It’s a pity that no matter how active the great leaders are, there is no news at all. The front edge of the laughing stock is completely ruined. It’s all top secrets. The great leaders of a province all know a little fur, not to mention that they don’t look at the table at the moment. The whole Lujia family also knows Lu Jiuzheng’s true identity, including Liu Dage. In other Lujia people, Lu Jiuzheng often haunts in the army, but no one ever knows his true identity.

"I don’t know?" Laughed at by anger, Wei looked at the landing with critical eyes and smiled grimly. "Since I have no interest in knowing the military, Yan Lixi is a murderer and you have no interest in taking him away!"
See Liu Jiuzheng couldn’t come up with the photo file to defend the jams, and he felt more and more cheated. Although he was not a big shot, it was also a big shot in Tanjiang City. Today, he was tricked by people. Captain Yin, a coward, played him. At this moment, Wei jams have been thinking in my mind that he will get back in revenge with Captain Liu Jiuzheng and Captain Yin.
"Take Yan Lixi away and whoever dares to stop it is obstructing public security law enforcement. I will see who dares to know the law and break the law!" With a wave of his hand, Wei tiao let the police behind him take Yan Lixi away from the off-road vehicle
Captain Yin’s concerns look at Liu Jiuzheng. If this really makes a big deal, it’s afraid of the impact on Lu Shaoying. After all, Yan Lixi is a murder suspect. The city bureau is beneficial to take away Lu Shaoying. After all, it is indefensible to force a conflict with the city bureau people in the military.
Sitting in the co-pilot position, Tao Mo Le Tao Tao looked at Lu Jiuzheng with a cold look and didn’t know how Uncle was going to solve it. After all, they didn’t have any formalities at all, so it was unreasonable to act more.
See Liu Jiuzheng and Captain Yin for a long time, and there is no response. Wei Tiao is even more proud. He has a pair of proud eyes because Wei Zhonglin was hurt by military people. Otherwise, how could he be deceived by them? Fortunately, when he came back, everyone was stopped. Otherwise, the elder sister really couldn’t get a job there.
"As you wish" Liu Jiuzheng coldly looking at proud puffed up who jams out his phone and dialed a word, stepped aside and quickly reported a few secret codes.
"Virtual Zhang Shi Lao is waiting to see what reinforcements you can help today!" Looking at talking to one side, Liu Jiuzheng and Wei Tiao disdain to sneer-he will be interesting to see who dares to be bold and defend the family behind them!
Because of Wei Zhonglin’s incident, the Wei family lost face and was beaten in the hospital, but the Wei family did not dare to seek justice. They could hold their noses and admit that the Wei family was seen as a joke in Tanjiang city circle for a long time.
Today, Wei Tiao is going to get back to the Wei family from the military. It is reasonable and legal for him to do things according to the rules. The military didn’t hand over the documents and wanted to take away Yan Lixi, a murder suspect. As a result, he was caught by himself. It was really a great opportunity to save the Wei family. What’s more, Wei Xiaomei didn’t worry about being punished by the Wei family.
Section 37
At that time, all the people were deadlocked in the collection, and Wei blocked the gang and waited here for the landing of Jiuzheng, and they helped reinforcements.
Twenty minutes later, a plane roared from far away in the sky, and everyone was surprised to go out. When they saw it, they saw two military helicopters roaring and finally landed slowly in the wasteland next to the collection. It was originally the government’s plan to collect and widen the highway, which had been deserted for two years.
As two military helicopters landed in the hatch and snored, six or seven deputy armed soldiers rushed out from the inside, all of them were armed with guns and equipment, and the cold and bloodthirsty momentum made people retreat three feet.
Who jams, including in the place, everyone froze. Although everyone has been on the plane, it is the first time to see this kind of military helicopter, and it is the first time to see a soldier with a gun and a submachine gun in the dark, as if it could swallow people’s lives.
The first soldier and six people behind him brushed their boots straight in front of Lu Jiuzheng, slammed them to the ground, raised their right hands and saluted Hong Liangyin with a deep and powerful voice. "Report, Sir, Goshawk 2 is at the command of the chief!"
Lu Jiuzheng replied with a military salute, "These people involved in military secrets and brought them back for investigation."
"Yes!" Without the slightest hesitation and questioning, when the soldiers turned to look at Wei Tiao and others, their eyes turned from just respecting loyalty to bloodthirsty ice skates, and they generally stared at Wei Tiao several people "unload their weapons and mobile phones and take them away!"
"Yes!" Behind a few soldiers at the same time in the mouth who jams and several city bureau police haven’t come to the reaction, they wear pistols but have been removed from the magazine click an arm was twisted behind by handcuffs to handcuff.
Who jams until the arm is twisted to the back pain to this just suddenly react horrified to look at the face paralysis with a grim face Liu Jiuzheng "what are you doing? We are policemen, and you have no interest in arresting us! "
The first soldier looked at the violent struggle like a dead man. Wei Tiao waved his hand with a knife in the past, and he collapsed more than 100 kilograms. His body resisted on his shoulder like a hemp bag and strode towards the helicopter parked in the wasteland.
The rest of the city bureau police were dumbfounded. At the moment, they were all silent. No one dared to ask a question. From the end to the end, two military helicopters roared into the blue sky again in less than two minutes.
Liu Jiuzheng also roared off an off-road vehicle to stay at the scene. The call-off staff and several traffic police officers stayed in wait for a while and looked at each other. If it wasn’t for the scene, they still stayed in the police car and all of them were dazzled.
"What shall we do?" The first person to return to absolute being pointed to the police car behind him.
"Who are those people? It’ s awesome, damn it, it’ s like watching a blockbuster! " A young policeman was so excited that he could hardly compare himself with those bloodthirsty and cold soldiers. Seeing those armed police on weekdays and occasionally seeing soldiers on the road is a world of difference.
"Shut up and be silly. What are you doing? Call face to face to report a situation first. This matter has nothing to do with us." A slap in the face of the head of the small association led by the police officer rubbed his eyebrows. Fortunately, they are branches and stopped the off-road vehicle and didn’t do anything too much, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to take off today.
Led the police to look at it, and several people in the fog looked heavy and stern. "Today, unless someone asks, keep your mouth shut. Don’t get into trouble. Don’t talk, including your family. Don’t say a word!"
"Yes, we know" for fear of getting into trouble for ourselves, and all the people present rushed to nod. This kind of excitement is not good-looking, but also involves military secrets. Anyone who gets into trouble with lip service deserves it.
Everyone looked weird and returned to work one after another. The young police officer just got off the bus and pointed to the notes in front of him in shock. "Boss, look, I’ve been monitoring just now."
The police who led the team turned around and saw that if all the surveillance videos were gone, their traffic police and law enforcement vehicles were all equipped with probes. Even if there was any dispute, there should be evidence. As a result, today’s surveillance videos were all black screens from half an hour ago to now, and the surveillance videos were hacked for half an hour.
"Wait a minute, I’ll go and see the collection side." The police led by the team looked complicated again.
Five minutes later, as he guessed, the surveillance video was collected here for half an hour. It was a black screen from Lu Jiuzheng’s SUV to the most defender. When they were taken away, the surveillance video was gone and was erased. It should be done by military personnel.
Weijia mansion
Who smile mei is sitting in the living room sofa look gloomy at the moment. It’s too simple to bring Yan Lixi back to the city bureau with a little means to kill a person, but who knows that this fool who jams should let people take Yan Lixi away halfway?
"There are more fools than losers!" I didn’t good the spirit cursed Yi Wei Xiao Mei with a mean face, looked at my mobile phone and dialed the number of Wei tiao, which should bring people back, right?
"Machine?" Frowning up, Wei Xiaomei looked at the mobile phone that kept coming to the phone, and somehow she had an ominous feeling in her heart. She spoke only twenty minutes ago, and Wei jams how could it happen at this time? Don’t you have a cell phone?
In the living room, Wei Xiaoxiao Mei was surprised when she suddenly heard the building ringing, which startled Wei Xiaoxiao Mei and the servants in the living room.
Wei’s home is now Wei Xiaomei’s father. Master Wei will be seventy-two years old after the year. Although his brain is still fine, his energy and body are even worse. Master Wei originally planned to give Wei’s home to his own son, that is, Wei Zhonglin’s father. He will pick up the home.
Always a wily old master Wei, the older he gets, the more cold he is, and he won’t get angry easily. Just now, the loud noise of that chair really startled Wei Xiaomei without thinking of the machine who jammed and hurriedly ran towards the building.
It’s so cold. It takes courage to get up. Haha, dear friends, leave more messages and tickets to let Yan know that dear friends are always here.
Hug the parents and leave a message, that is, typing motivation is a fire in winter, o(∩_∩)o~
☆ At the end of chapter 7 mystery case
"Dad, what’s wrong with you?" Wei Xiaomei pushed the door and worried about watching the huanghuali chair fall to the ground at the table.
A sullen, wrinkled old face, Master Wei’s frowning look is becoming more and more complicated. What kind of fairy did Wei’s family provoke? Looking at the lift chair, Wei Wei smiled. Master Mei Wei gave a hand and sat down. "I’m fine. You go."
It is obvious that Master Wei’s expression is not right. How dare Wei Xiaoxiao Mei leave her marriage at this moment without authorization? Children live in the Wei family. It is also said that the elder Wei Xiaoxiao Mei Bai. This is because now the householder is his father and his own big brother in the future. Who dares not give himself a face?
However, this honor is also for self-defense by Master Wei and Wei Jia’s eldest brother. Mei Wei is mean to others, but she respects these two people. At the moment, Master Wei’s expression is wrong. Mei Wei also didn’t say much, but stepped aside and made a cup of tea and handed it to Master Wei.
At the moment, it was a strange quiet in the room. Master Wei didn’t look down at the floating tea in Ru Ci’s cup with his teacup in his mouth. Just after he received the words from his eldest son Wei Jitai, he realized that Wei Tiao was suddenly taken away by the military and couldn’t find out any news.
Avant-garde Zhong Lin kicked the iron plate and provoked the fuck. He was severely cleaned up, which made the Wei family lose face in Tanjiang City. As a result, the joke was not over yet. Wei Tiao was suddenly and inexplicably taken away by the military, which made Master Wei feel frightened and had a vague premonition.
Let people suffer for more than ten minutes. Defender’s mansion, foreign cars braked suddenly. Wei Jitai strode towards the building with a cold face. He saw Wei Xiaomei sitting quietly, his eyes sank, and then he looked at the master with the teacup. "Dad, I’m back."
"Tell me what’s going on?" Master Wei released the cool teacup and looked very calm. He was very satisfied. He was calm and calm, and delivered the Wei family to Wei Jitai. Master Wei was at ease.
Wei Zhonglin, the grandson, is a little puffed up, but all his talents are too young to be honed. Master Wei has been looking forward to the Wei family’s first pulse, but it happened that the Wei family provoked the military one after another, which made Master Wei wonder if the Wei family’s feng shui was wrong.
Wei Jitai glanced at the corner and sat there laughing at Wei Mei. "Just now, I have asked Wei Tiao to take people to Baiquan County to prepare to bring a murder suspect back to the city bureau for interrogation. He was intercepted by people halfway, and then he was taken away by military people, including Wei Tiao. Everyone lost news."
I heard that Wei Xiaomei’s face suddenly changed. Yan Lixi was exactly what Wei Xiaomei told Wei Tiao to do. The mayor in charge of public security was also Wei Xiaomei who stepped forward to put pressure on him. Who knows that Yan Lixi was not brought back together with Wei Tiao and was taken away by the military.
"Smile mei what’s going on? Don’t avenge Si Ming’s child to perfunctory me. "Master Wei frowned in Tanjiang City. Even if the military people took away Wei Tiao, they should give Wei’s family a little more face. It is also a public official who was taken away inexplicably. I am afraid that this water is not shallow. I think that Master Wei’s sharp eyes are generally directed at Wei Xiaomei.
Before asking Wei Erbo, the mayor, to help put pressure on Wei Xiaoxi, it was Qian Siming’s name. After all, Qian Siming had AIDS, and it was made known by Yan Lixi. Qian Furen, the daughter who came out of this Wei family, wished that Yan Lixi could not be swallowed alive.
Wei Xiaomei helped Qian Furen to clean up Yan Lixi, which is also reasonable. Yan Lixi is a murder suspect, and it is legal and reasonable for the Wei family to put a little pressure on him.
But from Wei tiao was taken away by the military, and Wei Jitai couldn’t find out anything. Master Wei knew that it was definitely not so simple. Wei Xiaomei must have hidden some secrets.
"It’s also your idea to go to Baiquan County today. What’s going on?" Wei Jitai doesn’t like this sister, but it’s still vertical to cut off the flesh and blood relatives. But if Wei Jiagen is hurt, Wei Jitai will never let Wei Smile.
For his father and eldest brother sharp LengLi eyes who smile mei also dare not hide "I have some personal hatred with Yan Lixi to let Wei tiao Baiquan County bring people back to the city bureau for investigation, but I’m sure there is a Pu expert and the military behind Yan Lixi."
In Yan Lixia, all Wei Xiaomei has always sent people to watch Yan Lixia’s worship of Pu expert, which is considered as a half-apprentice. Wei Xiaomei also knows everything, but Wei Xiaomei is closely linked from designing to poison Grandma Tao to killing the scar man to frame Yan Lixia.
Wei Xiaoxi is going to kill Yan Lixia after returning to the city bureau. Even if Pu experts want to check that people are dead, Yan Lixia is carrying two lives, but when Pu experts come, they can’t help Yan Lixia’s death. At most, it is torture to force an accidental death. Just push a person out to take the rap, and Wei Xiaoxi can be left clean.