Although very wronged, confused and depressed, Qin Leran took out his mobile phone and answered "Hello …"

The person at the other end didn’t speak.
Because the people there didn’t speak, Qin Leran took a look at the phone number and confirmed that it was Brother Lie’s number and asked again, "Brother Lie, is that you?"
There is still no one to talk at the other end of the sentence.
Not long ago, I told her to stay away from him and said not to let him hear her voice again. Now I’m talking and not talking. What is he trying to do?
The injustice in my heart fermented bit by bit, and finally Qin Leran could no longer suppress the injustice and burst out into anger.
She yelled at her cell phone, "Nan Zhai, what do you want to do without talking?"
People over there still haven’t said a word.
Qin Leran was waiting for him to talk to him, but after waiting for a long time, she still didn’t wait until she bit her lips and said, "Nan Zhai, I don’t want to follow you any longer. Let’s break up."
"Break up?" The end of the words finally spoke, and the sound was cold and dense, like a demon sound from the depths of hell
"yes! Break up! I don’t like you anymore! Never! " Say that finish Qin Leran snapped a hangs up the words.
Call her childish or childish, but she just doesn’t want to be so wronged anymore.
The words broke and cut off each other’s eyes. Qin Leran’s nose was sour and tears could not help but burst out of his eyes.
As soon as Qin Leran waved his hand, he threw his mobile phone off the cliff and lifted his head to force tears back. "Qin Leran, why are you crying? Is it worth crying for a man?"
Qin Yinze said, "Is it not worth crying so much?"
Qin Leran yelled at him, "I want you to take care of it."
Qin Yinze took a paper towel to help her wipe her tears. "I don’t care if you are going to blow a cold wind here at night?"
Qin Leran "…"
Qin Yinze forcibly pulled up Qin Leran and patted the remaining snowflakes on her head and back. "Let’s go back and you can’t make fun of your body again."
It is Qin Yinze who is right. Her body is given to her by her parents. How can a man not care about his body?
However, just as she looked back, she saw a tall figure behind them.
Chapter 4 Which man to choose?
He just let the snow fall on him, and he didn’t move. One or two eyes fell on her, and it stuck like a super glue and he couldn’t take it off.
If you forcibly take it off, the glued person will definitely take off a layer of skin, and both sides will lose.
Nan Zhai looked at Qin Leran and Qin Leran also looked at him. Two people and four eyes were intertwined in the air, but no one spoke.
Qin Leran quietly hid his hand behind his back and squeezed himself to control himself. He threw himself into his arms and hugged him tightly.
He told her to stay away from him, and he told her not to let him hear her voice again, so she must never wait for him to push her away.
I want to give him a cold look and tell him that she will never like him again, ever, but her eyes can’t fool anyone, and she can’t get rid of his eyes.
Qin Yinze also saw the man who shouldn’t have come, but turned a blind eye and forcibly pulled Qin Leran to his side and said, "However, there is snow, slide slowly carefully."
"Oh …" Qin Leran bowed his head to hide his emotions and tried to pretend that he couldn’t see Nan Zhai and followed Qin Yinze away.
However, she hasn’t touched the ground yet. She grabbed her wrist two steps ago and tried to grab it back to her arms.
Nan Zhai is fast and Qin Yinze is not slow. He also pulls Qin Leran and doesn’t let go. "Nan Zhai Song, don’t touch her with your dirty hands!"
"it’s you who should let go!" Nan Zhai held Qin Leran’s wrist in one hand and attacked Qin Yinze with his fist in the other.
Qin Yinze didn’t expect Nan Zhai to take the initiative. When he reacted, Nan Zhai’s fist took the wind and swept his cheek. His side face avoided just as Nan Zhai’s fist passed by.
In a hurry, he still held Qin Leran’s wrist tightly as if he were protecting precious treasures. He must not let others take it away from him. "Nan Zhai, you made her so sad. How dare you take her away?"
Nan Zhai Zheng
Did he make her sad?
When he came out from washing his hands and taking a cold shower, he found Qin Leran missing. After asking the guards outside, he knew that she had left him alone. Then he asked the person sent to protect her. He knew that she had left with Qin Yinze.
Knowing that she was angry with Qin Yinze from his heart, he rushed here to see them together, and he was even more angry.
No man will keep calm when he sees his beloved girl alone with another man, especially when that man has a strange idea about her.
So he ignored the serious problem of what she left Bei Gong.