"What’s in this thing ring is the way that the moon world always comes out to deal with the virtual beast. There are also some arrays and prescriptions. If you are good at these, you can come to another copy." Yue Ruochun didn’t drag his feet and directly divided things. "Now you can go to another copy and see them for a while, and these things will be made public in the whole middle world."

Hearing the words in front of Yue Ruochun, the monks had already turned their own thoughts, but they were all silent at the last sentence.
Since they want to make things public, they don’t need to think too much.
Chapter 347 Build a large array
Han Xiumo also knows that Yun Mingyuan used to be the world where Yun Mingyuan lived, and there are many things that Han Xiumo can’t understand.
But he knew that Yunmingyuan had been betrayed.
Although Yunmingyuan himself may not regard that person as a friend, the traitor was indeed in the closest place to Yunmingyuan.
Han Xiumo stopped talking.
Yunmingyuan also don’t know what to say.
They didn’t say much when they were silent for a moment. A ferocious monster appeared in the crack. It looked like several kinds of monster beast hybrids were biting. Just now, the key opened the door of the passage, and the click-click audio and video was ringing in everyone’s hearts.
Fortunately, the monks are now silent.
It is normal that the key forms the channel body and the virtual beast reiki food can chew the channel.
It happened that it was this sound that made everyone’s scalp numb in the soaring valley.
I originally thought that the virtual beasts themselves hated these virtual beasts. Why didn’t they appear later? The monks who were preparing to enter the world were also frightened.
If the moon-sweeping world also meets the invasion of virtual beasts, can they really live in the world after entering it?
Everyone’s heart is shrouded in a shadow.
Fortunately, they are not alone, and there are other monks who are the same as them. The monks in Yuanying period are all in front. The monks in then period think that anyway, the monks in Yuanying period are always in the front. If it is a big deal, they choose to escape.
It’s not that people’s hearts are floating on the moon.
But Tian Xiao World is not his own world. Yue Ruochun reluctantly accepted the things sent by the Moon World and distributed them back. It is already kind.
Otherwise, no one can say anything even if he gives up.
The elders of Fairy Cloud Sect have sent the message back to Fairy Cloud Sect. At this time, Ziwu Mansion has almost received the message.
If Ziwufu had reacted quickly enough, it would have connected the whole mountain area by now.
Elder Tai knows that since Yue Ruochun received supplies from the world, they have been pushed to the forefront, and the situation is no longer acceptable. They can plan behind their backs and hold the force in their hands temporarily.
Elder Tai is too old to cope with these intrigues, but Xianyun Sect is different. If Xianyun Sect stands out in this virtual beast invasion war, Xianyun Sect will become the most powerful force in the world for a long time to come.
So tempting | confused … I believe no one will refuse.
I’m sure Xuanwu Sect in Mountain Clouds will react soon.
But this time it’s already late.
The words were handed out by themselves.
If Chun ‘an arranged for people to set up a stronghold in the former place, and quickly set up five houses, each of which was written clearly in front of what was here, and a meeting room was set up where all the monks in Yuan’s infancy could participate in the proceedings.
Brother Yu Yuanying is not qualified to participate, and some of them have to obey the orders of Zongmen. If Yue Ruochun didn’t join the sect, he also gave them the opportunity to freely choose whether to join a large clan team or form an independent team to participate in the battle against virtual beasts.
Yueruochun in the Chamber took a seat at random and didn’t speak.
A monk from Jinyangzong, a mountain and Hangzhou region, came out in infancy. "There are array laws that can stop virtual beasts in the information sent by the boundary. I think it is urgent to set up the array laws first."
Among the materials given by Lanyue World, there are large bursts of maps and materials for building protection. The most important thing now is not to compete for profits, but to prevent virtual beasts from raging in the whole world after they come out.
The monk who came out is the patriarch of Jinyang Sect, and he is also an array mage. Jinyang Sect is good at array, which is a array clan. Naturally, he can see that these people have their own thoughts.
But now, if you don’t set up the law first, you won’t be these people if you get hurt in several other big domains after the virtual beast eats the soaring channel.
Although everyone has his own thoughts, he has to admit that his concern is correct.
"Then please array mage will protect large array formed first"
Others haven’t come to say anything about the fairy cloud Sect, and the elder directly came out and said.
All eyes were on the moon if chun.
But if Chun is not going to be in charge, he doesn’t speak.
So all the people present were in vain. Yue Ruochun was a visiting elder of Xianyun Sect, and to some extent he had to listen to the elder.
Although they didn’t behave as everyone guessed.
However, if Yue Ruochun didn’t tell the truth, she didn’t listen to the words of the elder, and she remained silent.
Even if some people not only think about their own cultivation of immortality, but also think about the gap between the elders of Yunzong and Yueruochun’s strength, and what little thoughts have converged.
Jinyang, the patriarch of Jinyang Sect, got the order to leave directly and go to the warehouse next to the law materials to collect the materials needed to build the law.
He studied at the peak of Yuan’s infancy, and he was able to successfully advance to the level of out-of-body experience. He also reached the level of local array wizards, and he organized all array wizards, and no one had any different opinions.
To want to keep a low profile YunMingYuan wanted to think, now virtual beast war there is no need to hide anything.
So he followed Jinyang to select the array mage and chose to go to the front to build a large array.
Nowadays, those virtual beasts near the ascending passage are still gnawing at the ascending passage. It is the duty of the array mage to build a large array nearby to stop the pace of virtual beasts.
Chapter 348 Cracks broken
Similarly, this array can also be completed by the local array mage, so that the construction of a large array will be worthy of the name, and the local array will have a stronger ability to stop the virtual beast
According to the different levels of Chinese mage, different schemes are designed, which seems to be very intimate.
But YunMingYuan see from it is not these.
If it is enough to solve this problem, there will be no such thing as the mysterious array mage. The array mage has already arranged enough arrays to solve the problem of virtual beast invasion.
-the situation in the big world is not optimistic.
I don’t know what those monks who don’t want to stay in the middle world will think when they know the situation in the big world.