Miao is still wondering how Morant could be willing to take his wife across the ocean when she was in danger. The cell phone in her bag rang. It is estimated that Cai Yi and them arrived.
"Are you guys here?" The following took the initiative to ask.
"We have arrived at the lobby on the first floor. What floor are you on?" In the words, the color is clear.
"I’m in the children’s clothing section of the building, but it’s already lunch time when I was a child. Otherwise, we’ll have lunch first and then choose?" I looked at my watch and worried that the child would be hungry, so I made a new suggestion.
"Good. We were just studying what to eat. Are you interested in eating Pizza Hut?"
"I’m a winner-take-all. Take Feiyang to order. My horse will come to you!" I feel that I haven’t eaten these for a long time. Now do I eat at home or miss my youth?
Hang up and go back to the children’s clothing area. I chose a few clothes according to my own preferences, all of which were made according to my height and age. Anyway, Liu Feiyang is in the face. If the horse is not suitable, I can change it. I am worried that the child will not be patient in shopping. It is better to take the child to see a good movie.
"You are all ordered!" Cai Yi and Liu Feiyang’s table were full of food when Miao came from upstairs with a shopping bag.
"Ah, you have bought it all!" Color in accordance with the quickly got up and took the following hand bag.
"Give it to the child for a while and see if it’s suitable or not. We’ll change it!" Miao smiled and looked at Liu Feiyang. "Are you used to living with your little aunt?"
"hmm!" Liu Feiyang nodded silently. "Can you find my father?"
"Don’t worry, we will try our best!" Miao caressed Feiyang’s head. "You should study hard before Dad comes back and don’t let Dad down!" "
"What if Dad doesn’t come back?" Liu Feiyang raised her head to help her eyes with a kind of anxiety.
"If Dad doesn’t come back, there will be us!" Color in accordance with the topic "aunt not told you? If you can’t find your parents and aunts, you will always take care of you until you grow up and find a job to live independently! "
"There are many things that you can’t understand now, but you can trust me, my aunt, uncle Ang Lee and uncle Lu to hope that you can grow up healthily and happily!"
"Uncle lu don’t think so? He’s a bad guy. He didn’t let his mother see your mother before he had an accident! " Ranging from following to say that finish Liu Feiyang has been excited to get up.
Miao really wants to vindicate Lu Fengxing, but a 12-year-old child really doesn’t understand too much analysis. If you want to clear the man’s name, you have to criticize Jia Xue. It’s not Miao. I think it’s too cruel for a child. After all, Jia Xue is his mother. It’s ridiculous to say that her mother is not in front of her children!
After thinking for a long time, those who want to explain were swallowed back. "Well, let’s seek common ground for the time being. How about you wash your hands and come and eat?" Miao changed the subject. Since it’s a holiday with children, it’s better to be relaxed and happy.
"Sister Feiyang, just leave it with me. I can take care of it!" Seeing the child went to the health care center according to her topic. She knew that Miao wanted to take good care of Liu Feiyang.
"How inconvenient it is for an unmarried girl to bring up such a big child?" Miao wants to take good care of Liu Feiyang, but she doesn’t want to hurt one party in Cai Yi’s consideration.
"I’m not thinking about falling in love with anyone now. It’s good to have a child with me!" Caiyi feels that it is good to be dependent on others, and it also gives her a lot of responsibility. It seems that those things that are immersed in love are not so important.
"Are things still sad in Hao Cheng and Yao Jia?" The following test asked 1.
"It’s definitely impossible not to be sad at all. The wound always needs a healing time." Cai Yi smiled with a hint of bitterness. "Now I’ve thought about it and I don’t get into a dead end. I want to do something else, which can always distract a lot of attention!"
"I’m sure I’m very relieved to put Feiyang in your place, but can you do it alone?" I’m worried that Cai Yi will be too much. After all, she also has to work.
"Don’t worry, I have foreign aid!" Choi’s face smiles a lot sweeter.
"What’s the situation?" I have a lot of curiosity.
"Ang Lee has been helping these two days. I have invited him to come and live together. Anyway, he rents a house and doesn’t have much to carry with him." Caiyi feels particularly good about Ang Lee. I don’t know when he has developed a kind of dependence from the bottom of his heart. "There should be no problem for the two of us to fly?"
"Ang Lee is really a down-to-earth guy and cautious. He is not a disorderly guy. I have always been very optimistic about him!" Miao has never been stingy with praise for nice people. "I’m very relieved to have him to help you, but even so, you should communicate with me when you encounter any problems. I will set up a special account for Feiyang, and I will put it into the account. You just have to control it!"
☆ Chapter 27
"You let me go!" Miao and Cai Yi are still discussing Liu Feiyang’s health, so they will come to the child to shout.
"It’s a flying sound!" Color in accordance with the expression of a nervous.
"You are a little red guy begging to come here. Do you have any tutoring?" A rough sound followed.
"I have apologized. I didn’t see you in the back!"
Without thinking about it, Miao got up from her chair and rushed into the men’s room. She didn’t know what happened to the child in hygiene, but she was threatened by someone with less audible sound.
You’re welcome to ring. The door of the men’s room has been suddenly pushed by Miao.
"This is the men’s room!" A tall man gasped and glared at the bear’s paw, but he held a stubborn willow flying tightly.
"You let the child go first!" Miao went directly to the man’s side, and his arm had already taken Liu Feiyang’s shoulder. She wanted the child to know that he was not isolated.
"Are you his mother?" The man was surprised and looked at the clothes and age. "It’s not an unmarried mother, is it?"
"What am I? I’m not as tall as you. Do you think you’re awesome when a big man wrestles with a twelve-year-old child?" Miao went straight to break the man’s finger. "You let it go!"
"Why do you want to have some physical contact with me? I have no opinion! " Men think that Miao is dressed in such high-grade clothes, but children wear it very generally and very shabby. There must be something wrong with it. Seeing Miao is watery and round, there is a flash of evil in his heart.
The man’s hand is a mouthful of appreciation in the man’s face. The man suddenly stepped back and grabbed Liu Feiyang’s hand.
"Bullying children and bullying women, I think you can go back to the furnace and rebuild it, so you are wasting your life, food and health!" Miao and the imposing manner pulled Liu Feiyang’s hand. Liu Feiyang has been intimidated by Miao’s toughness.
Miao hasn’t pulled out yet, and the door has been pushed. The glasses man happened to have a face-to-face face with Miao. "Sorry, I’m wrong!"
"You’re right. I’m here to teach Lai a lesson!" Glasses man didn’t quit to the following, so he took Liu Feiyang and walked out.
"You crazy woman, do you still want to go after hitting someone?" The tall man behind him naturally refused to suffer. Just now, he just wanted to teach a boy a lesson. Even if he relied on the strong and bullied the weak, it was also a power and prestige. Now he was slapped by a woman. Even a fairy can’t be so cheap to others.
The man took a big step and stepped over directly. The man raised his hand against the shoulder with a cold smile. The salty pig’s paw came quickly and turned 360 degrees. The man didn’t react yet. His arm had been twisted behind him.
The man cried out in pain. The glasses man who just came in almost didn’t drop his eyes. It’s wonderful. It’s amazing that such an eye-catching woman should have such skill.
"Auntie is great!" Liu Feiyang worshiped and looked at Miao and couldn’t help clapping his hands.
"If you leave a name, you will never be spared!" The suppressed man is not angry and twisted, and it is still very inappropriate to put malicious words in his mouth.
"How can my name tell you such rubbish? Too defiled! " According to the man’s ass, the man slammed into the sink and sat down to the ground.