A moment of terror, cherry’s mouth poked straight into camouflage crotch, and Jiang Aitong was poked red-handed when he was cold.

"ah! Damn it, I’ll kill you! " Jiang Aitong’s crotch is molested by ghosts, facing the crisis of pollution, and anyone will go crazy.
Sad and angry, Zhongjiang Aitong waved his saber in his hand and kept sweeping back and forth at that face. The face was scratched by the knife and quickly gathered and repeated, which was very energetic.
Jiang Aitong is still rational in his rage. His saber dare not stab the other person vertically. He is afraid that he will accidentally stab himself too much and harm his crotch.
And come forward to the thyme army also severely cut the knife to the haunted ankle, but I couldn’t think of the other side. The blade was strangely cut through the haunted ankle and almost cut to Jiang Aitong’s calf. He was so scared that he immediately closed his knife and broke out in a cold sweat that he never dared to go out again. He could put the knife back into his boots and pull the two dead limbs directly with his hands.
But all these efforts are devoted to the hundred-Li army, and I don’t know if I can help Jiang Aitong.
As a result, Jiang Aitong was left to fight alone.
It’s so fucking hateful and obscene. How can you treat Jiang Aitong, your "xianggong", as angry? The consequences are very serious, regardless of whether his killing tactics are lethal or not. His right foot kicked the disgusting monster with great vigour-
Whoo! Coincidentally, coincidentally, the black military boots face the two limbs, which is very unsightly. The object passes through it strongly and goes straight up in the butt of the ghost, which is commonly known as chrysanthemum.
So a strange groan sounded, uh-huh, and the ghost was all repetitive and then trembled. Then the face seemed to be rippling in the spring breeze and became sharper than the harsh "Xianggong, you kicked the Nu family so refreshing! Do it again! Xianggong! "
Jiang Aitong’s face doesn’t know what color is black at the moment. Gray-black? Red? Blue? Seems to have everything.
I’ve seen so many ghosts since I wiped them. Such disgusting ghosts really don’t want to see Jiang Aitong again. Suddenly, I think it’s much cuter to see ghosts in the original forest. At least he’s still a man and this grass mud horse dies. I’ll tell that girl to kill you!
The veins stood out in the forehead, and the roots were exposed, and anger was criss-crossed with a baby face.
Ouch, ou, ou … The body and stomach are tumbling violently. Jiang Aitong can’t help it. He is afraid that his crotch and body will fall if he doesn’t call the car and laugh now!
Nai Nai Shi can be killed but not humiliated!
"ah! Che Xiaoxiao, you girl, come quickly. Your instructor is dying! " Force roared with all her grievances and grievances, and the anger department poured out straight along the stone wall and rushed to the cliff.
"Lieutenant jiang, are you crazy! Actually called laughing and jumping off a cliff to commit suicide? !” The thyme army was so angry that it rushed to the forehead. This bear child paper is so disappointing that a special soldier is always ready to sacrifice himself to save others.
And why did this stupid kid do something contrary to the military law? It was too humiliating. At this moment, the thyme army was so angry that it couldn’t wait to hug Jiang Aitong’s ass and beat him up immediately. Even that disgusting ghost was completely ignored by him.
Baili Jun Gen didn’t know that Jiang Aitong Xionghai’s paper crotch position was about to fall and people were close to collapse.
Jiang Aitong’s anger aroused the attention of someone who was concentrating on the car, and also caused a great anger to bury his head in the camouflage crotch.
Whoo! Nausea ghost body move instantaneous has been upside down in Jiang Aitong and thyme army as two people again violent resistance.
Then, two dead branches of arms skyrocketed and suddenly became longer. Ten fingers were like steel claws facing the knife and desperately grasping at the necks of two people.
A good skill, a sharp saber, tickles the ghost spirit, and the two men are pinched red-handed.
Like a steel claw, the ghost claw shrinks violently and is also angry. This time, it is determined to take two lives for its companion.
"When you two die, be my" xianggong ",Jie Jie!"
Very proud, sharp and harsh ghost cries accompanied by waves of violent stench reverberated in Jiang Aitong and Bailijun’s ears …
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163, rushed out of the leaker instructor very embarrassed.
163, rushed out of the leaker instructor very embarrassed.
Jiang Ai’s child’s cry caused the unwilling loneliness and the rage of ghosts. Before Che Xiaoxiao arrived, he directly made a gesture of death to two people, leaving two souls with him.
"Smile … you … hurry …" The intermittent sound is getting tighter and tighter, and there is no way for the ghost claw to shout anymore.
The neck is the human body fortress breathing channel, and the blood channel is tightly gripped by five steel claws like ghost claws, so it can’t breathe, and the aorta is still in the brain, and there is no way to flow away. Jiang Aitong’s handsome baby face is flushed abnormally and gradually turns purple.
The face of the hundred-mile army turned purple, too, and its eyes stood out slightly. But Nai Lao was not killed in the battlefield, but died at the hands of monsters. It’s so fucking boring.
In just a few tens of seconds, two people on the cliff have been hanging by a thread.
And that someone on the cliff face has solved the trouble since he was stepping on the gas pedal, but suddenly he heard a faint cry of rage and resentment at the bottom of the cliff behind him.
Hey, are there any monsters? Didn’t you just kill them with one knife? The car smiled and was puzzled. The blue light flashed a few times in the eyes.
But when the instructor called her, she didn’t dare to neglect stepping on the brake, pulling out the key and pulling the handbrake. In less than a second or two, the sea blue figure was already heading for the cliff bottom-
Nani, the danger is coming. You can’t hide a secret if you want to.
Che Xiaoxiao’s figure is so fast that he has rushed to the side of Bailijun and Jiang Aitong to see two pig liver faces that are gradually turning purple and four convex eyes.
I also saw the reborn ghost disgusting to the limit, revealing a strange look naked, and then the clear blue eyes suddenly became cold, and an extremely cold chill came out-
It’s still done with a knife and a blink of an eye, so fast that you can’t even see the edge of the blade flash. Once again, cut this wretched and disgusting ghost to the ground with a knife.
Section 162
"Ahem ….." Jiang Aitong and thyme army felt a chill, such as bone marrow, extremely cold, and the ghost disappeared from their eyes. The neck resumed its circulation function and was about to pinch the blood vessels, which was also alleviated.
"I smiled and I really have to call you for life and death!" Jiang Aitong looked at Ling and stood as a savior, taking a long breath.
The reaction of the thyme army is that the face and the bridge of the nose are still high, and the lips are still slightly thick, but the intense eyes are flowing. It is shocking and incredible that the five senses are crowded together. The word is dumbfounded. Looking at Ling and standing tall, the mouth is already unable to say "smile at you … you …"
How come the world is so fantastic and the monster has come? Superman has also come. The little girl captain loves it. No wonder Lieutenant Jiang called her here. The truth is that he knows nothing. No wonder people will find himself so quickly. No wonder they can kill here directly without reporting to the base and reinforcements.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
After being shocked, the Baili Army was full of sorrow that it was abandoned by its captain. It’s so sad that there is no wood.
"thyme major hard" car smiled and looked at two camouflage people Love O2O who regained their vitality.
"Mm-hmm, it’s okay to smile, thank you." Bailijun felt that he was already shocked, his mind was numb, and his perspective was very traumatic.
"You’re welcome. You are uncle’s good department. We are a family. Hee hee hee …" Che Xiaoxiao squeezed his eyes and curled his mouth. A naughty look brought them closer.
"Laugh and go, don’t ink." Aside, Jiang Aitong patted his trouser head desperately, and his face was anxious and extremely disgusted. Why can’t I take those disgusting smells?
He is the uncle who cursed it and never died! Even if you are reborn, you will be thrown into the beast road! Jiang Aitong gnashed her teeth with hate.
"Uh-huh, the instructor is right. Major thyme, let’s talk about it."
Without waiting for the reaction of the two people in front of them and preparing the car, the horse smiled and pulled up the ropes of the two people with one hand and rushed to it-
It’s like lightning speed. It’s like a bullet leaving a chamber.
Nani, it’s so heavy. The weight of two big men is really not covered. There is no psychic force, so there is simply no way to move.
The car smiled and gritted its teeth. Fortunately, it was still quite fast
Thyme Army and Jiang Aitong found themselves firmly on the cliff before they responded.
An energetic man whimpered in the past … The car smiled and turned pale slightly, breathing aggravated the lower abdomen, and after a fierce force, it seemed to hurt faintly. I wiped it.
"But is finally here" Jiang Aitong a growl.
The thyme army is like a dream, and it looks incredible. It quietly digests this fact in silence.