"ah! Penalty … Penalty again! Today’s game is interesting! "
"From the slow-motion playback, Faraoni really pulled down Trollos … There is no problem with this penalty!"
"After being cheated by Neymar’s diving once in the first half, the referee resolutely gave Barcelona a penalty. Although the reason for this time is impeccable, I still have to say that it takes courage!"
"Lazio fans must be cursing. They think that since Neymar’s diving in the first half can be awarded a penalty, Faraoni’s foul will not be awarded a penalty this time, which is only fair … but it is up to the referee to find a balance. Some referees are willing to find a balance, and some referees may not have such an idea. So with such a referee, Lazio can only admit that it is unlucky … "
Changsheng is also very helpless in the face of such a penalty. He didn’t go to the fourth official to make trouble, because Faraoni did foul. However, a game sentenced Lazio to two fouls in the penalty area and gave Barcelona two penalties. When the referee on duty does this, it still makes Chang Sheng very unhappy.
He was upset, and he couldn’t vent it. In the end, he could only spread his hands and roll his eyes.
Chapter ninety-nine The great Handanovich!
After the referee decisively awarded Barcelona a penalty, there were still Lazio players who gathered around to complain to the referee, but they also knew it was useless, so they just went up and complained symbolically and then withdrew.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they will feel at ease.
Actually, they are quite nervous.
We were awarded two penalties in a game, but we were lucky not to lose the first penalty.
What about this second penalty?
Many people don’t think that Handanovic can save the penalty twice in a row.
They retreated outside the restricted area, but stared at the football as if to instill their curse in it.
"Barcelona won another penalty, and their luck is really good! As long as they can score this penalty, they can equalize the total score and have an away goal! "
The neutral commentator said so.
There is nothing wrong with this penalty, they can’t say that they are slightly diving.
But what does it mean to give Barcelona two penalties in a row? I believe everyone has seen it clearly.
UEFA, this is the rhythm of not killing Lazio and never giving up!
At this moment, Lazio fans no longer pray to God.
They all looked at the goalkeeper Handanovic standing in front of the door.
Handanovic successfully saved Barcelona’s penalty in the first half.
What about this time?
Handanovic stood in front of the goal early.
He wants to see who came out with his eyes open this time to punish this penalty!
After successfully saving Neymar’s penalty in the first half, Handanovic is now bursting with confidence and he feels very good about himself.
Even if it is a penalty, he is confident to save it!
Then he saw Neymar coming up with a football in his arms.
Seeing Neymar appear in front of him, Handanovic couldn’t help laughing!
Neymar clearly saw this smile of Handanovic, because Handanovic didn’t hide it at all, and he smiled brilliantly.
Neymar certainly knew why the other team was laughing, because he thought of the penalty in the first half.
This must be laughing at yourself.
Neymar clenched his fist.
In fact, when deciding who will take the penalty, Neymar was hesitant, because he had already kicked a penalty before.
Don’t think that penalty kicks only put pressure on Lazio, but also on Barcelona.
Because as long as Barcelona scores a goal, it can gain an advantage. But that chance in the first half was wasted by Neymar.
Barcelona lost a great opportunity.
So Neymar is under great pressure.
He also hesitated whether to punish himself for this second penalty.
In the Barcelona team, the number one penalty shooter is Neymar.
Unless Neymar refuses, it must be him.
Neymar hesitated for a while, and finally decided to play by himself.
He thinks that since he missed a penalty, he has the responsibility to make up for his mistake.
The debt owed can only be paid by yourself!
So he bravely came up with a football.
However, after seeing Handanovic’s smile, his bravery turned into anger.
He thought he must kick the football into your goal, so that you will never laugh again!
When he arranged the football, he stood up again.
Standing on the goal line, Handanovic has already posed for the ball, but his face is still smiling.
Neymar was angry at first when he saw his smile, but now he feels a little weak-why is this person so confident? By the way, he saved my penalty last time. How did he do it? Did he see anything wrong with me?
When there are more and more such thoughts, the brain is like a flood that has opened the floodgates, and it can’t stop any more.
He began to think about the penalty he missed.