"I watched the game, uncle."

Even if married, Avril Lavigne still calls Changsheng Uncle.
"I’m proud of you. The media are full of reports praising you and your team, uncle. "
Changsheng’s drowsiness dissipated, and he said to Avril Lavigne, "Oh, really?" What did the media say? "
Changsheng really doesn’t know what the media said about the game.
After returning to Rome from Munich, he never had time to come down, and finally he had free time, that is, he took the time to sleep.
So I don’t know how he was reported in the media.
However, he guessed that he lost the game, and there must be cynicism in the media.
Just like before.
But Avril Lavigne’s words surprised him a little.
"The Corriere dello Sport said it was a’ glorious failure’."
Changsheng paused: "Are you sure they are not satirizing me?"
"Of course not, uncle. The media all over Italy and even Europe are praising your team’s performance. Before the game, no one thought that you could give Bayern Munich a 2-2 away. "
Changsheng laughed: "Didn’t you get eliminated in the end? And I also hurt a captain. "
"But I know that you can’t beat you. Laughing at the cold eyes can’t beat you, and failure can’t beat you. Right, uncle? "
Changsheng laughed this time: "I love to hear this! Your uncle is an invincible superman in the universe! "
Avril on the other end of the phone smiled and said, "I have another gift for you, uncle." My third album will be released in late April. Remember the song "Girlfriend" that I sang to you at the Lazio dinner that Christmas? This is the main theme of the new album, and it’s for you, uncle! I love you, uncle! "
Chang Sheng, who hung up the phone, weighed his heavy mobile phone.
He comforted Passareira for one night, and then he was comforted by his wife.
Although he doesn’t want others to comfort him, his heart is still warm.
It’s nice to be needed and loved …
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Stupid and naive
Lazio was eliminated from the Champions League, and most people think that Lazio’s elimination is a glorious defeat.
But of course, there are also different opinions.
In today’s world, it is quite normal to disagree.
Especially Lazio, a team with rivals in the same city.
While the media are praising Lazio’s performance in the Champions League, the fans in Rome are gloating.
They spit out Lazio’s exit on the Internet.
A long time ago, in view of Changsheng’s special website, all kinds of things worth spitting, especially for Rome’s behavior, Roman fans also built a website, which was called "Abnormal Winning Personal Website".
You can see from the name what this is for.
After Lazio was eliminated, jubilant and gloating Roman fans flocked to this website to complain about Lazio’s failure.
"What a lovely failure!"
"Overcapacity unexpectedly delusion challenge the Bundesliga giant? This is the end! "
"I can finally stop seeing Chang’s disgusting face on TV!"
Of course, the most talked about is to raise Rome by mocking Lazio.
For example: "Inter Milan and Lazio are both useless, and only we can really defend the glory of Italian football!"
This kind: "Rome’s victory in the Champions League will prove who is the most influential team in Rome!" "
There is also this kind: "It is also facing a strong enemy at home. Rome beat Manchester United 2-1, and Lazio can only score two goals by Bayern Munich 2-2. This is the gap!"
In the face of the schadenfreude and ridicule of these Roman fans.
Chang Sheng responded on his personal website: "I have seen these remarks, but what I want to say is, don’t be too happy, be careful to get carried away. Rome has to go away to challenge Manchester United! Now put the words too dead, be careful to be slapped! "
Chang Sheng dares to say this because he knows the historical development.
He knows what will happen to Rome in the next away game against Manchester United.
That will be a shame for the Roma club in the history of the Champions League!
Roma fans are really crazy to laugh at Lazio in the Champions League?
Then don’t blame Lao tze you’re welcome!
If I fucking let go of this opportunity to laugh at you, I will be impotent all my life!
Looking at the extremely arrogant messages of Roman fans in the "abnormal website" on the computer screen, it is always better to sneer in front of the computer.
The only regret is that Rome’s Champions League game will wait until next week, and there is still a league game to play in the middle. We can’t slap Rome every other day.
But I can run the first grade, but I can’t run the fifteenth. It’s not that we don’t report it. It’s not time.
Just wait one more week, and Chang Sheng has the patience.
The champions league was eliminated, and the Italian cup was already out.
Now Lazio has only the League to be busy with-except waiting to laugh at Roma.
Inter Milan chased after it closely, but it also happened to take advantage of this opportunity to completely throw Inter Milan off.