Baili Diane couldn’t help flashing her face slightly, feeling lost. You don’t comfort me.

It’s beautiful. I mean it from the heart, not from comfort.
Fool, who will scar? I know you are good to me, but you don’t comfort me.
You’re the fool. I’m real. Although it’s a way for you to erase the scar, it may have left a shadow on your heart, but it’s still like a ruby to me. I’m really here. Situ Hao can’t help but smile badly and gently hold the red dot on the Beretta Cone Peak with his right hand. It’s my favorite just like this.
How can going to your place compare with here?
Do you think that scar has affected your beauty?
Well, sort of. Of course, it’s not all
There is no denying that that scar is really a flaw for you, but didn’t you find that it was the red scar that highlighted the beauty of your legs? When I first touched that scar when you were ready to make out, I already did, but at that time you just yelled at me in your room.
Of course, it’s true. Situhao got up and buried himself directly in Thyme’s thigh and kissed it gently on that red scar for a long time before he looked up with a smile. It’s really beautiful. I won’t lie to you.
Hao, it seems that you were born to be my "xianggong". Baili Diane said with tears in her eyes.
What are you talking about? I’m here to be your "xianggong" son. No matter what happened before, you should forget him. Since you are my Stuart woman, you will be happy later, and I will try my best to make you happy.
Bai Li Dai Yu’s cheek slipped through two tears and nodded gently. Do you know what will scar me there?
You can forget this thing if you tell me. I really want to hear it. If you can’t forget it, it will sharply increase your sadness. Then I won’t listen.
Well, I’ll answer. After you tell you, I won’t be sad about it again.
Then you can tell me. Situhao has now returned to Belle Mindy’s side and gently hugged her in his arms and said softly.
Actually, when I was thirteen years old, I didn’t even enter the soul-seeking fairy clan, but I was just a child of ordinary people. At that time, my parents lived together, although it was very hard, but one night, a Wu broke into our house, killed my father and raped my mother. That man was really abnormal. Before raping my mother, a sharp dagger cut a hole in my mother’s thigh. When he tried to rape me, he stripped off my clothes and cut a hole in my place. I’m afraid that the soul-seeking fairy clan didn’t pass by here and saved me from him.
Situhao really didn’t expect that Bai Lidai still had such a life experience. He couldn’t help hugging the poor girl more tightly in his arms and gently said that after you rest assured, I will never let anyone bully you again. If anyone dares to bully you, I will kill him.
Thank you, Hao
Fool, you are my mother and it is my duty to protect you. How can you say thank you to me?
Hao, that’s very kind of you
Don’t cry. Didn’t you say that you would forget about it after telling me about it? Don’t slip up.
Bai Lidai nodded and fought back tears and stopped crying. However, Situ Hao stretched out his hands to help him wipe away the tears on his face. Well, I will never cry again. This scar has always been my most taboo. First, it was because of my mother and the martial arts that left an indelible horror memory in my heart. I have called it a taboo here, and I will be disgusted here. I didn’t expect you to have this scar.
I have left you painful memories here, so I want my enthusiasm and sweetness to soothe your heart.
I will always remember your words and I will always love you.
Situ Hao clasped her body and hands tightly, and I will always love you, including my other mothers, and I will love them as well. After you see that I am kind to that mother, don’t think about it, because you are my favorite woman like them. Situ Hao Bai, for a woman who has been hurt, they may be more sensitive than others. He doesn’t want Baili to be sad because of these things. He is now her stepmother and lives with other mothers to lay a good foundation.
Well, of course I know. When I said this, I couldn’t help raising a pair of tears and looking at Situ Haohao stupefied. One day, I did something wrong to you. Will you forgive me?
SiTuHao slightly one leng slightly frowned, sorry for my things, what can you do to sorry for my things? At this time, Bai Lidai’s mood is still in the memory of that year. SiTuHao wants her to stop staying in this matter and immediately joked that you don’t want to cuckold me, do you? If so, I can forgive you in some ways.
Don’t worry, I won’t give you a green hat even if I die, Berdyeby said firmly
Hey, hey, hey, men are afraid that women will cuckold themselves and ask you not to cuckold me. Everything else is easy to say.
Situhao was already immersed in his love for Bailidai at this time, and Gen didn’t notice that when he said these words, Bailidai’s face flashed more than a gloomy look, otherwise he would probably think about Bailidai’s asking such a strange question. Chapter 1: Conspiracy to Soul Immortal Sect.
Just before Situ Hao met Bai Li Dai, the middle floor of an inn in Mianyang City was full of beautiful women. In the most middle room, the three elders who wanted the soul of the immortal patriarch Ji Shuiyue sat at a big table and respectfully reported back to the patriarch with a younger brother. Things have been completed. Younger has taken over from Situ Hao.
Ji Shuiyue nodded with satisfaction and did a good job. The patriarch will reward you well when he returns to Zongli.
Xie zongzhu