally sacrificed his daughter-in-law and followed him after giving birth to Xiaohui? At that time, the old chief of the Qin Dynasty sent the white-haired man to the black-haired man, and a lot of spirits were like being smoked.
At the sight of the eldest brother’s death, Mr. and Mrs. Jian Qin’s eyes immediately brightened. Without the eldest brother as the heir, everything in the Qin family will not be their husband and wife in the future. Jian Qin and his wife, who have touched the wall abroad, learned this time. They played the emotional card and wanted to raise Xiaohui and win the favor of Qin’s old chief. Who knows that Xiaohui’s inability to walk completely crushed Qin’s old chief’s body
"Xiao Qin isn’t dead yet. It’s all about this group of powerful bastards!" Master Lu metal gray face more think more gas but also ability.
Qin’s successor, Qin’s old chief, was also relying on an excellent military service to climb behind, and there was no family to support him. When Qin’s old chief collapsed, his soldiers would surely be carved up immediately.
After a long silence, Master Lu finally eased his face and looked at one side and poured himself a cup of tea again. "You can arrange a small Qin hand to take care of the die-hard department and don’t let those people bully them."
It’s really sad for people to walk away from tea, but this is the fact that the old chief of Qin climbed here by himself. Many of them have no family background. Before ordinary soldiers, the old chief of Qin took care of these diehard departments, and they can still hold their ground in the army. Once the old chief of Qin left, those people who wanted to carve up the soldiers were bound to clash with these diehard departments.
Qin old chief this batch of departments may be able to maintain their existing position if they vote for others, but these departments of Qin old chief are all brain-dead. They are loyal to Qin old chief and will never take refuge in others, so they will become a stumbling block to carve up the road. The situation will definitely be better than that of Master Lu, who can take care of as much as possible.
"I know I’ve asked the old four and the young five to do it." Liu Dage nodded plainly. Lujia is a family. There have been people in military, political and business for hundreds of years.
Brother Lu and Brother Lu are both political. Old four and young five went to the army, and the young players were usually in the majority according to their preferences, either in politics or in the military. They had to take care of the old Qin chief’s die-hard department, and they were not afraid to cause others to fear.
"I remember that Yang Hang went to Tanjiang City, and that little one was there. Since Xiao Qin was there, let Yang Hang and them pay more attention to some places where they can help, and help the irrelevant people. No matter what happens, there is still me." Master Lu is very white, and many people will have to rush to Tanjiang City when an accident happens here.
It’s just white to visit anyone, but it’s a good idea to brush a good impression in front of Qin’s old chief so as to share a piece of it. Master Lu doesn’t want Qin’s old chief to leave at last and be disturbed by worldly things. Master Lu’s eyes are malicious. "Especially Xiao Qin, the abrasive son, let Yang Hang and Cao block it out for me! This is an unfilial beast who grieves his father! "
Others may not know what will worsen the condition of Qin’s old chief, but his big brother, Master Lu, is white and cruel. If it is not for the second couple, he will not be angry and cruel, and his body will not suddenly deteriorate.
Everyone is paying attention to the body of the old Qin chief. Although Zhou Qian and Yang Hang joined hands to protect Tao Mo, the news that the old Qin chief will have an operation in Tanjiang City still went out, but outsiders know that the operation is a doctor here in Tanjiang City. More information can’t be found.
A stone stirs up a thousand waves! I heard that someone is willing to pick up the operation of the old chief of the Qin Dynasty. These experts in the capital can’t help sighing. "It’s another fool who picks up the operation name of the old chief of the Qin Dynasty. It is estimated that it will soon be out of luck."
"Yeah, I don’t know who dares to take this operation. The success rate is less than ten percent. Maybe there is no Chengdu."
"Since someone took the operation, I’ll take a trip to Tanjiang City with the old horse and them, or watch a doctor with high medical skills, such as operating on the old head of Qin."
Seems to happen to coincide. Several national doctors here in Beijing have decided to go to Tanjiang City in person. Among them, Master Chu prepared the pills by himself at the beginning, and he is also known as the first surgeon in cardiac surgery. At present, it is recognized as the best doctor in cardiac surgery technology in China.
At this time, the First People’s Hospital of Tanjiang City
"Protect Xiao Tao and don’t let those people outside interfere with her." At this time, the old chief lying in the hospital bed looked good. Tao Mo decided to have an operation three days later, and the old chief was also forced to be admitted to the hospital to recuperate and strive to return to the best state during the operation.
"Old chief, don’t worry, I will protect Tao girl." Zhou Qian nodded seriously, which is more important than those who are afraid of taking responsibility. No matter what the result is, he will protect Tao Mo and prevent those people from splashing dirty water on Tao Mo.