It’s been a month since the outside world.

Meng Fei fell to the ground for a long time. I don’t know how long the eyelashes trembled in the past, and then slowly opened his eyes. The eyes became darker and more calm. If the stars were a little confused at the moment, then the gods flashed.
Xingchen bloodline inheritance
As early as in the process of inheritance, his mind has fallen into chaos, and he will never give up with an unyielding unwillingness in his heart. Now that he is safe, it is said that the blood of the stars has passed.
Meng Fei quickly closed his eyes and instantly entered the body.
When he saw clearly the present physical state, his heart was suddenly shocked.
See every inch of his flesh and blood meridians and bones have turned pale golden meridians at the moment. Compared with the previous ones, the pale golden blood is slowly dripping in it, which is slightly sticky.
A kind of fresh but more comfortable feeling emanates from the limbs and surprises Meng Fei.
At the moment, his flesh has been transformed by the blood of the stars, and it has become the world’s top practice physique. His flesh can resonate with the outside world.
Meng Fei showed a smile at the corner of his mouth and quickly expanded. Before he came, he practiced very fast. It was a chance, not a qualification, but from now on, he will also come true.
Even if there is no chance to practice speed and physical strength, it will far exceed the ordinary big brother.
These days, he has been beaten to pieces by people in the hands of those wild families or large-scale brothers. Often, a wild ancient family can chase him and fight.
This is something he deeply realized when he faced Xiahou Jia. The little guy is a strong man in life and death, but because of his physical shortage and ancient occult powers, his physique is constantly different from that of ordinary people, and he can often beat up his ashes.
Now Meng Fei also has a very real feeling in his heart. His current cultivation qualification is definitely several times higher than that of a "wild ancient genius" in this world
This is a kind of unconscious induction. Although it is evidence, Meng Fei firmly believes in Chapter 512 that the crisis is coming.
Hum, the little fellow has been baptized and trained by the blood of our king. Although the blood is thin, it is not only a talent for cultivation, but also the lowest and most barren blood in this quality.
You are talented now, even in the world of stars, and you are competing for the master’s younger brother. However, I should wake you up today and never tell others about your physical changes before you have the strength, otherwise you will be captured by a real expert and refined into an elixir to improve your physical cultivation.
Illusory figure now again at the moment, although the tone is so dull, but look at Meng Fei’s eyes is somewhat looking forward to, after all, being able to complete the family pulse bearing is his star magic gens real Meng Fei’s weight in his heart is different.
Meng Fei looked disguised terms upon. Thank you for waiting for you before your predecessors. Meng Fei was very grateful.
You have to thank me, too. Anyone who holds the star power and gets the military symbol will enter the undertaking, and the blood force will be stimulated to start the test. Besides, it is also your life’s bet to complete the blood fusion after a narrow escape.
This figure is no credit light mouth.
But at the moment, his eyes flashed, and he continued, I know that there are many puzzles in your heart, but this kind of thing involves a lot. Although your eye state has been fused with fate, it is not known that you can achieve such a state in the future. It is even more harmful to tell you about my family. Work hard.
This person’s voice is very dignified, but there is a deep expectation and regret. Obviously, his mood is very complicated.
Meng Fei frowns. Although he is weak now, he seems to have been involved in the thousands of stars.
Little dragon, rat, blood, egg, stars and veins are all fate, but after that, they are all trying to blame the unknown crisis. Meng Fei got the opportunity and also shouldered the responsibility
But it’s too early to think about these things.
Meng Fei shook his head slowly in his heart, so it is a statue in the astral world, and it is also a strong side in the astral world. However, whether he can practice to this realm in this life is still undecided and will be alarmist.
Meng Fei has always been cautious, but his mind is open-minded. It’s not that he will give up everything for the time being, but that when he reaches a certain level, the difficulties will be solved and it will be very easy.
Remember when you are careful, and never forget.
The figure nodded and was obviously extremely satisfied with Meng Fei’s performance, but his eyes fell and his eyebrows could not help but wrinkle slightly.
Little fellow, it seems that you have met the grandson Shizu, the man who has been guarding the stars for many years and secretly refining many stars, and he has also embraced the blood of our Star Devil clan.
Although it’s not enough for you, the man doesn’t know what to do, but he just pushes his self-cultivation to the true king’s realm with that silk blood. I think you, the star, the man will sense that you are there