"Oh-"Frank couldn’t help shivering. He felt that his mind was in chaos.

"You know this child is really important to me. I don’t want them to be healthy to threaten me and help me. I need you to cherish my poor mother!" Phil put a microphone on his lips and deliberately increased the airflow sound. Everything became interesting.
Feier, who has been in contact with the doctor several times, is still sure. He has thought that that is definitely his weakness, and she can control it.
"Madam, I don’t think the problem is very big, but I may have to trouble you to come to the hospital!" Frank’s voice is hoarse, and many physical reactions are obvious.
"Good lady, I have already remembered!"
"Thank you!" Phil knows that Frank can’t get in here.
By the time Phil got to the big box, Linda was comfortable and finished the spa massage. It seems that she has been here for a long time. Instead of taking the initiative to talk, Phil sat comfortably on the sofa and ordered some fruit honey tea.
"I know you will definitely come!" Linda got up and took her handbag specially and came over. Feier noticed that Linda’s hand was moving abnormally when she took the bag.
Smiling, Feier is no stranger to these tricks. "Yeah, you threatened my baby. Do you think I can still sit at home?" Tell me, what’s wrong with my child? Have you been tricked or have you heard some advice from a master? "
"Feier, what are you pretending to be?" Linda took out some photos from her bag. "I told you that Little Three Righteousness Day was not so good! You can inherit by having a baby at will? Dream! "
Phil looked at the photos clearly showing her intimate photos with different men, and slowly breathed a sigh of relief. Her prevention work was too ambiguous and explicit, and none of them were caught. At best, it was just an anecdote. It was not strange to make an anecdote around Morant, saying that she had the talent.
"You followed me?" Feier coldly put the photo on the coffee table. "You and Morant have divorced and got your satisfaction. What else do you want to do?"
"I’ll get more without you. You broke my dream. Do you think you can have this dream?" Linda lit her cigarette gracefully.
"You are also a mother. Do you think it is appropriate to smoke in front of a pregnant woman?"
Section 35
"Can you really have a baby in your belly?" Linda took out another photo from her bag, which was a photo of the case record. "As far as I know, your child is largely disabled. You didn’t tell Morant about this!"
"That’s not how Linda framed and cursed!" Phil is excited to get up and has got up from the sofa. "Morant has done all the requirements for you, and Ji has promised this child as well as him. Why do you want to curse like this? Is it interesting to take out so many excessive photos and don’t know how much you ps? "
"Feier, what are you talking about?" Linda was confused as soon as she got there. She wondered why Feier was so excited.
"You also rely on digging the wall. You also have a history of junior three. Why don’t you just ignore me?" Fei Er was excited to tear up those photos. While Linda was still puzzled, those torn photos had already smashed into her face with humiliating force.
"You are a bitch and dare to run wild here!" Angered, Linda root didn’t think about anything, so she let go of her bag and tore it with Feier.
While creating chaos, Phil picked up the woman’s handbag, and sure enough, he found the recording pen in it, as if he were avoiding Linda’s beating Phil’s bow, but he was actually taking the recording pen from Linda’s bag.
Being humiliated, Linda was so angry that she didn’t notice Feier’s movement.
"You are a bitch! Vicious woman, do you even beat pregnant women? " Feier’s eyes have been fixed on the counter-attack. There’s a bathtub deep in the ground. If she falls or hits hard, she may have a miscarriage.
"You freak can’t ask me to do justice for heaven now!" Linda, who was stunned by anger, has forgotten that today, the main eye tube is crazy to take care of Feier’s face. Two women don’t know how much their hair has been broken.
"Your child is deformed! See if I don’t rip your mouth off today! " Feier tries his best to tear a woman’s face.
The force and reaction were generated in an instant, which didn’t give Feier a chance to fall into the bathtub. Linda gave a strong force and Feier stumbled on the low table next to him, and a wrestling hit Feier’s abdomen accurately.
Phil’s body shrank like a spasm to scream in pain, and Linda’s face was covered with blood. She was also a little at a loss. She looked at the flowers and liquid and slowly stayed from Phil’s recommendation. She was really scared.
"Somebody, someone is hurt!" Panicked, Linda ran out to call someone in a panic.
Feier’s forehead oozed cold sweat and pale lips slightly evoked the arc of victory. She looked at being left at the bottom of the sofa and the recorder knew that all the records in it would be completely sacrificed when Morant heard Linda.
"lady lady, what’s the matter with you?" Running in with the panic, Frank was startled by the present situation, quickly took off his coat and picked up the convulsive woman.
"Help me save me!" Phil finally got down to earth and fainted in the man’s arms.
Feier was sent to the rescue room in a coma. Everything was as she hoped. The child didn’t keep the recorder and was sent to Morant. There was no living life. No one asked to identify whether it was intact. Frank Feier made the best certificate. Feier’s position was consolidated, but Linda and her female inheritance were cancelled in Morant.
Looking at the bedside, the man is still gentle. Feier knows that he won again this time. Although it is dangerous, it is all worth it!
"Baby, I wish you were awake. You scared me to death!" The man gently kissed Feier on the forehead, "The child can still be there. You must take good care of it!"
"hmm!" Feier didn’t argue anything. She knew that men knew everything. What she needed now was to have a good rest and take good care of her injured body.
Lu Fengxing, a leisure and holiday villa, was awakened by the whistle in the early morning. These days, he really got used to jogging around the lake with this whistle every day. It seems that the pace is getting bigger and bigger. Lu Fengxing admits that his courage is slowly increasing in the dark. The whistle gave him such courage.
"We are going to climb the mountain today!" Seeing that Lu Fengxing was ready for sports, Miao wrote today’s arrangement in his palm.
"What?" Lu Fengxing is always uncomfortable with sudden changes in the environment.
"Because there is no challenge here!" I just want men to find normal adaptability, so they should constantly renovate the environment. Men will reduce the fear of not admitting it in the process of adaptation again and again.
"Devil!" Two words popped up in Lu Fengxing’s teeth and led Mark out of the villa.
I shrugged my shoulders and addressed men as if I enjoyed it. I haven’t seen men gnash their teeth like this for a long time. It’s delicious! I’m in a good mood. I’ve got everything I need for a man’s trip on my back. I’m not going to take Mark with me.
"What?" Miao took Mark from Lu Fengxing’s hand and he knew what women meant, which was particularly unacceptable.
"Have me!" Miao is very atmospheric and gave the word Lu Fengxing.
"Does it matter?" Lu Fengxing can’t accept the explanation.
"I don’t want to give it a bath!" I really want to be lazy.
"Can I wash it?" Lu Fengxing felt that dumb girl was getting confused about her identity.
"I didn’t prepare Mark’s food. I think you can try to leave Mark once or twice-"
"Well, well, if you don’t take it, don’t take it!" Lu Fengxing lost patience with women writing, and he thought too hard.
Looking at the man panting with a blind stick ready to leave the figure, his mouth was wide open with laughter.
To tell the truth, the man has done really well these days, and many times no one comes to look after things in the room. He can always find them accurately if he puts them in a fixed place.
Hao Cheng and Yao Jia are not here every day, making things difficult for the man. Every time he looks at his progress, he is particularly excited. Now, facing the problem of eating, the man is more patient. Fixed placement at a suitable distance has enabled him to find the position of the dish accurately.
Of course, every night when arrival comes, men will still call Miao. Although they never say what they are doing, they can still feel that kind of concern. Later, Miao took out the dv he recorded for his children at home to satisfy the men’s thoughts about them.
"Still not going?" Half a day didn’t feel a woman’s movement. Lu Fengxing was impatient and urged one.
I waved at the obedient Mark and handed the rope to Song Yang. I whistled and walked to the front of Lu Fengxing. I really felt that some primary school students went out for a trip. I felt that this day made up for the regret of men’s memory loss in childhood.