However, in this life, parents obviously don’t have such conditions to ignore themselves. On the contrary, it is much easier to ask themselves to set up training, and there will be no such thing as going it alone:

Chapter 19
More importantly, although I took over the cheap parents, I had no feelings for them in Shang Tang Lotus’s heart. In my previous life, my parents were somehow related to her. Shang Lianlian did it again, and I felt a little unbearable in my heart. There was nothing for the cheap parents to set up in this life. Absolutely.
I was also trained in my previous life. I think it should be a cinch.
I get excited when I think about Shang Tang Lotus. It will be much easier if I can train this pair of parents. Then I can have a parent who can help me earn money like my parents in my previous life. Parents can enjoy what they want to do when they have nothing to do shopping every day. Unlike the popular saying that Mi Chong lives, if I train myself, if I want a company, someone will manage it, and then I can just count the money myself.
The more I think about it, the more excited I am. The more I think about it, the more I think about it. How can this idea be so wonderful? By the way, my parents in previous lives regarded themselves as money-making tools, and they are much better than their parents in previous lives. I don’t regard each other as money-making tools, but teach them the ability to work. Shang Tanglian thinks confidently but doesn’t want to think about this cheap life. Are parents willing to be set up by her?
Shang Tanglian didn’t think of these things, even if she did, she wouldn’t think it was a problem. Shang Tang Lian was confident that she could turn cheap parents into successful people. I’m sorry that she didn’t intend to refer to this matter at all, so she was so happy that she was decided by Shang Tang Lian.
Shang Tang Lotus is dreaming here. The merchant Cen is impatient. He didn’t dare to complain about Shang Tanglian, but he secretly stared at Shang Tang Lotus. Who knows that Shang Tanglian just came to her senses and suddenly scared the merchant Cen to show a smile. Shang Tanglian ignored him. The merchant Cen was embarrassed in his heart and complained that this smelly girl was too diao. How dare you regard your consciousness and feel relieved and ignore the past?
Shang Tanglian saw that the two of them were really hungry, but she couldn’t conjure up food. Because of her high demand for ingredients and the need to save money, Shang Tanglian always bought enough food every day, and then bought a fresh refrigerator the next day. Reagan had nothing.
Shang Tang Lotus said, "Then what do you want to eat tonight? There is nothing in the refrigerator, even if I want to do it, I can’t do it."
Fu Huamei was happy to hear that her daughter was willing to cook for herself. "I bought the ingredients with your dad and put them in the refrigerator." There was still a trace of regret in my heart. Why didn’t my daughter give her husband and wife money? Just now, I was brave enough, but I didn’t have the guts to do it again.
Shang Tang Lian didn’t say anything when she heard it. When the couple decided to come back and cook, she got up and went to the refrigerator and looked at it. Well, she knew how to buy it.
However, Shang Tanglian estimated that it would be unconventional to do something quickly at this time. First, cut and stew half of the chicken in the refrigerator and stir-fry the other half later.
It’s not a small fire, but a big fire. You can’t eat quickly. Naturally, it can be a big fire. Then you add a few drops of vinegar to it and pour some cooking wine into it. After a while, the chicken soup will be delicious.
Then Shang Tang Lotus washed rice and cooked rice, and then cooked food. The ingredients were still quite enough. Shang Tanglian made a loofah scrambled egg, garlic and white meat braised fish.
Chicken soup will be ready soon. Shang Tang Lotus will take it out for them to eat first and then come back and continue to work in the kitchen. In less than 30 minutes, four dishes and one soup will be ready and the rice will be cooked.
The husband and wife don’t even seem to eat like a hungry wolf. Obviously, Shang Tanglian is really hungry. It’s a bit unclear. Since there is money to buy those things, how can there be no money to order takeout? Looking at the couple eating like Shang Tang Liansensen, I feel that my training plan has a long way to go.
After being a qualified and successful person, it is possible to become a member of the floating society. Learning etiquette and elegance is the basic skill. It seems that the couple also need to be trained in this respect.
Shang Tang Lian never imagined that Fu Huamei had the cheek to make the credit method rely on an acquaintance who just gloves the white wolf.
After listening to this, Shang Tang Lian is very eager to come back later to see who knows that these things will be touched, and the delay is almost nine o’clock. Wash yourself and talk to them for a while, and it will be time to go to bed.
Shang Tanglian sat waiting for them to finish eating, and then let them sit waiting for themselves to wash the dishes and chopsticks. Something told them that the couple were full and sleepy. When they heard that their daughter wanted to talk to them, they suddenly felt sleepy. One was thinking about whether her daughter realized her mistake and wanted to give herself money. The other wondered if he had done something wrong to annoy his daughter.
Thinking about giving money is naturally a business mistake, but he doesn’t know that Shang Tang Lian really realized the mistake, but it’s not what he thought.
Shang Tanglian returned to the living room without sitting down and said directly, "If you want me to give you money, it’s okay, but this month, and we have to settle accounts on a daily basis. If you learn something according to my requirements every day, then I’ll pay for it. If you don’t want to, you can earn money by yourself. If you don’t want to go, of course, you can choose to study at home all day, and I will still pay for it to meet my requirements."
Businessmen Cen and Fu Huamei have complaints in their hearts. Fu Huamei is fine. Some merchants Cen have a particularly big complaint in their hearts. When they open their mouths, they will scold Shang Tang Lian. When they look at the merchant Cen, they wonder. Well, it seems that they asked the merchant Cen what they want to say, and immediately they let the merchant Cen swallow the dirty words in his mouth automatically. It’s a dry way. Damn it, you have more courage to say that you don’t agree. You are still her father. The unintelligent merchant Cen scolded herself in her heart and just didn’t have the courage to express her opposition.
Shang Tang Lian decided that since they were all so happy, she should go to wash and sleep, get up early and practice more kung fu.
Shang Tang Lian had just been lying down for a long time when she suddenly heard that the sound next door was particularly loud and frowned. It was just that the couple were doing that kind of thing, thinking that when they got rich, they would hurry to buy a soundproof room. This room is too soundproof:
Chapter 2 Singing to Cheap Father
After a while, Shang Tang Lian felt that something was wrong, and the echo of hitting the door became clearer. The couple were fighting again, and Fu Huamei cried a lot, and the merchant cen swore.
Shang Tang Lian went to the door of the master bedroom to twist the door. Who knew that the door was locked? Shang Tang Lian listened to the crying inside and knew that she couldn’t delay a lift and kicked it hard and touched a loud door. The couple looked at the door in amazement or Fu Huamei reacted quickly and took the opportunity to break free from the merchant Cen, who grabbed her hair and ran and cried and shouted, "Oh, my daughter, you see your father is going to kill me. Help me!"
The face is red and swollen deeper than before, and there is still a nosebleed. The clothes are also torn at sixes and sevens. This cry also wakes up the merchant Cen and immediately wants to pull Fu Huamei’s hair again.
This move by the merchant Cen completely stimulated Shang Tang Lian past lives. What she hates most is that she will abuse men. No matter what the reason is, she thundered, "Stop."
However, this anger has aroused the resentment of the merchant Cen’s heart. At this moment, the fear of Shang Tanglian has also melted into resentment. They are ferocious and their mouths are fierce. "Mom, you are a smelly girl who dares to take charge of your old age. What are you? You dare to anger the old age for a few days, and your skin itches, right? You even play with me." It’s outrageous to reach out and hit Shang Tang Lotus and want to give you three colors. I didn’t know it was old. I’m really afraid of you today.
Shang Tang Lian didn’t have the patience to listen. Without saying anything, she grabbed Fu Huamei behind her and let her stay well. Then she greeted her. In the past two days, Shang Tang Lian’s kung fu has not been practiced in vain. It’s more than enough to deal with a long-term drunken man. Although Shang Tanglian looked like a tall man, she grabbed Shang Cen’s hand and twisted it to him as soon as she raised her hand. At the same time, the other hand also punched Shang Cen twice, then twisted his hands back together and kicked him to Shang Cen’s knees and hit the floor.
Fu Huamei didn’t care about physical pain, and her mouth became O-shaped. When did her daughter become so powerful? Did she open her eyes in the wrong way? Otherwise, how could her daughter become a superman?
Businessman Cen, that is, those who bully the weak and fear the hard are all in the nest. This is not a pressure from Shang Tang Lian, so I was afraid of three points in my heart. Some people came back to think of my daughter’s power these days. Although her mouth was still swearing, she didn’t just swear, and the sound was particularly small. She didn’t dare to let Shang Tanglian hear what she scolded, but her anger was still greater, but she didn’t feel emboldened and unwilling, as if she were weak. Although she was afraid, her mouth was still hard. Of course, he thought that she could deceive Shang Tang Lian
However, the merchant Cen doesn’t know that practicing martial arts is normal. The merchant Cen feels that it is very small. Actually, Shang Tanglian is close, and the exercise these days has a little effect. Naturally, I can hear it clearly. Shang Tang Lotus said lightly that "there is still strength to call names", but she was not angry or that cold tone.