"The fool must have been cuckolded!" Lu Fengxing is not honest and has a wide mouth.

"No, his girlfriend never betrayed him!" Miao looked at Lu Fengxing with a face of betting and tightened his little nerve.
"Huh?" Lu Fengxing looked back at the woman puzzled. God, is there such a strange thing?
"alas!" Miao sighed with pity and explained, "It is said that they picked it up and turned it over without wearing it when they went to the field. This idiot just saved the dying child!"
Lu Fengxing was amused by the vivid description of the little woman, and her eyebrows and corners of her mouth had gentle radians.
"Lu Fengxing, you smiled. I made you laugh!" Miao was completely excited and made a victory gesture directly, "Oh yeah!"
"yes! You made me laugh! " Lu Fengxing spoiled and scraped his little nose and face with a bad smile. "It seems that you still have great potential!"
"Then you can’t disturb my normal sleep tonight!" I am proud to announce my victory. Raising the minibus is the pride of the little woman.
Lu Fengxing’s mouth twitched violently for two times. Does this woman see him as a scourge? Once in a while, but living in such excitement?
The little woman announced that she would fart and jump into the health room. Naturally, she locked the door of the health room. Listening to the rushing water, Lu Feng scratched her heart. In fact, he didn’t want to toss this little woman today. After all, she has been wandering outside for a day, and she still needs to have a good rest when she gets home.
Can you see that the little woman is still a little scared when she is granted Amnesty? Why can’t she understand sex life so much? It seems that we still need re-education! Anyway, the day after tomorrow is still long, and he will definitely make her understand what sex is!
Miao just didn’t hum her mood when she took a bath in the bathroom. It’s never been better. It’s epoch-making that she won Lu Fengxing for the first time! It seems that that man is not invincible. It takes some effort and there are still many opportunities to get it done!
Now I feel as comfortable as the oppressed nation has gained freedom and liberation-even I feel different when I breathe, as if I feel more comfortable and have full confidence in my future life!
"honey, I’ve already washed it. You can go and wash it!" I was in a good mood until I came out of health, and I felt like I was in an ostentatious manner.
Lu Fengxing took the little woman into her arms with a long arm, and her thin lips were tightly attached to the little woman’s soft lips. The dragon tongue rushed into the woman’s sandalwood mouth with a strong spoil and concern, and she tasted the sweet body fluid in the woman’s mouth, lingering with the woman’s lilac uvula and kissing her deeply.
I didn’t expect men to do this suddenly. All the breath has been occupied by men, and even breathing has become a little difficult. The strong smell of foreign wine and the faint smell of tobacco in men’s mouths have occupied all the tastes of women. I am gradually intoxicated, and my arm is limp and hangs on the man’s shoulders. It seems that I don’t know what rejection is.
The woman is more excited when she is intoxicated by the deep kiss. The man is very popular and unconsciously clings to the woman’s body, rubbing and contradicting, which seems to express her hunger and need. I don’t know how to stop this so-called deep kiss.
The body has been well done and stuck to the stiff body of the man.
"You go to sleep first and we’ll continue tomorrow!"
Lu Fengxing struggled to let go of the little woman in his arms. He was really afraid that he could not control his body and had some desire. He didn’t want to break the agreement with the little woman. Their trust needed to be rebuilt.
Tilting softly in a man’s shoulder socket, it seems that I still can’t understand the sudden passion.
Contradictory women really can’t afford to hurt!
"Silly woman will sleep with you if she doesn’t go to sleep!" Lu Fengxing struggled to watch the little woman who was still selling cute, screaming wildly all over her body and still tormenting her nerves, but he wanted to be an idiot to be Liu Hui. It was really home from home!
The man’s hoarse voice swept through the little woman’s cochlea with a thick hot breath, and he couldn’t help shivering before he realized that his body was a betrayal
Panic cleared his throat, covered up his embarrassment and lowered his head. "Then I’ll sleep first and you go to wash!" "
A woman’s shyness gives a man a sweet taste. Lu Fengxing’s lips evoke a satiety radian, which is a spiritual super pleasure. He feels that a woman is intoxicated and that a little woman is different and gentle.
As soon as the big hand was lifted, I held the little woman in my arms. "Have a good sleep and I will come out to accompany you later!"
I don’t know what I will nod, but I still nod my head cleverly. It seems that they are really normal couples.
Miao was gently put on the big bed by the man, and Lu Fengxing put the thin quilt on her body and kissed her forehead gently before she went into health.
Listening to the running water in the sanitation room, I think everything has become mysterious. Does this man or does she know that villain? He didn’t force her. He kept their informal agreement. He could resist his strong desire to let her go. He didn’t pursue all her problems …
Is this man really him?
I really don’t know what kind of attitude I should have in the face of such popularity. She is not sure whether she should be gentle with that man or not. Can they really get married?
Section 9
Think about Yuan Jiu’s attitude, think about Shui Lan’s request, think about those messy things, and laugh at them. Let’s face the Arabian Nights one day at a time!
Slowly close your eyes and give up those who haven’t thought about it. Many experiences are a small part of life. There is really no need to put so much energy into it. It’s just a gentleman trying to make a fresh appearance, and he has a red one to accompany him.
Lu Fengxing leng took a cold bath for more than half an hour in health to completely block his body’s heat. Looking at himself, he finally became honest, and his brother Lu Fengxing shook his head.
I didn’t expect to have such a clear soup and little water on my wife’s day. It’s really hard for my wife to love!
Wiping the body, dripping water, walking out of the bathroom around the bath towel, looking at the soft and quiet little woman sleeping beautifully, her heart is full, so quiet and staying is his life is beautiful.
Dry the body, wear pajamas, gently nest in the quilt, gently hug the little woman into her arms, smell the faint fragrance of the woman, and fall asleep refreshed.
God knows how anxious he was when he didn’t hear from her. It should be said that he was more tired than Miao. Now he can finally have a good sleep. Everything will get better and better!
In the morning, a man wakes up slowly in his warm arms. Looking at his handsome face, a gentle feeling rises in his heart. Is this man her husband? Is that most important man in her life?
Miao gently raised his little hand and touched it gently on the man’s cheek. He slowly painted it along his eyebrow eye as if he wanted to remember his truth in his heart.
"Baby, you’re awake!" Lu popular hand gently holding the woman’s hand touching and kissing.
"Good morning!" I didn’t mean to refuse, as if I didn’t want to destroy this harmony.
"Good morning!" Lu Fengxing gently kissed Miao’s forehead. "Today our honeymoon is official. I will make you happy!"
"Huh?" I blinked a little confused, and my big eyes didn’t know what happiness men meant.
"Don’t sell cute early, I’m afraid I don’t have enough strength!" The man deliberately pushed the top of the woman’s thigh to dye a little agitation for the following thoughts.
This color man!
Beep your lips. Leave that big bed as soon as possible. She won’t give this pervert a chance!
☆, Chapter one hundred and fifteen
Looking at escape is also like a little woman’s popular smile. Her carelessness has become a scourge. It’s so annoying!
Listening to the flowing water, I took a deep breath and adjusted myself to have some disordered breathing. I got out of bed.