In the ghost period, we can only know the mysterious heaven, the sacred heaven, the sacred earth, the elixir, the solid spirit glue, and even the healing elixir, the detoxicating elixir, have been refined for several times.

It’s not Daniel lee Spirit.
Yu Nuanyu, the matriarch, of course, was specially taken care of by Li Yueling for ten days to form a Yuanying, not to mention that after Li Yueling granted Yuanying the double cultivation method, the two initiates promoted Yuanying’s later state several times at a stroke, which became the third master in Yuan Zong except Daniel lee Linglong Zang Toutuo.
And the Yuanying double cultivation method also made them taste the spiritual desire of men and women.
In the end, it is not the magic power that records the practice, and both of them are practicing heaven and recording each other. Yuan Ying can achieve perfect integration, and it is not good to be unhappy when you double-cultivate.
Li Yueling gained a new understanding when studying the double cultivation method of Yuan Ying. In fact, this immortal magic code is equivalent to an all-encompassing magic skill, in which the main part is the old man’s skill of creating this meritorious blood, but its bias is also very much, almost involving the magic door skill.
Even excerpts from a small number of methods of Buddhism, Taoism and Xuangong, and these methods are mysterious, so they can be mixed into an advanced level even if they are not in the top rank.
According to Li Yueling’s personal speculation, these records are most likely due to the fact that in Shushan period, the blood shadow of the magical power and blood devoured the demon middleman.
Rob them to practice achievement method may be blood god think these achievement methods are not bad, so it’s a pity that they are lost, so I extracted them from them one by one.
And can be blood god this drop-dead gorgeous fierce demon see eye achievement method and shall be bad?
In two months’ time, Jin Wenyu’s repair has been stable, and it is no longer enough to rely solely on Yuan Ying’s double repair method to break through this bottleneck.
And Li Yueling also benefited a lot from it.
The double-cultivation method in Zhonglu is really mysterious. Not only is Jin Nuan jade cultivated thousands of miles in one day, but even Li Yueling has successfully achieved the mid-term cultivation of distraction. Of course, he can’t divide a Xuantian Shengyuan Dan every ten days.
And Tuode poison shadow, the two brothers of Li Yueling, are also prosperous.
A practice of magic and a practice of monasticism have both consolidated Yuan Ying’s miraculous cure, which can quickly help them to rise. After their success, the two of them urged the other brothers to practice. It seems that they are also happy about this matter.
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The second generation of brother down a peg or two is greatly satisfied with the two people.
The same is the formation of the golden elixir pig, the great tiger, the two foxes, the five apes and the six apes, which are far less active than Tuode’s poisonous shadow. After all, they are demon xiu.
It will take some time to refine the elixir after forming the elixir, so that the human form can be transformed. However, after each person has found the static room and transformed the state human form, they can only be regarded as the true meaning after trying to achieve the human form.
Long Zang Tou Tuo has not been idle these two months. Li Yueling lent him the Qibao Gold Building early in the morning, and he did not hesitate to award Shi Baoling to others. This is what Li Yueling did.
For the Tibetan Buddhist monk, it can be said that he has become the most trustworthy person in Li Yueling’s mind. Otherwise, Li Yueling, a Buddhist treasure as powerful as Qibao Golden Mansion, could not have borrowed it.
Of course, because the Seven Treasures Golden Mansion was guided by the unknown Buddha, Li Yueling was in harmony with the true spirit, which also led to the fact that even with Shi Baoling’s decision, the Buddhist power of the Seven Treasures Golden Mansion could not be fully exerted, but one or two of them could be transported, but it was enough for him to absorb the Buddha’s light and holy power to ascend and repair.
Long Zang Toutuo’s vigorous and true yuan Jia needs to start the first layer of the Seven Treasures, the Golden Roof Buddha Light, but he is not worried about the lack of true yuan.
Day and night to absorb the Buddha’s power, he also made rapid progress, and in the Tibetan Buddhist monk, there were several Xuantian Shengyuan Dan, which was a sign that he had narrowly broken through the late period of his silence two months ago.
On this day, Li Yueling found the Dragon-Tibetan Buddhist monk and tried the second Yuan God method from his teachings. Li Yueling also gained a lot from the master of the silent level of the Dragon-Tibetan Buddhist monk, and then Li Yueling participated in the research of the second Yuan God method in many different ways. Finally, he decided to close the second Yuan God method and vowed to achieve his own second Yuan God. In this way, his physical strength would be the same and one effect.
Speaking of this second yuan god sacrifice method, in fact, the initial contribution was not to fight against the enemy, but to the senior people in the field of repair. Because they were afraid of the disaster of April 9, they specially studied a repair method that could save the past with the least loss in Du Jie.
Generally speaking, once Du Jie is ill, he will end up in a desolate field, but it will be much better if he can repair the second Yuan God. Even if Du Jie is not killed by lightning, he will be in the flesh because Yuan Baby can avoid another form in the second Yuan God to fight against the natural disaster. Although this is equivalent to Du Jie’s failure, he can save his life, but he can also save his life by hard work. Of course, the second Yuan God is strong enough before repair, otherwise it will be in vain.
Then, in the long history of repairing the truth, the wizard can cultivate the second yuan God to help Du Jie. This way has also been popularized. Some brothers with great wisdom extrapolate this wonderful idea and mysterious means. Many benefits of the second yuan God in Galilee have also been distributed one by one, and it is no longer limited to saving lives in Du Jie.
Then the second yuan god is divided into two categories. One is that the body is true, the body is condensed, the knowledge is integrated into the tried and tested, and the shape is separated. The second yuan god is like the fire star, and the bare hands belong to this type. It often takes a long time to cultivate the second yuan god. At the same time, it is necessary to cultivate the body with the strength of earth and at least have to be a master of the silent level to sacrifice.
Another way to cultivate the second yuan god is to be clever, that is, to integrate the living thing into another self by combining the true yuan and the auxiliary yuan based on the knowledge of the living thing, so as to achieve the second yuan god effect.
Compared with the previous practice, this method is extremely fast, ten days and a half months slow, and it can be completed in a month.
But from ancient and modern times, there are only a few monks who sacrifice and refine the second yuan God.
Because Eryi can be cultivated into a living creature of the second yuan god, it is really hard to find those animals left over from the ancient times. However, those guys are all of the earth. Although they practice their physical strength because of their spiritual wisdom and low skills, they are definitely not worse than fixing the truth.
What’s more, it is impossible to forcibly erase the mind of this earth creature even if we catch the beast of the wild and fix the true boundary.
Secondly, there are few people who have lost this method of cultivating the second yuan God, even though it has changed over the years. Who makes it too demanding to implement this method? No one will go gradually.
Today, don’t say that you despise this method. Even in the practice of demon cultivation, I’m afraid no one can figure out this method of cultivating the second yuan God.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Yuan Shen II
However, Li Yueling has achieved these two conditions. First of all, because the King of the Five Golden Silkworm Method is a tough animal, he was not born with it, but evolved from the day after tomorrow. When Li Yueling first took the golden silkworm method, he had already erased their spiritual knowledge and replaced it with his own psychic power, which also solved this problem from the root.
In that way, the cultivation of the second yuan God was to let Li Yueling find the famous thing in the book, the foreign yuan God robbed body double, in which the cultivation of the second yuan God with the help of external living things was expounded in detail, and all kinds of means to exert the greatest power of the second yuan God after the successful sacrifice were realized one by one
In the huge stone room, Li Yueling put five huge golden silkworm methods, and the king thought about spinning back to more than four of them.
It’s not advisable to be greedy, but it’s better to cultivate one’s own strength. Even if you practice the second yuan God with clever living objects, it will be refined into a third yuan God, a fourth yuan God and even a fifth yuan God at most. That’s the aftermath.
Li Yueling gave a rough measure of the body level, and then according to the foreign Yuan God’s inverse robbery of body double, the goal was to become the second Yuan God instead of refining the King of Five Golden Silkworms at one stroke.