When Tang Shiyan saw that she took a sip of soup, she stopped moving and took chopsticks to pick a girl with chopped pepper and fish head pepper.

Shen Xinyu looked up and said, "Didn’t you say that the chefs here don’t do anything but fish by themselves?"
Tang Shiyan ""
At this time, Shen Xinyu is not white, but I didn’t expect this usually unsmiling man to talk about jokes like this.
Take a hard bite of chopped pepper fish.
It tastes really good.
Raised his eyelashes and looked at Tang Shiyan. The man was holding his head in one hand and looking at her with a smile.
Mo was hit by a Shen Xinyu in my heart and felt a little shaken.
After eating a few bites of chopped pepper fish head, I looked at her with a spoiled face and said, "Eat less spicy."
"What?" The girl continued poking at the food in the bowl and casually replied.
The man’s throat moved. "Just now, I think you should have broken another pepper and eaten too much to stimulate the wound."
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Chapter one hundred and nine Annoyed the little girl also coax bad (2)
Shen Xinyu hasn’t swallowed a mouthful of rice yet. It’s incredible to see the man slowly putting chopsticks in front of him.
Tang Shiyan hurriedly coaxed and said, "If you like to eat, let the kitchen cook more for you."
Section 174
Although this girl will lose her temper, Tang Shiyan is really worried that she will feel uncomfortable if she eats too much, and in love, someone can be described as an experienced person and Liao Jingjing. In those years, they also gave in to him more, and he has never been coaxed by low-temperature language.
Shen Xinyu can’t figure out what it’s like in his heart at this moment. He watched the man motionless and got up from his seat for a while.
Tang Shiyan leng
Frown with the past
Shen Xinyu turned to "I’m going to wash my hands"
With that, the girl never looked back.
Tang Shiyan sat back and rubbed his temples.
I faintly feel that I am a little funny. Now he will even be impulsive like a young man. Even if he annoys my little girl, it is not good to coax him.
Force a sigh
Tang Shiyan leaned back and dug out his own words, intending to learn from experienced people in his circle of friends.
But after tossing and turning, he didn’t find any suitable candidate, a big president, and now he finds that there are either a lot of women like Gu Laosan among the people he knows, or he is still single with his previous age.
There are two signs that Tang Shiyan turned over his mobile phone and found no new news.
Yeah, he hasn’t sent it yet. How can there be a reply?
Ding-ding, another sign
Tang Shiyan looked up and found that the ring was a girl’s mobile phone on the table.
He didn’t want to see it, but he used to glance at it and found that the screen lit up and the message woke up, just as I gave you back and made cookies in person.
Tang Shiyan eyes color one leng ""
Raise my hand and bring the phone over. Someone saw three messages like this.
Lu Yanzhou, "Shen, I have lunch."
Lu Yanzhou: "Or at noon, I’ll wait for you in a coffee shop at the corner of South China. Remember it’s best to keep it a secret."
Lu Yanzhou: "If you are busy, don’t reply to the message. If you don’t thank me, consider it as a thank-you gift for making cookies in person."
If there is nothing wrong with the first two, then someone can be said to have turned black when he saw the last one.
What are the cookies?
That girl went to make cookies instead of giving them to him?
No wonder I haven’t seen her all afternoon.
There is also the little kiss expression. The more someone looks at it, the less pleasing to the eye. Frowning, finger movement, direct deletion, and motionless color put the girl’s mobile phone back in place.
Shen Xinyu pushed the door and came in. Tang Shiyan’s deep eyebrows and eyes were lightly lifted. You couldn’t see the change and recovered just softly.
The girl’s mood is normal when she slows down outside. "Let’s go home."
"Not comfortable?" Tang Shiyan raised his hand and pulled her Shen Xinyu to see if he was holding hands and directly picked himself up on the table. He shook his head and said, "It’s getting late, I have a class later."
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"Have you eaten?"