Sitting until six o’clock in the afternoon, a middle-aged man came up to me. Is it Mr. Jiang Yule?

I looked up at him as a straight western man with white gloves in his hands.
I nodded yes.
He said I’m a driver. Come with me. I’ll take you to another place. People are waiting for you.
I got up and walked with him. There was a Ssangyong parked at the door. He helped me open the door. When I sat down, he started the car and drove away.
I felt very tired, leaning back in my seat and looking at the scenery outside the window.
The car gradually drove into the city, and you can see a large area of green grass. Now the speed of the car is getting faster and faster after the highway is on both sides of the road. After more than half an hour, the distant blue mountain peak is now in sight.
Chapter 35 Punishment is coming
The car entered a fork in the road and went on for two hours. When I looked at it, it was close to ten o’clock and the car entered a farm. Considering the distance, it should no longer belong to Seoul.
After a few minutes, the car stopped in front of a Gothic building. From the outside, it was a small church.
Protestant churches are all flat-topped, and this church is pointed. It is said that this is a Catholic church. The small church transmits pale yellow light, and you can see that the surrounding trees are very dense, and the branches are swaying in the night wind, and then the darkness hangs over the world in the distance.
At the entrance of the small church, you can see the grass swaying in the wind, but you can’t hear the rustling. Because of the low music of the church, people are playing melody in the organ, which is full of Gregorian chant. I listened for a long time in the dim light at the door to distinguish that the music is Liszt’s dead dance.
It’s already chilly in South Korea late at night in September, and a few gaunt leaves are spinning on the grass and floating across my instep, spinning and spinning obsessively on my instep, then wiping the ground and flipping lightly to fly away into the night.
The temperature is getting colder. Listening to such a song in the dark makes people feel a little cold, like a thin knife cutting people’s flesh. Like Daoxiao Noodles, every piece is fine and white, and it won’t break, so it will be cut off one by one.
The church has a sharp, straight-piercing dome, which is not only the top of the roof, but also the tip of the building. The church shows a sharp impulse, which makes people feel a little detached and detached.
The helicopter lines suddenly pass by, the stained glass windows penetrate colorful light, and those exquisite embossed carvings combine to make people stare for a long time, which will produce inhuman feelings. The mysterious atmosphere surrounds the individual, making people breathless and their hearts will soon stop beating.
I walked into the church step by step.
The walls on both sides of the auditorium are round rose windows, and the gorgeous glass windows are many sacred images and various plant patterns. The imaginary monster passes through a small cloister. I saw an organ sitting behind the organ ten meters ahead, playing slowly in front of the organ. There are several rows of wooden chairs in the first row, and there are two thick notes in the third seat from the left.
I walked slowly over and sat down in the first row.
The style of notes is very old. It is the kind of locked notes many years ago. A string of silver keys are placed on the cover of the notes.
Stained glass windows transmit all kinds of entangled light and quietly cover the notes. Liszt dances to the last note and the organ sound disappears.
you are here
A tearing sound came from behind the organ.
This kind of audio-visual tape is cut into rags by a knife and seems to have been rubbed by rough emery cloth.
I had pneumonia once, and there may be some complications. The house leaked rain. I soaked in bed water for a few days, and when I was dying, people found me and I came back to life. After I got sick, the sound became like this.
I am silent.
Is this sound terrible? After I was ill, I felt my voice became hoarse. Slowly, I found that people around me would feel uncomfortable when I spoke, so I found the best tape recorder to record my own voice.
Fish, have you ever tried to record your voice? Everyone should try. You will find a completely different voice. You will be surprised to come here. This is my voice.
I seldom talk after listening to my own recording.
Why don’t you get a doctor to fix it?
No way. It’s a miracle that I can talk. The only operation I can take is to cut it off.
Smoke curled up behind the organ, and a metal bottle cap was thrown off and rolled around several times until it finally stopped at my feet.
Drink? Now I really drink this wine. I don’t drink beer. I don’t drink this Chungcheongnam-do wine. Its name is Red Dagger. Do you want a bottle?
Something came to me in the process of forwarding, and I quickly caught the palm of my hand and it hurt. When I saw it clearly, I found that it was a wine bottle that was not as big as an ordinary white wine bottle and bigger than a small beer in a bar. The bottle contained red liquid, and the edge of a crude trademark had been rolled up, so I could tear it off with a pull of my hand. This is probably the name red dagger wine.
This wine is a mixture of corn, barley and some beans, but if you can’t get drunk, it will impact your body like waves and will soon calm down, even if you drink a lot, your head will be sober.
I bit the cork and took a sip.
A fire went down my throat, and the intense stimulation made me tremble uncontrollably.
It’s delicious, isn’t it? It’s hard to buy the best wine in Korea in Seoul. It’s only in some small shops that it costs 4 thousand won for a bottle.
She wore a black wedding dress with her hair coiled and looked noble. The thin evening ceremony could not hide her body. A deep cleavage was exposed on her chest, and her white skin looked faint in the yellow light.
With a blue smoke in her left hand, she lifted her bare arm along the back of her finger and spread it over her shoulder, holding a red dagger bottle in the other hand.
She looked at me there for a while. Hi, little fish. Long time no see.
I looked at her quietly. How did you know I would come?
You have to come. She moves her skirt and drags it on the floor and slowly walks towards me. After September 13th, you will be wanted by the China government. Hancheng party will send you a wanted ticket to fly to South Korea. You have no choice.
She came up to me and leaned over my face. It is said that you have become a good person. It seems that you are not happy.
I looked at her confused and didn’t know what to say.
She sat next to me and took the bottle in my hand. The bottle in her hand snapped and the glass ring of the bottle fell off like a glass ring when it was illuminated by colored light.
She smiled. A prisoner taught me this trick. It was dirty and smelly. The prisoner weighed 100 kilograms and smelled suffocating. His testicles were as dirty as potatoes that had not been washed for a hundred years.
Like that kind of animal, people drink the cheapest wine and occasionally know that the bottle will make a ring for themselves. Every time he patronizes, he will give me 50 thousand won, which is to teach me how to make this ring. I will help you put it on, fish. I picked up my hand and put the glass trap on my finger.