No matter what kind of Jiao Chunyun’s mayor is on guard, then Shang Tanglian takes a fancy to this and this is the key point.

Shang Tang Lotus wants this cause, because if Jiao Chunyun has this cause, it will be much easier for her to get Huaqi shares, and it will not cause Lin Xianghua’s vigilance. Without this cause, Shang Tang Lotus will have to re-formulate its strategic plan:
Chapter 41 finalized
In fact, in Shang Tang Lotus’s view, Mayor Jiao is a very powerful figure, or he can become the mayor of Huadu City by relying on Ouyang’s background. Don’t think too much. If Jiao Chunyun didn’t come, he was a powerful figure. Ouyang’s family had shown a slight decline at that time.
What about Lin Xianghua? Since he was a famous pawn, he was only attracted by Jiao Chunyun, and then he learned a little bit and grew up. In the end, even Mayor Jiao couldn’t hold back. It can be said that this is a very capable person. You can’t try this for someone else. Don’t say that Dou is that ordinary people can’t beat ordinary people, nor can they develop and manage Huaqi as well as Lin Xianghua.
Even with the support of the mayor of Jiao, it is also a green light in some projects. No one stumbles. It really depends on Lin Xianghua’s business ability. If Lin Xianghua doesn’t have this business talent, he will lose one, so don’t say it’s the mayor of Jiao. It’s no use if the gods come.
So, when two people with the same ability and ambition get together, one needs to hold down the other, and the other doesn’t want to be held down or controlled, so it’s strange that there will be no problems and contradictions.
In fact, Shang Tang Lian is not surprised at the contradiction between the two, which is normal.
At the beginning, Shang Tang Lian once said that on the surface, Lin Xianghua is the main shareholder of Huaqi, but in fact it is Jiao Shaohua, that is, Jiao Chunyun’s daughter. That is to say, Lin Xianghua actually doesn’t have many shares of Huaqi, even if there are, it may be virtual real shares, but Jiao Shaohua still has them.
But how about Shang Tang Lotus and investigate this Shang Tang Lotus directly to Li Haonan to collect information.
A day later, the Shang Tang Lotus console table showed the details of Lin Xianghua’s shares in hand. After reading the information, Shang Tang Lotus became more and more attached to Lin Xianghua, but it was a good help if Lin Xianghua could be a minister to her.
It turns out that Lin Xianghua has a 10% stake in hand. It is still a few years since Lin Xianghua bought some scattered minority shareholders’ shares. Jiao Shaohua should not say that Jiao Jia has 51% absolute holding shares. This figure is the absolute word that can guarantee Jiao Jia’s flag in China.
The original Lin Xianghua tried to force Jiao Shaohua to sell his stock, but unfortunately it didn’t work. But Jiao Shaohua also agreed with Lin Xianghua that this was after all her father’s hard work. She didn’t want the company’s words, but she wanted the group to stay.
After losing her father, if she didn’t know that she was no longer the backer, the decision-making mistakes made her know that maybe she was not suitable for this. Of course, the main reason was that Jiao Chunyun had confessed to her before her death, and she made such an agreement with Lin Xianghua.
As a matter of fact, Lin Xianghua took Jiao Shaohua, and there was no way because Jiao Shaohua said that the share contract was not in any part now. She was the name of the share, and she didn’t ask him to abide by the agreement when he looked for her, so she would also ask the other party not to act and let him have absolute words in Huaqi.
That is to say, Lin Xianghua has only 10% shares in Huaqi. It depends on absolute power to prop up Huaqi and command Huaqi. I have to say that Lin Xianghua is really a talent.
Very powerful, very powerful, because Jiao Shaohua told Lin Xianghua at that time that he wanted to be the boss, but then you can do it on your own. I promise that although I won’t help you, I won’t hold you back, but it’s better not to think too much if you want me to help you.
In this case, Lin Xianghua can still have such a big talk in Huaqi, which really makes Shang Tang Lian appreciate. This is definitely a talent.
Shang Tang Lian is really in love with talent, and she can get a big boost by collecting such a member of the general in her own name.
Shang Tang Lotus is confident to accept Lin Xianghua. It is a matter of time. Before this time, Shang Tanglian felt that it could make a small means to stabilize Lin Xianghua first.
Moreover, Shang Tang Lotus already has a specific plan. When the time comes, if Lin Xianghua is resettled, Shang Tanglian thinks it is very simple, which involves management issues if Huaqi is acquired.
Shang Tang Lotus wants to ensure that Huaqi is as impregnable as Lianhua, so the merger is really a big problem. It will take a lot of energy to ensure that all those who should be cleared out, otherwise a spy will be introduced and she will not cry to death.
But if you really want to investigate from the past, the amount of work is obviously very large, and it is impossible for everyone to investigate, so Shang Tang Lian thought about it and there is a way
That is to say, Shang Tanglian will really integrate Huaqi and Lianhua in one year.
The practice is very simple. After confirming that she has absolute control over Huaqi and even bought all the shares of other scattered shareholders, she will not merge Huaqi into Lianhua for the time being, which will easily lead to chaos.
Think about whether a pot of water is black or white, and white water is less than a quarter. Then mix the two pots of water together, and will the synthesized pot of water be darker or whiter?
Obviously, there is more black. If there is a merger and reorganization immediately, then Shang Tang Lotus will be able to do it no matter how powerful it is. Or that sentence, do you want Lotus China’s main flag or Lotus China’s small flag is relatively large
Once we are ready to combine the two, it is possible that Lianhua will be more influenced by the Chinese flag.
Even if it is possible that Huaqi is influenced by Lianhua and eventually Huaqi becomes impregnable, it is incalculable how much energy and painstaking efforts Shang Tanglian will spend, and it is easy to cause a weak period after the merger, when the time comes, it will really be hand-tied and slaughtered:
Chapter 42 is not the market
The Shang Tang Lotus is going to merge together only one year ago, and Lianhua Base will merge Huaqi little by little and reorganize it. In the process, it is sometimes necessary to investigate whether everyone who wants to come to Lianhua is innocent and not a spy sent by others.
And Lin Xianghua can be directly placed in Huaqi and continue to be his boss. Then during this period, Lianhua can merge Huaqi a little bit and melt it into Lianhua, so the management will be less problematic. Although the speed is a little slow, it will not be easy to cause confusion if it is straightened out a little bit.
If so, people with problems can be eliminated a little bit, which will not affect the overall development, and even new people can be recruited in the process.
Since Shang Tang Lian made a plan, she wrote a plan and then asked Li Haonan to investigate Jiao Shaohua again to see where she is now.
Li Haonan was very efficient and found out where Jiao Shaohua was in the same day, accompanied by information about Jiao Shaohua in recent years.
In recent years, Jiao Shaohua has kept a low profile, but it was not very high-profile. But now she and her husband are both abroad. Anyway, the assets left by her father are enough for them to spend. Even if the flag is depressed in recent years, it is enough to stay before, and Jiao Shaohua and her husband have no big expenses. The standard of living has always been kept in a well-off family.
Because her father is the mayor of Huadu City, she needs to keep a low profile and not attract attention. Otherwise, even if the money comes properly, there will always be people who can really stand the investigation. There are not many, even if you do nothing, it is sometimes a mistake because of the official style. Once you do it, you can’t stand the investigation.
Jiao Shaohua is well educated by her father, and even if she doesn’t have much talent, she won’t make trouble for him. Even so, she can be safe.
Even with trillions of assets in hand, Jiao Shaohua lives with her husband at a well-off level. Some people have some petty bourgeoisie. In recent years, one aspect of being abroad is to hide from the limelight. Even though her father died of illness, there are still a few enemies. Who knows if some political enemies will come to trouble if they don’t have a backer?
One is that Jiao Shaohua’s daughter went abroad to study, and they simply followed her to live abroad. Anyway, the money was enough for them to spend. After her father arranged a retreat for them, the couple could just find a job and earn money to earn this life in peace.
Shang Tanglian found out that it is still good for Jiao Shaohua’s daughter to study at London University in England. Shang Tang Lian was thinking about when to go to England. Although it was a comparison, there was nothing she could do.
As a result, I saw Jiao Shaohua coming back to Shang Tang Lotus. Some of them suddenly realized that she forgot that the memorial day of Mayor Jiao was coming. It is no wonder that they will go back to China.
In this way, Shang Tang Lotus won’t go abroad so much trouble, but Shang Tang Lotus wanted to think about it and let people prepare something.
What did Shang Tang do or want to do before Jiao Shaohua came? Now she is as busy as she was in her previous life, and it may not be easy afterwards.
It won’t be easy at night. After all, Shang Tang Lotus is now the president of Lianhua. Whether it is necessary to make friends with Lianhua or not, I want to find out the depth of the new president of Lianhua. Of course, it is more a secret poke. I hope that Lianhua Lai, the president, is a straw bag or a big straw bag, so they will be profitable.
Now, who doesn’t envy Lianhuaqi Factory? It happened that these factories are impregnable for maintenance. In everyone’s view, they are the golden eggs and hens that make money.
So how can they not be happy if they have a share? In fact, they are also envious of the merchants, because the merchants have absolute control in Lianhua, which is almost the same as Lianhua, and there is no difference between them. It is not like they are all limited liability companies and their shares are divided into several shares. Of course, they also invest a little in the east and a little in the west.
What makes them jealous is that Lianhua doesn’t adopt this way, otherwise they also want to buy a stock. Of course, it makes them think that Lianhua is even better, which means that Lianhua is too shameful. It shouldn’t be said that the merchants are too shameful because the merchants actually have absolute control and don’t want to be so awesome.
Otherwise, it is supposed that Lianhua has reached the market level now. It should be said that it has reached the market conditions from a year and a half ago. At that time, they were still thinking, if Lianhua bought its own shares, it would be unbelievable to buy more shares in Lianhua.
They were still thinking, Hum, if you don’t sell your shares, then you don’t want the market if you have something. Don’t give us a chance to buy your shares. You know, if there are more shares, it will become shares.
Who knows that the business is still so Niu Lianhua is still so powerful, and people are really out of market.
Some people can’t eat grapes and say that grapes are sour. Either Lianhua hasn’t reached the market yet, or it’s sour and silly. I don’t even plan to go to the market. I don’t know how to get money quickly, and then I can do other business with the money. Qian Shengqian?
But they don’t know that Lotus China is short of everything. It’s really not short of money. Shang Tang Lotus’s hands that make billions of stocks are really blank paper. Lotus China has always been the kind of project that lacks funds since the establishment of Shang Tang Lotus.
City companies really need to borrow money from the masses to come to Qian Shengqian because of lack of money. There is a shortage of company funds, and once someone wants to buy stocks in the local market, their company funds will be sufficient for cash to flow back, so that there will be no danger of capital shortage and capital breakage, and this is not a loan fund.
To put it bluntly, the stock is the company’s shares, that is, the company’s shares are subdivided so that people can buy them, and it will not be in the asset-liability problem, which is different from the advance payment. The so-called advance payment in the asset summary table is a fund-liability item: