Is she destined to be abandoned just because she has been a strong child since childhood and because she has lost the heart of a family gentleman?

Jane suddenly felt so cold, as if she were in a thousand-year-old icehouse. It was so cold that people shivered.
Just when Jane felt that she was going to be submerged by ice water, a pair of warm big hands grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the icehouse.
Jane suddenly opened her eyes to a pair of tender eyes.
"Qin, Qin Yue?" I just woke up from a nightmare, but I can’t tell which is the dream and which is the reality.
Maybe there is no Qin Yue in the world. He is an imaginary figure she imagined to accompany her.
Qin Yue gently held her in her arms and patted her on the back like a child. "How about I tell you a story?"
He knew that she was having a nightmare, and he knew more about what she was dreaming, but he didn’t try to attract her attention in his own way.
Jane quietly leaned in his arms and gently nodded her head.
Whether this Qin Yue really knows that he can make her less afraid at this moment or not.
Qin Yue rubbed her head. "Do you know what red rabbit eyes are?"
Jane heard the story when she was very young, but she chose to shake her head and want to hear it.
As soon as she shook her head, she heard Qin Yue’s sexy voice continue, "Because its eyes are red when they are dry without eye drops."
The story of the original allegorical meaning was simply unbearable by Qin Yue’s nonsense. "Do you often doze off before class?"
Qin Yue nodded solemnly and said "possible"
Chapter 29 Everything has me
Jane, of course, didn’t know that Qin Yue didn’t get the second graduation degree since he was a child. He was also an Ivy League-Harvard University, and he got a doctorate from Harvard University when he was half less than others.
"Then you must have been beaten a lot." Jane suddenly felt a little sorry for him. "I really don’t know what you boys are thinking."
She also said, "When I was a child, I got the first place in science and was sent to the most famous university in Beijing that year."
However, she chose her favorite art major instead of reporting at Kyoto No.1 University.
Her biggest dream is to design the most beautiful wedding dress in the world so that every girl can wear her wedding dress to be the most beautiful bride.
However, this dream ended three years ago when she drew the wedding dress design draft herself, and she never picked up a brush again.
Thought of here, Jane’s look is dim, and it’s hard to get a calm life, and it’s broken by people who burst into it.
Now she is so timid that she doesn’t even have the courage to tell Qin Yue what happened before.
She is not sure whether he will be as relaxed as he said when he knew it. I really don’t care about her past and her future.
Jane closed her eyes and tried to leave his arms, but she just moved but was firmly hugged by him, and then she heard him say, "Jane, I am your husband."
He has emphasized this matter more than once, but he can’t help but look up at his orange-red light. His face is not as cold as usual, and it is very reassuring with a faint soft light.
Jane nodded and raised her lips and smiled "I know"
The six words "I am your husband" are very simple, but let me understand the meaning of Qin Yue’s words. Even without love, he is the one who will accompany her through thick and thin.
In Qin Yue’s arms, it didn’t take long to fall asleep again
After midnight, Jane slept soundly, and there were no nightmares to disturb her. She woke up early in the morning.
When he woke up, Qin Yue still sat by the window and read the newspaper carefully. When he heard her wake up, he looked up and said "awake" as usual.
Section 1
For more than a month, every day has been so dull, so dull is simply always wanting to live.
No matter what happens, there is such a person to accompany you, to live flatly and grow old together.
She sat up quickly and raised a bright smile. "Good morning, Qin always."
They don’t say anything about what happened yesterday, as if none of those things had ever happened, or they woke up from a nightmare and everything was the same.
The breakfast table simply asked Qin Yue, "Are you going on a business trip today?"
Qin Yue shook his head with food in his mouth and no answer.
The amount of work he piles up every day is really unbearable for ordinary people, but today he must give priority to innovation and technology.
She barked a few times to get her attention. From last night to this morning, she was the one who was left out in the cold, and she was very dissatisfied.
Jane picked Mianmian up and rubbed it on her face. "Mianmian’s mother forgot to buy you a good meal last night and will definitely buy it for you today."
It should be said that it forgives its mother to rub back and rub simply and whine twice.
Qin Yue put chopsticks and squinted slightly. There was an idea in his heart. This little white dog is really an eyesore!
Jane still doesn’t want to take the Qin Yue train, and Qin Yue doesn’t force them to arrive at the company in tandem.
During the morning shift, the elevator has been waiting for many colleagues to see that all eyes of Qin Yue have cast their eyes. "Mr. Qin!"
"Well," every time Qin Yue is so coldly humming, he led Xu Huiyi and Liu Yong into the high-rise staircase and left them with a cold back.
As soon as Qin Yue left, everyone began to discuss, "Wow, why do I think General Qin is getting more and more handsome?"
Another person answered and said, "Just now, how did I feel so excited and excited that General Qin gave me a look?"
Some people say, "Do you think Qin Zong’s wife is sacred? What kind of charm does she have to be liked by manager Qin and marry her? "