Chapter DiYiQi turnaround (9)

Because there are still three days before the competition, we went out of the Huashan Volcano Gate early in the morning to find a place to play. Chen Yanfeng has been making trouble. I can’t help asking him, "Don’t always tell you how to be fun. This is Huashan Sword Academy, not us in Shushan. We have to take care of others, or we will get into trouble. This time, several confrontations between Huashan Sword Academy in Shushan have made them very dissatisfied with us. At this time, if you get something out, how can you explain it to the teacher?"
Doing a red face looked at other places and laughed. "I’m just talking about playing. Well, how about we go to Phoenix clause to find Elder Martial Sister Yuqin to play? Elder Martial Sister Shen Meng should be very happy, right? Stop it. Let’s go." Say that finish and get up on the wind and shoot forward quickly.
I smell speech eyes flashed a strange light at the proud snow nodded slightly chasing doing sealed.
A line of four people soon came to the Phoenix clause. Shen Meng stepped forward and soon found the jade piano and jade together with her school sister Sunny. After six people met, I looked at the jade piano and laughed. "There are three days before the game, why don’t we all have a good time around here? How about a trip before the game? This Huashan Mountain is magnificent and beautiful, but there should be many interesting places."
Jade Qin gave me a look and moved to Shen Meng’s face and quietly looked at her. She saw Shen Meng nodded slightly. Jade Qin said indifferently, "It’s better to go and have a look with everyone once in a while." Then she took a look at pool Sunny and motioned for her to go together.
Aside doing sealing laughed, "Let’s go. A group of six people have a look around to see if there are any flowers and grasses in this mountain. We might as well touch some light. Brother Li wouldn’t you say so?" Say that finish, he looked away from Shen Meng and looked back at doing sealing with a slight nod and no mouth.
I glanced at everyone and laughed. "Well, let’s go. Yesterday I saw the back of Huashan Mountain, which is very broad, and there are countless peaks in its spiritual springs. Let’s go and enjoy it today." Then I saw that everyone was a little moved and couldn’t help but turn around and take five people to the back.
Road six people rode against the wind and soon entered Taixuan Houshan, surrounded by pines, cypresses, trees and flowers. The quiet and beautiful scenery deeply attracted six people to stay all the way and search for it. Soon, six people came to a mountain stream.
I suddenly stopped and said, "You see the beautiful scenery here. If you live in seclusion here, it must be very good. I don’t know if you feel the same way." I looked around with a smile and my eyes sparkled with something.
Yuqin and Shen Meng stopped to look at the scenery in front of them carefully. It’s really beautiful than seeing the clear streams, green trees and strange flowers here. All kinds of birds crow from time to time, which adds a third of life to the tranquility. It’s a rare seclusion.
Looking around, doing something called, "Ah, it’s so beautiful. If you build a thatched cottage here, you can listen to the birds singing, smell the flowers and enjoy the green every day. It’s really a great pleasure in life. It’s a pity that this is Huashan. If I were in Shushan, I would have moved here." Then I looked at everyone and smiled.
Sunny charming smile "see if your malicious smile wants to move back here. I’m afraid you haven’t done that yet." Say that finish with a strange light in your eyes.
Doing sealing indifferently laughed, "I’m afraid no one in this world has it yet. I just think about it and have no bad idea. Don’t wronged me."
At pool, Yuqin seemed to perceive something vaguely, and Shen Meng also vaguely understood something. They couldn’t help smiling mysteriously at Yuqin, and a color flashed in their eyes at the same time.
I quietly looked at the clear stream and suddenly a strange light flashed in my eyes. I seemed to find something. I saw Lu Yun’s whole body shining and his figure appeared in the stream. I watched the water carefully and saw that the stream was crystal clear and I could see through nothing at a glance. But I just vaguely felt that there was a light flashing here, but it was too short.
Looking at the surface of the water, my eyes stayed in the water with two small fish, one black and one red, two inches long. At this time, they were swimming in the water. It was moving to say that it was strange that Qingshui fish could not think of this stream but there were two small fish.
At this time, doing seal found my abnormality and couldn’t help but ask, "What happened to Liu Yong? What are you doing there? Is there anything weird and funny? Why don’t you call me?" Then I jumped to my side.
Aside, all the people noticed that I was abnormal and looked at me strangely. At this time, doing sealing looked at the water and laughed. "Come and see that there is a green fish in this water. It’s so fat. It’s really beautiful. If it’s used to fill the belly, it will be even more beautiful. Hehe." The three girls Li Hongfei all smiled and leaned forward.
As soon as I heard doing the seal, my face changed. Look carefully at the water. There are two green fish roots, one black and one red fish. Look up at doing the seal. I sink a way. "Doing the seal, don’t joke. Did you really see a green fish?"
Doing one leng looked at me and whispered, "Why are you so obvious? Can’t you see it? Look, it’s still swimming around there. It’s so beautiful." I pointed to the water and told me the specific location. I took a closer look at nothing but the two strange little fish swimming. My eyes changed greatly and the whole person suddenly lost in thought.
At this time, three girls, Li Hua, also came to the two men to watch the fish swimming in the water carefully and listen to Sunny’s criticism, "How dare you cheat us if there is a big green fish?"
Shen Meng smell speech one leng asked with some doubts, "No, how can I see a blue fish? Yuqin, what color fish do you see?"
Yuqin’s face was slightly surprised. "I saw a tricolor awn fish. It’s not too big." Then I looked at Li Hua and waited to see him. As a result, Li Hua took a look at several other people and whispered, "I saw a big black fish. You should be different."
Chen Yanfeng’s strange cry said, "No way. What about you, Liu Yong? What color do you see? Tell us why everyone looks different. It’s strange."
I woke up from meditation and looked at the crowd and said, "I saw two small fish, one black and one red. This is a strange thing. Let’s think carefully about what will happen such a strange thing."
Looking at the surface of the water, the six people were lost in thought for a while. No one thought that it would be so strange to meet such a strange thing in the clear sky. After watching it for a while, my body suddenly rose, and the whole person quickly stopped in the middle and looked around carefully.
While doing seal is low to drink a "Yin and Yang and five elements of Gankun conjure up all things to manifest", which is so mysterious that his eyes suddenly emit two dodge lights directly to the water.
Listen to doing seal exclaim for a while, "Mom, why is there nothing? I check the Yin and Yang occultism, but suddenly I can’t see anything. It’s strange that there is a pool of clear water, and I haven’t seen the fish shadow. I’m an expert in ghost hunting, so maybe I’ll hit a ghost. Mom’s strange thing." The other three women Li Hua are all heavy-faced and have strange eyes.
Half way through, my eyes sparkled with faint colorful brilliance. At this time, he was exploring everything around him with his own unique idea. To find out the secret inside, I sent out 24 drinks in a row, and the span of the dove sword column was amazing. At the same time, I tried my best to be careful. I expanded the scope to the whole Huashan mountain.
Twenty-four drinking doves and sword pillars are spread all over the back of Huashan Mountain, and all the information is rapidly analyzed. All this information instantly forms a network in my mind, which carefully depicts the details of the back of Huashan Mountain.
I quickly deleted the information, and soon a map of Huashan Mountain’s back hill appeared in my mind in detail, carefully searching for the details in my mind, and there was a shock in my eyes because he found that there were seven mysterious places in the back hill to drink doves and swords, and nothing could be found there, including his own feet, which was one of the seven places.
Slowly, I looked at the five people with a heavy face. "It’s too mysterious here. We have to be careful. The news I can find out now is that there are seven mysterious places in the back hill, and this is one of them. What’s more, each of us will see different scenes? This problem can’t be explained clearly at the moment. Fortunately, there is no active attack on foreign bodies here. Although we are confused, we are not in danger. The Excalibur implies guidance. Let’s see if we can find out some clues with the Excalibur. It’s also magical than you. We will try our best to solve
Doing sealing wry smile way "I’ve tried what also can’t find a see Shen Meng Excalibur is there any way"
Shen Meng whispered, "I’ll have a try." A proud snow body broke out in a strong dark blue light, and the Excalibur purple shadow was automatically drawn with a dazzling purple brilliance hovering over Shen Meng’s head and spinning around. Everyone was quietly watching Shen Meng waiting for her to move.
Chapter DiYiQiEr turnaround (10)
Inadvertently in the past, I saw that the Excalibur turned faster and faster, and finally completed a purple disc, and I couldn’t see the rotation speed clearly.
With the rapid rotation of this purple disc, a purple brilliance turns into a Zi Long spinning and dancing around the proud snow. After seeing that Zi Long flew several times, he suddenly appeared and circled back and forth near the water surface, as if he were inquiring about something mysterious.
Everyone held their breath and knew that the key moment had come. Whether Zi Long could find out the hidden mystery depends on this time. At this time, I had 23 returns from the dove sword net, but the last one didn’t come back, and that one was also the one with the highest frequency. At the same time, while everyone was waiting for the result of Shen Meng, my body was shocked and there was a strange light in my eyes, but it passed away and disappeared in a flash.
After a meeting, I saw that Excalibur suddenly roared, and a purple dragon suddenly turned into a purple light. Six people looked at it and watched this purple light closely. When the purple brilliance was shot into the water, a blue brilliance appeared in the water to stop the purple brilliance from advancing. The blue brilliance was like a shield, and it was as strong as the purple brilliance.
Shen Meng’s eyes are bright and full of true force, suggesting Excalibur on the top of his head. With her support, he suddenly shot like a Zi Long and went to meet again. After a stalemate for a while, the blue Guanghua finally burst, with a loud noise and several splashes, and splashed several people all over.
Zi Long broke through the blue light and went straight to the bottom of the water. However, when he was close to the bottom, he saw a dazzling blue brilliance rising. In the blue light, a strange blue mirror mirror was engraved with strange patterns, and it was flashing with mysterious light and kept spinning.
As soon as this magic mirror appeared, it immediately shouted, "Good baby, haha, what a windfall! Let’s stop the six parties quickly. We can’t let it run away." After that, we looked at the mirror with excitement, and it seemed that it was already in his pocket. The other five people were surprised. There are treasures everywhere on the Huashan Mountain. Six people keep each other’s side, and I keep Sunny on the most side. Everyone is watching the magic blue mirror carefully.
At this time, Shen Meng is still trying to suppress the Excalibur’s attack, and he wants to see the magical blue mirror. Every time the mirror rotates, it will shoot a blue brilliance to repel the Excalibur’s Zi Long. With the acceleration of Zi Long’s advance, the rotation speed of the mirror will also accelerate. Zi Long is always right.
Yuqin’s eyes sank slightly. "This mirror is amazing. It looks not simple. It should belong to the artifact category. We have our own consciousness. I’m afraid it’s not easy for us to get it. Let’s see if there is any way to collect it."
Fang I gently said, "Sister Shen Meng temporarily put away the attack on Chen Yanfeng, and you can try to stop it. It has a strong defense ability. I’m afraid it’s not so easy to deal with everyone. Be careful. At this moment, it must have an intention to escape from what we are surrounded by. We must all make the capability to the highest six people to form a closed one, so that it won’t be trapped in it."
In the middle, I saw a mysterious blue main mask, in which six long swords flashed with different brilliance, and surrounded the mirror in six directions. At this time, Chen Yan sealed the force and used the yin-yang method to prepare the yin-yang method to seal the magic blue mirror.
See doing seal Xuan cyan Guanghua sheng hands in front of the buckle printing tactic mouth loudly drink a way "Yin and Yang and five elements dry Kun heaven and earth all things I command seal" words fell to see his hands gathered in his chest Yin and Yang two gas a left a right into a left and right flank shot at the magic blue mirror.
See the dazzling blue light, the blue mirror suddenly accelerates to rotate, and a number of strange patterns conjure up a lot of spells, forming a strange enchantment around it, firmly protecting itself in it. When Yunfeng’s yin-yang method comes into contact with the strange enchantment, there comes a sudden thunderbolt explosion, and the strong airflow with colorful light keeps bursting into dazzling brilliance during the formation of six people.
As time passed, his yin and yang became weaker, and the strange enchantment became thinner. The last two forces offset at the same time. However, the magical blue mirror disappeared around the enchantment, and the speed increased again. In the blink of an eye, the spells of several symbols flashed with strange light to form an enchantment again.
Looking at the mysterious mirror, six people’s eyes showed a trace of horror, and the figure of doing the seal was slightly swaying. The animal cried, "This thing is weird. Maybe you should come. I can’t do anything about it."
Shen Meng took the words lightly, "This mysterious mirror is full of strange patterns. I think it must be some ancient notation to curse the powerful enchantment around it. It seems that the colorful fairy orchid is somewhat similar and has strong defense ability. If we don’t have strong power, we will break through its enchantment and stop it."
"Shen Meng is right. This thing is really weird, but I think its colorful fairy orchid is different. The colorful fairy orchid is alive and the exotic flower is a living body. Although this mirror has its own consciousness, it is not a living body, but it is just an artifact at most. However, it is also very strange to look at this mirror. It is a pity that we don’t know if we don’t have some energy at present, it will be difficult to get it." Cang Yue quietly looked at the mirror and said his guess.