"Miss, there is no small bag left today. Can I give you facial care and body care for four people?" Beauty teacher’s voice is extremely soft.

"Am I alone in four people?" I feel some waves.
"Oh, four guests have already made an appointment. It is estimated that they will arrive soon!" The beauty teacher explained.
"Are they always Yuan?" Doing foot massage, little sister casually asked one.
"That’s them!" The beauty teacher nodded with a smile.
Miao almost didn’t spit out the tea in his mouth. Isn’t that a narrow way to go?
"Well-I have something to do today. Why don’t you come back for facial treatment another day?" I’m sure I won’t escape.
"But everything has been arranged!" Beauty teacher looks difficult.
"Yes, it must be very comfortable to lie down in a beautiful bed after foot care!" Massage foot little sister also appealed to.
"I don’t really like being in the same room with others for massage. It’s awkward to look at each other naked!" I find the right reason myself.
"No, you are the most advanced. When they go in, your face will be covered with a mask. No one will know who you are, and then they will be covered with a mask. Naturally, they can’t see anything." The beauty teacher actively communicated.
Miao hesitated for a moment and felt that she was still very safe according to the beauty teacher’s statement. She was greedy for this comfort and finally nodded in agreement.
"All right, but I have one condition: I don’t want my name and I don’t want to talk when I’m in the same room with them!"
"good!" Mei Shi smiled and nodded. "I will make it for you today. I will remember it!" "
"Well, that’s hard for you!" Miao also returned the smile.
"It’s very kind of you, miss. My name is Xiao Hou, and it’s good for you to tell the beauty teacher directly if there is anything." Xiao seldom meets such kind guests as Miao, who are warm in heart.
"Don’t scream like that for a while!" I think my surname is too special and I don’t want to get into trouble for myself.
"Don’t worry, I won’t talk to you again after entering that room." Xiaowei smiled and took the cup in the hand of Miao and briefly introduced some situations that would occur during nursing.
Miao and Xiao made a simple communication, and then they were led into the beautiful room, lying on the beautiful bed. Miao gently closed his eyes and was tossed by men at night, and it was sunny during the day. If Miao had not had a little physical bottom, he would have been lying down.
Now lying so comfortable and feeling the essential oil wandering in the body is really going to ascend to heaven to be a fairy.
Just when the face was sleepy with the mask, the beautiful room became lively. Three ladies also came here after lunch to relax and enjoy themselves, and the quietness of the face came to an end
"I’ve always liked your technique. Why did you change it to someone else today?" There is something unfriendly in the sound of water haze, which is a kind of high performance.
"Miss Shui, when you came, the guests were already here, and you couldn’t make any adjustments today!" The little voice is very soft and I don’t want to disturb the rest.
Do, chapter one hundred and twenty-four.
"Well, it’s almost the same. We’re just here to relax. Don’t care so much!" Yuan Jiuyin has shown restraint. Since it is not in a separate bag, we should consider the impact on others.
"Aunt is good!" The sound of water haze is also weak, but I always feel that I have the feeling of finding fault.
Finally, everyone was served by the corresponding beauty teacher to the beautiful bed. I feel that it can finally be quiet. Who wants people to come here and just chat?
"How is the situation of Xiaomei ink painting these days?" This is Yuan Jiuyin.
"I’m already cooperating with the treatment. The operation in the United States has been linked up and I can leave next week. I’ll accompany him with Shen Li then!" Yuan Meiyin vomit a little relief.
"Cousin is really unlucky this time. It’s better to stay away from that little woman!" Water haze has a sigh.
This woman is really interesting, but she’s a terrible runner, and now she’s in such a tone. I don’t know what credibility such a person has! I secretly grind my teeth and despise this kind of woman.
"Ink and wash have completely escaped the popularity of our family and are still stubborn!" Yuan JIU has a lot of hate for iron not to produce.
"Aunt popular these two days is not on a business trip? You can look for Miao. Why do you want her to be so comfortable? After all, you are an elder and you should let her do something! "
"Oh why go looking for her! Now that you have got a marriage certificate and moved into Luyuan, you should put it in the house and water it with all kinds of rules. " Yuan Mei gave a more thorough method.
"I think so!" Yuan Jiu really feels encouraged. "Let’s go to lucky chance Pavilion and have dinner there tonight. I’ll see how she can avoid us!"
That’s really vicious!
If you want to play the evil mother-in-law and poison your daughter-in-law, someone will have to cooperate. I’m thinking about how Yuan Jiu’s one-man show should be sung. When Lu Fengxing is not at home, she can’t go back to lucky chance Pavilion to see how she can be overbearing.
God is so helpful. If I hadn’t met these people here, I wouldn’t know how to be miserable tonight.
This person is really strange that Yuan Jiu does not recognize her daughter-in-law’s identity, so what is the reason to exercise the so-called mother-in-law benefits? Shouldn’t it be more reasonable not to be in contact with each other?
Yuan Mei is also funny. When she begged her, she was delicate and touching. She turned around and regarded her as a harmful leprechaun. I’m really worried about whether the ink mentality is really sunny, so my mother can’t compliment her.
Shuilan is even more of a leader in the extreme. It’s not like all the good men are dead. Why do you have to hang here in Lu Fengxing? Why don’t you think that Lu Fengxing has such great charm? Is it so difficult to give up?
Even when lovers love each other and break up and go their separate ways, it’s even worse. Why does this wishful thinking have to have an outcome? I really feel that I can sigh at these noble psychological levels.
The beauty teacher massaged and relaxed the essential oil in place, and finally recovered a quiet and tired room, and soon fell asleep.
When Miao woke up slowly, she and the little girl were left in the beauty room. They felt that they had been cleaned, and Miao’s cheeks were a little panicked.
"Don’t worry, I won’t remove the mask for you until they leave!" Xiao qing made an explanation and smiled sweetly.
Miao smiled knowingly as if she had seen a bosom friend. "How do you know I don’t want them to recognize me?"
"They have talked about your name, and Yuan is always Lu Shao’s mother, and your card is Lu Shao’s office. I guess you should know" Xiao Ba lifted up from the beautiful bed "and you asked not to have your name. I think I just don’t want them to know that you are here."
"Sister, you are too clever!" The following smiles and gives the little one an appreciative look.
"No!" Little embarrassed smile.
"Thank you this time!" Miao smiled and patted his shoulder. "What time do you work late? I’ll treat you to dinner!"
"It’s very kind of you, miss!" Xiao took the key to the locker room. "We all have work meals. Thank you!"
"Well, let’s make an appointment another day!" Miao took the key and went into the dressing room.
Walking out of the lady is really refreshing all over, and I have a spirit as soon as I get out.
Look, I’ll go back to the company now, and then I’ll be busy for a while, and I’ll just work with you, and then I can stay in the bottom of Lan’s nose and work overtime. I feel comfortable thinking that Yuan Jiu and his wife will have that kind of expression when they leave.
I was in a good mood after stepping on the bus and returned to the company.
"You can come back and call you. It’s also a way to get through to Lan. I’ve been looking for you several times!" At the sight of Miao, Lin Xiaoxiao eagerly explained the situation.
"Oh, it is estimated that there is something wrong with my mobile phone. I accidentally fell once a few days ago!" This reminds me that my mobile phone has not returned to normal. "I’ll go to health first and then report to manager Lan."
"Well, then hurry up!" It is not impossible for Lan’s cold face to keep Lin Xiaoxiao’s heart hanging.
I quickly rushed to the health and restored my normal function of my mobile phone in a small room. This is not often the case. It’s just a bad thing, and I almost forgot to clean up the mess. It’s really not cheating!
"Did you hear that Zhao Pufan has resigned!" Talk lightly outside the door
"Yeah, you don’t know, do you? He and Sun, who designed Part A, are secretly married!"
"Are you? Didn’t you say that Sun Yi was having an affair with the director of the production department? No wonder Zhao Pufan attacked their director a few days ago. This is the root cause! "
Section 113
"This hidden marriage is prone to chaos. Naturally, there is no way to mix in a company!"
"Still Sun Yicong didn’t delay his development."
"Women have to learn from her to keep their position and have a chance to have everything!"
"I heard that they all have children!"