"Bring me the clothes!" Xia Shuang timidly walked to the following side.

"Put it on the hanger!" Miao turned to look at Xia Shuang. "Do you have a bathrobe here? Just wrap him in a bathrobe!"
"well! I’ll get it for you! " Xia Shuang reacted quickly and ran out.
When Miao turned to continue, he was embarrassed to find that the man had set up a tent in his crotch, swallowed his saliva awkwardly and turned his eyes elsewhere.
"Popular lu are you an animal? It’ s already like this, and there will be such a reaction. Are you too evil! "
"The bathrobe is here!" Xia Shuang soon returned to health.
"Oh!" Miao immediately got up and blocked the man’s body. "Just give it to me. Go and see Gao Qing!"
"Are you sure you have no problem alone?" Xia Shuang thinks Miao looks strange.
"Don’t worry, I’ll drag him out in a minute!" With a smile, I pushed Xia Shuang out of the hygiene. "You’d better drink some water for Gao Qing!"
"Well, be careful yourself. Call me if you can’t move!" Xia Shuang said and went back to his bedroom.
"Bastards are to help you hide your shame! Do you know how to repay kindness? What a heartless madman! "
As soon as Xia Shuang left Tai, she scolded him savagely. Looking at a man, Wei Fu was angry. It seemed that she would feel better if she scolded him.
Miao took all the trouble to send Lu popular and well back to the guest room. "Are you a pig? How can it be so heavy! You’d better not drink again after Lu is crazy. It’s crazy not to meet such a kind person every time! "
I turned my eyes in disgust and hunched over and walked out of the bedroom. This man is really heavy!
"Has it been done?" Miao came out and saw Xia Shuang coming out of the bedroom.
"hmm!" Miao nodded against the wall. "What a pig! I’m exhausted! "
"Well, you have to wash and change your clothes quickly. You have to work on a rest day!" Xia Shuang urged his embarrassment.
"I took a shower and went back to my day shift. It’s also convenient! And don’t tell them about my coming to you, including your high head! " The following expression is very serious
"No way!" Xia Shuang is a bit difficult. "Lu Fengxing has been stripped naked. Is it hard to say that I am?"
"You are stupid!" Miao patted Xia Shuang directly on the head. "Which one can they remember when they drink one by one? Just say that he changed it himself or that you have slept clearly, so it’s over!"
"Is that ok?" Xia Shuang thinks it’s not stupid, but it doesn’t seem stupid when it’s popular.
"Just tell me that there will be no problem!" I scratched my hair irritably. "I have already thrown the sheets into the washing machine for you. You can dry them yourself early."
"Oh, I see!"
Since this big sister opened her mouth and asked for it, she will definitely do it. I really don’t want to get involved with Lu Fengxing, so she won’t get involved again! But that kissing scene just now was really tempting. What was the situation?
Xia Shuang some don’t want to white but also dare not to provoke following have curious first!
Only when she came out of hygiene did she find a refreshing feeling. She didn’t know what to do. Every time she met this man, she had to comfort herself by saying that nothing had happened. How long will their awkwardness last?
I left Gaoqing apartment with my clothes wet by Lu Fengxing. It didn’t seem hard when I was with Xia Shuang. Now I go back and find that this road is not so close.
Staggering on the bus, I suddenly feel that my marriage with Ink and Wash is too unrealistic. It’s very uncomfortable to leave the family background aside. After all, they are cousins, so there will be more places to meet. Isn’t it hard to die?
I suddenly have an idea of leaving this city. Is this the only way to make this meaningless history disappear completely?
She doesn’t know what Lu Fengxing thinks. Is rape something worth showing off? Why not keep silent? Shouldn’t he take the initiative to pretend that he doesn’t know himself?
But how can he be normal if he comes crazy!
But even if it’s not normal, she’s his cousin’s boyfriend now. She should know to avoid suspicion. Why should she take it for granted? What a madness!
I am very depressed and shook my head. These messy things are always annoying. Forget it. Don’t you say that everything will work out in the end? I don’t believe that I have no way out. Even if God wants to punish me, it should be that damn crazy Lu!
The midsummer sun fell into the bedroom early in the morning, and it was already sunny in the guest room without curtains last night.
Lu Fengxing is not used to rubbing his eyes, and his head feels heavy and panting. He is going to pull the curtain, but he is stunned at the moment he gets up.
How did his clothes become a bathrobe? And it’s still in full gear. What the hell is this? Did you get stripped naked by Gao Qing and them last night? Lu Fengxing beat his head and tried to remember what happened the day before, but it still seemed that he couldn’t remember anything.
Such a toss seems to have lost sleep, and Lu Fengxing staggered out of the bedroom
"Are you awake?" Gao Qing just came out of the bedroom.
"hmm!" Lu Fengxing nodded awkwardly. "By the way, did you help me change my clothes last night?"
High with suspicious looking at a bath towel wearing popular lu also have doubts in my heart.
"You are all awake! Breakfast is ready and you can come and eat as soon as you wash! " Xia Shuang came out of the kitchen when she heard the sound. She has accepted the advice. She should have at least respect for all her friends.
Lu Fengxing put his hands around his chest and looked at Xia Shuang with an incredible look. "Did you help me change my clothes?"
"What? How can I help you change your clothes? " Xia Shuang blushes for embarrassment. I feel uncomfortable thinking about that man who has nothing on inside.
"Then who will change it for me?" Lu Fengxing did not pause and asked directly.
"Is that-"Xia Shuang suddenly stopped following entrust immediately flash out that can’t be said.
"Which one is it?" Gao Qing is also a little worried. When this woman doesn’t hesitate at ordinary times, why don’t she talk to her mouth today?
"How should I know?" Xia Shuang is going to deal with it according to the instructions. "I helped you into the room yesterday and rested. I don’t know if he got up for yourself, don’t you remember?"
Xia Shuang a face of koo looked at Lu popular seems to be awake, he think again, but the in the mind is seven.
"The boss also has this possibility. You can change clothes and have breakfast first!" Gao Qing patted Lu Fengxing on the shoulder. Although the answer was far-fetched, he still believed that the clothes would not be changed by a little woman.
"Well, your clothes were vomited yesterday, and they have been washed and haven’t been dried yet. It’s estimated that you should wear Gao Qing first," added Xia Shuang guiltily.
She even knows that his clothes are dirty. How on earth did she fall asleep?
Lu Fengxing and Gao Qing looked at each other and turned their eyes to Xia Shuang Xia Shuang. Only then did they realize how unreliable the response plan for the account was. It was really necessary to dig a pit and bury themselves alive.
"I didn’t change the clothes for you anyway!" Xia Shuang decided to tell the truth, but she was determined not to betray Miao.