Maybe they are really inappropriate. Many times in life, we don’t know what we really need, and what we miss becomes a frequent occurrence. However, we feel that Cao Aihua doesn’t belong to this category. She is very sure about what she wants, and she is not greedy for what she wants.

This is really not a lot of people can grasp it well, and Shen Li is reminded in my heart.
I sighed heavily and leaned against the sofa. The rainstorm has been much smaller. The whole city looks clear and refreshing.
I bought some snacks in the pastry shop, packed up my mood and went to the hospital. Yuan Qing is now recovering from surgery and can’t be treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I still need to take good care of myself while this is happening.
Miao went to the supermarket near the hospital and bought some kiwi fruit and jujube fruits rich in vitamins and B vitamins, which are all helpful to cancer prevention. Miao paid great attention to food supplements and knew the truth that drugs are toxic, and bought some high-protein ingredients before returning to the hospital.
"Why did you buy so many?" Wu saw the two bags and took them hastily.
"It’s both late and early today!" Miao Fang Bao went to Yuan Qing’s side. "Does the wound hurt today?"
"Fortunately, I have a pain pump!" Yuan Qing’s forehead was sweaty and he knew it must be painful.
"I bought your favorite crucian carp today, and I’ll stew it for you later, okay?" The napkin gently wiped Yuan Qing’s forehead. "Go to sleep again, and it won’t hurt when you fall asleep!"
"hmm!" Yuan Qing nodded slightly and closed his eyes. Now he really doesn’t have the strength to say much.
"Where’s Mom?" Miao didn’t see Liu Ziyan and went to the kitchen to ask Wu.
"I have been here for a long time, so I will let her go back first. Your mother is not suitable for chatting now. She washed your mother’s clothes and wiped her body!" I sorted out the things I bought and rambled. "She just wants to find a heart to comfort her and make her feel better!"
"hmm!" The following nodded with an apron.
"I’d better do it. You go and have a rest!" Wu is still distressed by his daughter.
Section 43
"It’s okay, I’ll do it. I’ve studied many recipes that mothers can eat." I said that I had washed the vegetables.
"Don’t come over in a few days when your mother is undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy!" Wu helped the thugs
"What are you afraid of when you are so old?" I feel that my parents love me too much.
"Your mother and I are one, life and death! But it is popular with you. You should take care of yourself with him and Yangyang. You are still ready to have children! "
"Dad, when did you lose me in that one?" The following is a little lost.
"Silly children, when parents and women accompany you, it is limited to have a lover!" Miao patted her daughter on the shoulder and said it was very real.
I smiled and didn’t continue this topic, but I missed the man in my life in my heart. After careful consideration, I felt that what my father said was reasonable. No matter how much I didn’t want to admit that women cared about and paid for their parents, I tried to be like my parents. It is a fact that their three families didn’t include their parents.
Cao Aihua rearranged her makeup in the bathroom and went to Yin Hang’s office with great courage. They often worked overtime here until late, where they always fought side by side. They haven’t been here since her divorce, and it’s been some time.
At the door of the office, Cao Aihua suddenly felt that her heart was racing. Once she got the divorce agreement, she and the man were really gone. I believe that the man will soon meet the right woman, get married and have a baby. He is really good!
"Why doesn’t General Cao go in?" Yin Hang came up with a stack of papers in secret, and Cao Aihua was puzzled to see him become speechless.
"Oh, I was distracted by the question!" Cao Aihua messy to sort out a train of thought and secret step door first and went in.
"Manager Yin, this is the information you want!" Secretly see Cao Aihua didn’t want to speak immediately, so he put the file in his hand on Yin Hang’s desk neatly.
"You go!" Yin Hang waved at the secret and knew that Cao Aihua was embarrassed.
"Sit down. I still have some documents in my hand that haven’t been processed. We’ll talk when they’re all finished!" Yin Hang looked up and greeted a Cao Aihua and bowed their heads and sorted out the information in their hands.
Watching Yin Hang busy and Cao Aihua reactionary found a relaxed feeling, so did men here before. He always asked her to prepare supper or forcibly wake him up to rest. He worked really crazy, as if he always felt that he didn’t have enough time. Cao Aihua felt that he had worked hard enough, but she still had to be willing to worship the wind in front of this man.
Chatting, picking up the coffee table and putting magazines, Cao Aihua sat down on the sofa and his heart was uneasy, so he slowly disappeared.
☆ Chapter 329
I don’t know if I can’t adapt to the big bed in the hotel. Cao Aihua hasn’t slept well since he moved to the hotel from Yin Hang. He always feels tired and doesn’t know whether to recognize the bed or not.
At the moment, I feel the breath of men, and the nerve endings are inexplicably relaxed. I don’t know when I actually fell asleep on the spacious sofa.
The man didn’t feel the movement of the woman for a long time, but he looked up and saw the woman frowning slightly and sleeping. I don’t know how many things were in her heart, and even when she fell asleep, she couldn’t stretch her brow.
Yin Hang sighed in his mind and gently put himself on the woman’s body. It’s been a while since the woman left home, but the improvement looks so bad. It seems that she didn’t take good care of her diet. Yin Hang sat down beside the woman and held her hand.
For Yin Hang, Cao Aihua is a wife, a colleague and a comrade-in-arms who fight together. Many times, Yin Hang feels that a woman is her confidant. She can understand his dreams and struggles, and she is willing to silently accompany him to fight together. He admits that he ignores many feelings of his wife and wife, and he is slowly changing his pace of life.
But God seems to be deliberately flirting with them. When they decide to live a good life and make their lives sweet, they find that women are infertile. All kinds of efforts are putting all kinds of pressure on women. eat woman has a poor stomach and many people have lost a lot of weight, but the child seems to be still in the distance.
Yin Hang admitted that he ignored the woman’s feeling that she was capable and provocative during the treatment, which made him feel that she was indestructible. She never thought that a woman would directly choose to give up. Now, looking at a woman with a slight wrinkle in her brow, he realized that he had given too little care to himself. It seems that the inertia of work always stops a lot of things at once. He always felt that she would sometimes solve it afterwards, but unexpectedly, the woman directly gave an ultimatum.
Yin Hang stretched out his arm and took the woman in his arms. Cao Aihua groaned for two times but didn’t wake up. It seemed to be particularly suitable for men to embrace kittens, and he posted it on the man’s chest and finally found a warm place.
Yin Hang cherished and held the woman’s hand tightly. He didn’t know how she would alienate herself when she woke up. By this time, he had been driven crazy by the woman’s abnormality. It was really kung fu for the woman to even pull the editor-in-chief to act for the purpose of divorce.
Although I know that they are taking part in accidental amusement, although they are also in simple physical contact, it is all kinds of unhappiness to watch my wife walk so close to others! I really want to beat that damn editor-in-chief and lock the woman up forever to see what else she can do.
Looking at the woman’s face carefully, it seems that the wrinkles on her brow have stretched a lot. Yin Hang is very satisfied with this result, saying that women still have various expectations for him subconsciously.
Alas! Is a stupid woman!
Tick tock—
The desk line suddenly rang, and then the secret voice automatically came out. "Manager Yin, the hotel room you want is ready. When are you going to leave?"
"Well-"Cao Aihua frowned and opened his eyes. He didn’t expect that he would be in a man’s arms and his cheeks would turn red. He felt that he must divorce. There was no such ambiguous move, which would definitely make men misunderstand.
"that-"the woman suddenly sat up straight and tried hard to give herself reasons.