The first four people are imprisoned team members, and the four beautiful women have heated up the atmosphere at the press conference as soon as they come. Compared with the last one, Lin Zhengzheng is not so eye-catching, but Lin Zhengzheng is the second vice captain of this team.

Three men and four women look very harmonious.
The reporter was in a daze. What kind of team is this?
When Su Yueran introduced the Win team analyst, the scene caused quite an uproar. One Win analyst is not surprising, but this one is a famous Priestess of Death!
Another member of the world champion team! Come to lspl again!
After Priestess of Death came out, he took Mike and said, "I’m an old friend. Today, I’m not here to show off the establishment of RG No.2 Team, but to show you my attitude. There were some rumors in the star game. Now I don’t need to clarify. I want to say that after I lead a team to fight again, our Win team is RG’s backing and RG’s future!"
Chapter 74 One hundred giants (finale)
"But I’m here to make amends, but we have bigger ideals!" Priestess of Death summed up what he wanted to say in one sentence.
The reporter was silent. They were digesting Priestess of Death dialect.
The appearance of this team, Mo Li and Priestess of Death, is absolutely surprising. The arrival of Priestess of Death and Mo Li turned out to be atonement, because they had done things that harmed their competitive interests. They were more willing to prove themselves in this way.
It is precisely because these two people are more optimistic about the prospects of Win team.
This team has both RG and women’s team. I’m afraid it will definitely grow rapidly after entering lspl.
Priestess of Death and Mo Li, two people with the aura of world champions, will lead Win to an unpredictable height.
"Is this really good?" Xia lingyao pulled Lu Zhan sleeve light said
"Win is my own team, but the former players can’t reach the level of professional competition. I want to let Win continue to truly become the RG future in this way! Priestess of Death and Mo left the second team on their own. I thought this arrangement would be good for all of us. He met us in Jinling Cup. I am very relieved to have him as a wild player. You should know everything else! "
In order to call today’s press conference, the land exhibition was in contact with all parties before the qualifiers.
Due to financial problems, the dragon dance team has been removed from lpl, but it has not yet been announced that Lu Zhan contacted the dragon dance players earlier than a team and persuaded him to burn the night and leave him. He knew that the dragon dance body problem was due to these, and he introduced two people at a very low cabbage price.
Xiaoshengqiang is that he agreed with Jiangcheng team that if Jiangcheng couldn’t play lpl, Xiaoshengqiang would be transferred. However, Lu Zhan paid the money earned in South Korea to Jiangcheng team and it took a lot of effort to cultivate Xiaoshengqiang.
Joining the women’s team is more like a merger. Yuanyuan wants to play lpl. The girls realize that they don’t have the ability, so they are assigned to two teams.
In fact, some time ago, he didn’t take part in the competition. When he was played by the North American team, he gestured to shut up the other side. Lu Zhan was suspended for three games, but no one thought it was a stain, because it was not him.
During this period, he thought a lot and finally RG planned the future.
Xia Lingyao nodded his head. When I first met Lin Zhengzheng, Lu Zhan just met Xia Lingyao. At that time, Lu Zhan was still envious of Lin Zhengzheng, the strongest king, but now he is not what he used to be.
Xia Lingyao digested Lu Zhan’s words, but after a while he pursed his mouth. "Of course you are concerned about so many beautiful women entering the team!"
Lu Zhan looked at Xia Lingyao with a small temper and smiled gently. If it weren’t for the live broadcast, he really wanted to put her down and flirt with her. It was so cute.
"I asked the princess and Xiaoyan if their families are all well, so it’s a dream to have a competition. lspl promotion has been completed. They expected that they didn’t choose lpl now. They are more interested in competing for the future, and the second team will train new young players." Lu Zhan explained to Xia Lingyao.
The establishment of Win team surprised reporters, but the on-site news release and introduction continued
Su Yueran told everyone that the press officer of RG office staff is his own logistics, the former RG vice captain and the money is the former RG auxiliary River.
"Brother River doesn’t fight either?" Xia Lingyao asked that she was not clear about the layout of Lu Zhan.
"He said that before he wanted to do what he liked, these things were also the same. After he became RG, he would definitely manage the separation of the players and take charge of the competition management, but another group of people should develop slowly," Lu Zhan said.
Xia Lingyao nodded, and River retired once before, just because Lu Zhan pulled him back. It was only a matter of time before the soldiers retired, and Xiao Shengqiang was the main force of RG’s future single.
In fact, the business model of professional clubs has taken shape in recent years. Just follow someone else’s path.
After announcing so much, a brand-new RG has really taken shape. In the future, the first team and the second team will kill the Quartet together and win in their respective leagues.
Everything has been introduced and the reporters can finally ask questions.
The reporter was named by Lu Zhan himself. He was the first to ask the reporter, of course, an old acquaintance Zhiwei. "The first reporter can ask one question after three questions, and I will buy you a satisfactory answer to all questions that don’t involve team secrets!"
Knowing Wei saw Lu Zhan’s unforgettable friendship, he got up and asked a question that everyone wanted to know. "The ghost regroups ZG, returns to the night watchman, returns to the big change of blood, keeps his feet steady, and the moon song is eyeing the enemy. The new captain has changed, and Huaxing has survived. Huaxing continues to recruit and recruit. Besides the dragon dance has not been decided yet, the lpl team is strengthening its strength. This season, LPL has been called" the strong disputes ".Will RG respond like this?
Lu Zhan nodded to Zhiwei and then said slowly, "Before going to Paris, we were also called the weakest star team. Didn’t all the strong teams compete with each other? But RG will not hesitate to go forward. It is easier to sharpen our ability to cope with the world series. RG’s goal will never be limited to the country!"
In a word, Zhiwei is very happy. She has long been a RG fan. Lu Zhan’s words let her know RG’s ambition.
"Is it RG’s future vision to win the world championship for lpl?"
Zhiwei continued to ask, since she can ask three questions, of course she won’t give up this interest.
"Of course, but this is a small part, and my RG will have greater prospects!"
Say that finish Lu Zhan paused for a long time didn’t speak.
"What is it?" Know how to see him for a long time don’t talk to ask
"The third question!" Lu Zhan deliberately said
The reporter at the scene immediately laughed.
Know micro a red in the face, she lightly chastising took a white land exhibition didn’t expect land exhibition cheat people.
However, it’s just a little joke, and I can talk to Lu Zhan directly to ask more things.
"All right, let’s get down to business. It’s not enough for RG to make a name for itself at home or abroad. What I want to do is to build a century-old giant!"
Lu Zhan said seriously
"A century-old giant?"
Zhiwei is a little surprised that such a name appears more in the field of football, and now it has actually come out from the captain of a competitive club.
"Yes, a game may have a life span of several years, and the competition around this game can’t last too long. It is more prone to decline in the club, but I want to build RG, which is not a team that thrives in a certain game for a while. The name of the RG team is the ideal of my brother and me. We want to make China Red fly in the competition for ten or twenty years until it becomes a real century-old giant!"
"A century-old giants …" Zhiwei frown now has a ghost, which spans multiple game competition clubs, but no one has ever thought of lasting for a century.
She has been thinking about what a team will grow up if it really lasts for a hundred years.
Many people in the reporter think the same way as her, and some people think that RG just got promoted to lpl and said these things are not reliable. At one time, there were many comments louder than before.
Lu Zhan waited for several minutes until the discussion faded, then smiled and continued, "Of course, our team is still far from this goal, but RG has been fighting a tough battle since its establishment, and I will be invincible in RG’s future!"