"Husband will love your generation like this!"

"You will always be my baby! You will always be me!"
It is impossible for a man to bend over a woman’s ear and bewitch this generation and let him let go of her. Unless he can no longer breathe and feel, no one can let him stop this love!
Miao never realized that she would be so impure that every time she met a man, she was so real. This dream made her really reluctant to wake up. It was really happy to have a man who loved and pampered her like this. Even if she slept like this for a generation, she would regret it.
This night, Lu Feng also slept soundly. He no longer has that kind of characteristic essential oil. It is natural to sleep with a woman in her arms, which is conducive to physical and mental health activities.
When the lazy sun shines in winter, the two people have no intention of waking up. The beautiful woman snuggles up to the man’s chest, so the picture looks like a’ beautiful beast’ to outsiders. The man’s face is similar to bark, which makes people look really a little shaky. Most people accept it.
The sunshine gave men a lot of discomfort. Lu Fengxing slowly opened his eyes and looked at his arms. The woman was still quiet and asleep. I felt particularly practical and gently kissed the woman on the forehead. Lu Fengxing was very gentle.
I really want to stay with a woman like this. It’s all the rage and it’s good to have a good rest by smearing some essential oil on the root of the ear!
Tidy yourself up, Lu Fengxing gave women a careful cleaning. Touching a woman’s body seems to have a demand in her heart. She smiled with a self-deprecating smile. Lu Fengxing changed her clothes again and patiently cleaned up the dining table and kitchen. He especially wanted women to do more. Even if it was a little, the little woman could do a little less. Now it is very extravagant!
Carefully feeling this place where I used to occupy, Lu Fengxing has a feeling of being reluctant to leave
Slowly walked to the woman’s desk, and Lu Fengxing swept to the woman’s desk with documents at a glance.
So this is the fashion show when women come back from the island so early? Think about the fact that women are busy these days and men are distressed. This is so fucked up! He doesn’t know why this salad has made such an arrangement, but he doesn’t know it at all.
He’s not going to let that woman live in that desert again. He really can’t afford to lose. He can’t afford to let a woman have a mistake. He can just breathe. Don’t ask for it!
He scooped out his mobile phone from his pocket and arranged a private jet directly. He left it in Dubai for too long, so it’s time to go back and sort out a problem.
"Baby, I’ll be back soon when I’m away!" Lu Fengxing lightly sighed and kissed a woman’s lips. Looking at a woman’s rosy cheeks, there were beautiful bubbles in her heart. That was because he caressed her and it would be too sorry if she didn’t pull one!
Miao leng was awakened by Xia Shuang, and Xia Shuang didn’t come to harass until noon on New Year’s Day. She just knew that women needed a good rest. I didn’t expect Miao to sleep so much. She walked in and fell asleep without knowing anything.
"Are you too sleepy!" Looking at your eyes and looking at yourself, it seems that there are still some uncertainties. Xia Shuang can’t stand it.
"Why are you here?" I didn’t react until I heard Xia Shuang’s sound. The gap between dream and husband.
"Take your daughter to give you a New Year’s greeting and ask for a red envelope!" Xia Shuang said that he was particularly justified.
"Where’s Niu Niu?" I didn’t see the dry girl.
"Her father is holding a dessert in the coffee shop!" Xia Shuang got up and handed the clothes to Miao. "I guess you haven’t woken up yet and you can’t bring a man."
"Know me!" Miao slowly propped himself up. "You also go to the coffee shop and wait for me. I’ll come to you later!"
I don’t want Xia Shuang to be separated from her family for too long, so it’s a pity that she is so sweet and beautiful!
"Well, I’ll give you a glass of milk and a cake. I think it’s breakfast!" Xia Shuang said already go toward outside walk.
"Thanks!" I got up laughing.
The wonderful feeling seems to be still in the bathroom. I haven’t found any marks after looking in the mirror for a long time, but it seems to be sour and swollen. It seems that there is a feeling that I am too involved in my spring dream.
Miao felt lost, hit the shower and sighed secretly. He decided not to look for details to prove something. Didn’t Master Wu say that she should feel that there is a kind of existence that she is willing to believe?
After bathing, women also feel that they are getting better and look particularly good. It seems that sleep is really important to ensure that they pat their faces and take care of their skin. They walk out of the bathroom easily. I didn’t expect Xia Shuang to help her clean up the dining table and kitchen. It’s strange that she didn’t find any leftover dumplings.
Did Xia Shuang eat it?
Think that Xia Shuang also likes to eat dumplings with three fresh fillings, so he won’t be entangled! Good sisters always work voluntarily. What a nice morning!
On the first day of junior high school, no one will do anything, and she will tidy herself up very brightly. She will welcome her heart on behalf of her children, her lover and her family who love them. I hope that the next year will be more lucky and festive.
I didn’t expect that calling her on the first day of the New Year would be Martha’s natural curvature at the thought that the horse was going to travel.
"Happy New Year! You can pick me up at the airport! " Martha’s excitement came out of the microphone before Miao came to express her surprise.
"Are you in S City?" Miao surprised eyes wide open.
"Yes, you told me that you had a new plan and that I could plan with you. Of course I have to be positive!" Martha said it was natural.
"Then wait for me and my horse will pick you up!"
"Don’t worry, we are very patient!" Martha knows that Miao is pregnant now.
"See you later!" Hang up with a big smile on your face.
"Who? You are so excited! " Xia Shuang is a little jealous.
"A friend I met in France made an appointment to travel together. I didn’t expect her to come so early!" The following said, ready to leave.
"Why haven’t you finished your breakfast yet!" Xia Shuang took the following.
"She’s already at the airport. I’m going to meet her at the airport!" Martha is now the only confidant and the only white for Miao. What is a person?
"You can sit here and eat with peace of mind. It’s not convenient for you to drive like this. Let’s just wait here!" Xia Shuang looked at Gao Qing and knew that men would not refuse.
"Forget it, I’ll call you. Your family should go to the temple fair. It’s hard to have such a day!" I really don’t want to delay their happy time. Only those who have lost know how rare it is.
"Help you take your friend over, and we will rest assured when we go again. You can have breakfast with peace of mind!" Gao Qing said that he had already left with his coat. He and Xia Shuang thought the same thing: take care of more and take care of more.
"Thanks!" I still expressed gratitude for the man’s background.
"Don’t mention it. It’s our greatest gratitude that you can be good!" Xia Shuang pushed the fruit salad in front of Miao. "Eating more is good for children!"