Then Tehran’s slender figure quickly crossed the dedicated guard Jiang Aitong who was still at the door and slipped directly into Room No.3 across the bedroom.

Click the car, smile, twist the doorknob with one hand, and then twist the door tightly, and then turn around. Wow, the masculine color is so sexy-
Section 1
I saw a macho man in the room who had just taken a bath and was wearing a military green vest and underpants. He was standing upright and looking at her with tenderness.
Whoo! Throw the bag in your hand at the table not far away, hit it accurately and landed firmly on the desktop.
Then whew, a slender, soft body went straight for the macho man in the room. The whole person was like a kangaroo bear hanging in the ancient Teng body with his hands around his neck and legs around his strong waist.
"Uncle Xi Xi, you are so cute." Innocence is more than a goose egg, smiling into a fresh and elegant hill flower filled with attractive youth.
"….." is regarded as very cute. This Xiao Ni is cute, but it’s not so cute. Uncle, this is called muscle strength.
Uncle who didn’t speak will always be the leader of the action group. Guteng gently holds the slender and soft waist and leans a few steps to the side. When he is calm and steady, he can sleep in the crowded bed for two people.
Guteng’s hands changed from hugging to encircling, and his arms were tightened bit by bit, squeezing all the gaps between the two people into straight gaps.
Che Xiaoxiao can clearly feel the hot body temperature of his uncle in the thin military vest.
The gas in the room seems to suddenly stagnate at this moment, and there is a heartbeat from each other.
And the car smiled, and the blue clear eyes shining with light and beautiful gems were not alarmed or reserved, but there was a faint expectation of excitement. There was a dark tide in Guten’s black eyes-
This little girl is such a grinding goblin. Gu Teng sighed in her heart. She drew a big hand from her slender waist and gently landed on her soft flaxen hair and buckled it in her own direction-
For a moment, Gu Teng’s cold, hard and handsome facial features were magnified in the car’s smiling eyes. The pink mouth was immediately covered by two warm and thin lips, and the gentle ratio was gently sipped.
In this way, the two people kept such a beautiful gesture and kept sucking and kissing until their breathing gradually increased. The white goose egg face became red as if it had been dyed with a thin layer of beautiful rouge, but they still could not bear to stop.
At the moment, I am familiar with the fragrance and slender body, and I am holding it in my arms, and my mouth is still savoring each other’s sweet tongue. Does Tianjin Guteng feel that life here and now is perfect, so I can love it so much?
"Little girl ….." Deeply spoiled in happiness, Gu Teng couldn’t help but let out an affectionate cry.
"Uh-huh, uncle ….." More than half of the people have been confused, and there is still a hint of sweetness to respond to their uncle’s reluctance to say the sound from the blocked mouth. It is soft and soft like a soft feather gently brushing Guten’s heart and bringing him a slight thrill.
So buckle the small head, increase the strength of the big hand, tightly hoop the soft waist, and also exert the strength of the big hand. Guten is not satisfied with the fact that he is slowly sucking his kiss, and the strength is getting more and more enthusiastic.
Two pieces of moist lips force the car to smile, pink and soft lips, and a hot tongue licks her sweet lips, and straight along the lips, one easily slips into her mouth-
The moment is like a calm lake, setting off a shocking wave.
Gu Teng’s kiss has changed from gentle sipping to slow sucking to warm and overbearing, with a desire for possession and plunder.
Che Xiaoxiao felt that her chest gas was almost squeezed out by the Ministry. She had some difficulty breathing, and her bones became softer and softer. After finishing her strength, she could stick to Guteng’s strong body.
A hazy blur in the kiss quickly jumped up and gradually became thicker and spread in the small bedroom.
Suddenly, outside the door, talking clearly and carefully broke up the room, and the beauty was blurred.
"Where’s Captain Aitong?" The powerful voice is as low as possible. It is from the training ground that Yan Shuo comes.
Ask other instructors about the list of military training students present to see if there is anything wrong with the car smile. Yan Shuo finally returned to the dormitory. He saw Jiang Ai Tong Ma greeting his captain Guteng at the door.
"Captain is in the bedroom" Jiang Aitong’s face is a little red, and Yan Shuo’s eyes are flashing and erratic.
"Hey? Aitong, you look strange. What’s wrong with your eyes? What’s not the captain? " Looking at Jiang Ai Tong Yanshuo with a strange expression, his face suddenly became tense.
"It’s not that the captain has nothing to do." Jiang Aitong saw Yan Shuo’s misunderstanding and explained it hastily
"The captain in the bedroom? I’m not at ease. Let me see what the captain is doing. "Yanshuo felt that he was still not at ease. He was about to knock on Guteng’s door, but Jiang Aitong hurriedly cut it with one hand-
"YanWei you don’t disturb the captain" Jiang Ai children some urgent.
"I’m not bothering the captain, I’m worried about him." Yan Shuo’s face was puzzled.
"Yan Wei doesn’t worry. The captain is fine in there. Let’s not disturb him." Jiang Aitong scratched his short hair and explained.
"I’m not disturbing him, I’m the captain of the heart. I’m afraid he’s in there and he’s boring me to chat with the captain." Yan Shuo still failed to understand the real meaning of the other party’s obstruction
"Stop talking. The captain is busy." The sound gradually became anxious.
"What’s the captain doing? It won’t be a military exercise, will it? When the captain came back, he didn’t bring anything like documents back. "Yanshuo was more confused.
"Our captain Our captain is busy sleeping, so don’t disturb him." honest and frank is cute and Jiang Aitong still has no way to say Jing Yanshuo.
"Ai tong that wench hasn’t come back captain can sleep? According to his sample just now, I think he can’t sleep. "Yanshuo thinks of Guteng’s lost and lonely back, and his heart is tight."
Two people whispering at the door, one is going to knock and the other is going to stop the excitement.
At the moment, the dormitory two people have stopped the sweet lips french kiss two tightly attached to the body gently separated.
Car smile blurred blue eyes to reply a little clear, is it a little face or pink powder? A teenage girl is as clear and attractive as a flower dew, and her pink lips are a little red and swollen.
The ancient battalion chief, who was suddenly interrupted by two people, looked very bad. The two English-style strong knife-shaped eyebrows were slightly wrinkled but gently smoothed by a soft white hand.
"Uncle, don’t be angry. I’ll get rid of those two stupid instructors who make you angry." The waxy sound is more feminine than those smart eyes with beautiful gems and blue light, and they quickly flashed an evil light.
Car smile voice down don’t stay guteng reaction body move deftly than to walk away from his body towards the door.
"….." Petted her to the border. Guten didn’t object, didn’t stop her, but looked at her with eyes full of spoil, and she scampered away.
Soon white as a lotus root, the small hand twisted the door and quietly closed it.
Wait for a while made Jiang Aitong and Yan Shuo face the bedroom door by surprise.
Yan Shuo was most surprised that he didn’t know that Che Xiaoxiao had come back, and he also drilled a puzzled expression from his captain’s bedroom. "Xiaoxiao, where did you go in the middle of the night?"
"Yan instructor, I didn’t run anywhere. I told your captain that he already knew." Goose egg face is full of smiles. It’s beautiful and brilliant, but it makes people feel weird.
"Oh, that’s good. That smiling classmate, you and the captain have a good rest. We also have a rest." Yan Shuo, who is superior in sensitivity, smiles at the car and smiles with a big vigilance.
He grabbed Jiang Aitong around him and prepared to enter No.4 dormitory out of sight.
Section 11