"I wanted to hide in the distance and secretly take a look at what kind of strength the newcomer really has, and then this guy caught me."

Leticia sighed and said that her eyes continued to stare at Ye Yu, who was embarrassed and turned around.
What has been avoiding my eyes? Although there have been some embarrassing misunderstandings … it’s just a misunderstanding. Are you still angry with me?
After thinking about her actions, Leticia was not a little depressed, as if her actions were completely unreasonable.
"I’m sorry, Mr. Ye Yu. I really didn’t expect you to be a famous member, but even so, there is one thing I still want to make clear. Forgive me for telling you the truth, fame is weaker than weakness, and I can’t see any future hope. It should be ok to go anywhere with your strength theory. Why did you choose fame?"
"still doubt my purpose?"
Ye Yu some nai touched his nose some don’t know how to answer.
A little more detailed is that when I first came to this strange world, I didn’t know what to do, and I was a little confused. Then I saw the black rabbit thinking of Hessia fruit and joined this in a daze.
It sounds even more doubtful … and it is more troublesome to explain the Hessian class.
"Lord Leticia, don’t be like this. Lord Ye Yu was summoned by me. Although the strength is indeed beyond my imagination."
The black rabbit said this with a wry smile from Leticia.
Check is beyond imagination in this seventh outer layer his strength has been somewhat exceptional.
Although he lost his strength and godhead, Leticia’s eyesight was still in his sight, that is, he clearly saw Ye Yu’s strength and clearly realized what level he was in.
That’s the black rabbit. Their imagination is almost as strong as their own, right? If it is the heyday, you should be able to beat each other.
Of course, these are speculations and assumptions. After all, Leticia still doesn’t know how Ye Yu fights and what kind of killer he holds.
Chapter 188 Back to the way
"I know you are still wary of me. I just want to say that I have no malice towards the name. If possible, I hope I can lead the name to recapture the once glorious community that no one can underestimate in this small room."
"Ever glory …"
Leticia was absent and muttered something as if she had thought of something.
In her mind, once the community had been destroyed, the new name was not what she wanted to see.
It is for this reason that she helped Gard Gaspar to deal with fame. She didn’t want Black Rabbit to lead everyone along this endless road of revival.
But Black Rabbit also has her own insistence on this name, and the hope that Black Rabbit has been insisting on is the community that was strong three years ago. Otherwise, it is easy to recruit many talents by dissolving the name and re-establishing a new community with her status as a "cabin aristocrat"
But instead of doing this, Black Rabbit has been silently guarding the fragmented name and refused to help Shiro Yasha many times.
If you accept the support of Shiro Yasha, a thousand-eyed cadre, what kind of community should the name be? Belong to the’ thousand eyes’ layer community?
The black rabbit has its own pride, and the other side is to regain its own flag and make its name strong again.
"Lord Leticia … what do you think of the name now? Can you rest assured?" See leticia don’t talk black rabbit is asked.
"Ha … how can I put it? Although those two children are potential children, they are still too immature to deal with Garde, so the enemy seems so hard." Leticia said with a sigh.
"If the new community develops well, there is absolutely no problem, but it is unrealistic to take revenge on the devil."
"Is it … so?" Listening to Leticia’s evaluation, the black rabbit was a little depressed and lowered her head, and the ears of the two rabbits also hung down.
"Hey, hey, hey … what do you mean, like that? I was beautiful and got rid of the tiger!" While Kudou Asuka said some dissatisfaction.
"Don’t make a mistake about the vampire Lori there. You always said that the low combat power is just those two young ladies. You haven’t seen my strength yet!" Izayoi came forward with his body stretched, and his eyes were full of fighting spirit.
"It is said that you used to be a demon king? That’s great. I’ve met the third demon king. Come and have a fight with me. "
"Also, there is your strength in the name that I haven’t understood yet … I appreciate your courage, but I still have to try it myself." Leticia smiled and looked at Ye Yu again, while the latter still put aside the line of sight.
As she spoke, the dark red wings stretched out behind her and floated up to the edge of the windowsill.
Bang! Red light flashed in the hand, and the huge knight gun reappeared. Leticia threw the pike outward and the window glass was instantly fragmented.
"Since it is more than strength, there is no need to spend more time. Both sides will give each other a blow to bear it."
"Is it a victory to pay back? Not bad. Is this a simple long live?"
Two people laughed and jumped into the atrium from the window at the same time.
Millie stopped jumping out of the big window. They were more than ten feet apart and confronted each other.
"She is no match for Izayoi" came to the window sill and Ye Yu shook his head, so he asserted.
"Ah, Lord Ye Yu, how can you come to such a conclusion that Lord Leticia is the rarest individual even among the ghost families? A pure-blooded vampire has a godhead knight."
While black rabbit puzzled asked.
"Godhead?" Ye Yu shook his head.
"Although I don’t know exactly what a godhead is, her godhead should be gone because I can feel that she is not complete now."
"What … what?" The black rabbit said with some disbelief
Then the explosion in the venue attracted everyone’s attention.
Leticia threw a pike at Izayoi and was smashed by the opponent’s fist.