Guo Xiaosi’s point is difficult. Supposedly, he needs to go to these places to see something. By the way, let’s see if he doesn’t need a magic weapon. Some artifacts are no longer in his eyes. Thirty pieces of middle-class lingshi are not a problem for him, but the place must be mixed with good and bad, and Liaoyang’s master will definitely be there now. This is not good. Some things have been heard by Liaoyang door agents. That’s a terrible thing.

See Guo Xiaosi’s face be reluctant and listen to his remarks just now Liu Jian. He laughed with a cash-strapped smile. Is Guo Xiong worried about the 30 Lingshi? Hehe, this is a piece of cake, brother. Although I don’t say how rich I am, I still have to pay for this Lingshi. We went to this 30 Lingshi together, so I paid for Guo Xiong.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t expect him to say such a thing. He hasn’t taken it to heart yet, but Liu Jian’s heart is still good, which proves that this person is a straightforward person. Guo Xiaosi smiled back and said, "I still have to get up, but I’m not worried about this."
That Guo Xiong what also don’t trust liujian doubt way
Guo Xiaosi didn’t take a piece of paper from Taixu point to grab the counter and scribble the words.
Brother Guo, what are you doing? Can’t you tell us anything? It was Liu Mei who called in surprise.
It’s not that Guo Xiaosi waved his hand. I’m in charge of this Taixu Temple at present. Things are complicated. I’ll leave a note for the younger brother in charge of the temple to do something for her.
So Liu Mei exclaimed in surprise, Brother Guo, you agreed to go with us.
What are you making a fuss about, girl? Seeing my sister like this, Liujian couldn’t help tapping her forehead slightly and blaming her.
Chapter two hundred and fifty Wild mandarin ducks
Guo Xiaosi wrote a piece of paper to give Wu Jiao a list of things to do during this period. She was very relieved to fuck Guo Xiaosi in the Taixu Temple. He has been outside the Taixu Temple for most of the time. Wu Jiao not only needs Dan medicine in the clan, but now she can also refine some master pills. He is more talented than Guo Xiaosi in alchemy medicine. Guo Xiaosi knows that he can refine those Dan medicines to rely on the demon soul platform. Besides, his success rate is not as good as that of Wu Jiao.
After writing these things, Guo Xiaosi put this stationery in front of the second alchemist’s furnace in the local alchemist’s room. This is Wu Jiao’s most common tripod furnace at present. Looking at these three tripod furnaces, Guo Xiaosi poured some curious ones. I don’t know if it is similar to the tripod furnace for alchemy, but when I think about it, the magic weapon for alchemy belongs to two different types of tripod furnaces, but it won’t be the same.
After all this, Guo Xiaosi simply picked up one and called Liu’s brother and sister to fly away from Taixu Temple towards the north of Yan Mountain. When they were away from the territory of Changhuai Sect, the patrol brothers met Guo Xiaosi one by one respectfully. Everyone knows that this former master with a bad name turned out to be the one who led the younger brother to win the first place in the Zongmen of Liwei Congress and made great contributions. Therefore, it is not respectful to meet Guo Xiaosi now.
I can’t believe that Guo Xiong turned out to be a master of alchemy, and he was already in charge of the temple of Changhuai Zongtaixu. Liu Jian listened to almost Changhuai Zongdi and said with envy.
My alchemy ability is also very general. You saw that girl in Taixu Temple earlier. Her talent for alchemy medicine is many times higher than mine. Most of the time, I just picked up her credit. Guo Xiaosi smiled mockingly. He said that ten of these words were really in Taixu Temple, but Wu Jiao’s talent for alchemy was higher than that of Guo Xiaosi’s. Almost all of them were done by Wu Jiao.
Guo Xiong is too modest. If Guo Xiong has no expertise in alchemy, how can he be in charge of the Liujian in your Taizong Taixu Temple? He shook his head and laughed.
Speaking has crossed the last peak of Mount Yan and flew away from the territory of Changhuai Sect.
All the way, the three people talked and laughed, but Guo Xiaosi Liujian spoke more, while arch eyebrows listened to the occasional words, but insightful and accurate. However, Guo Xiaosi couldn’t help but feel contemptuous that this girl’s skull is extremely good despite ordinary things.
Moments later, Liu Mei came to the border of Qidan for the first time and looked around excitedly and said that she was unhappy, but Guo Xiaosi was wary. After all, cultivating immortality here is more fierce than cultivating immortality in the border of Dasong, and maybe there will be some ferocious monsters. Although Guo Xiaosi, the monster, is not afraid, he doesn’t want to reveal the secret of the demon soul platform to Liu’s brothers and sisters.
Suddenly three black spots appeared in the sky to the north of the front mountain peak. It seems that two cultivate immortals are after another cultivate immortals. Guo Xiaosi hurriedly pulled the two of them and flew down to Liujian. I don’t know what’s going on. Busy asking Guo Xiong what’s the matter?
Guo Xiaosi motioned for them to shut up and said softly, it seems that the front is in danger of civil air defense, so let’s hide.
The three men hid in the mountain forest, but they all paid attention to the fact that the three black spots were flying close when there was little movement. However, they were killing Guo Xiaosi. They secretly called themselves glad that if they were not on their guard, they would have met the magic clan. Two masters of the magic clan knot Dan period were after a Baozong master. It seems that the Baozong master can no longer fight and retreat.
When the three men flew far away, Liu Jiancai broke free from Guo Xiaosi’s urgent way. Guo Xiong’s Baozong master was hunted down by the devil clan. How can the nine big men stand by and walk away? The three of us rushed over to help the Baozong master.
Guo Xiaosi shook his head. Brother Liu, those two are masters of the Dan period. Even if we pass, the three of us can go to the first world war to die.
Don’t we just watch the magic clan slaughter our clan? Liu Jian is in a hurry
Brother Liu Guo Xiaosi took hold of him and said, "Because the demons are at odds, we should keep this body and make contributions to the elimination of the demons in the future. If we go now and lose our lives in vain, we will not hold back and wait until our strength is greatly increased in the future, so it is not too late to kill these demons."
Yes, Liu Mei also took Liu Jian’s gentle advice to brother Guo Dage. You’re right. The devil’s skill is far superior to ours. We don’t need to give up our lives in vain or wait until later to avenge my Xuanmen’s death.
Electric book
Guo Xiaosi glanced at arch eyebrows in vain and felt that Liu Jian was well informed. How could he be so impulsive now? Is there something to hide in it? But the master of the two knot Dan periods of the magic clan, Bao Zong, will never be false. It must be Liu Jian’s little intention to show his mysterious clan righteousness in front of himself. It’s a pity that he Guo Xiaosi is the most contemptuous of this kind of righteousness
We can’t afford to offend the devil for the time being, so we’d better avoid them. Liu Mei continued, we’re going to the Wanbao meeting, not to fight the devil. Brother, don’t delay and leave early.
Guo Xiaosi saw that Liujian was still that kind of heart and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. He said that there are magic people here, and the magic people are often in groups. Maybe there will be magic people around here. Brother and sister Liu Xiongxian might as well go first. I have to be found here by them. Then we will meet in Wanbao.
This Liujian frowned and said, "How can we let Guo Xiong patrol and take the risk alone? Or should we patrol Guo Brothers first? It is estimated that the magic clan will also go to Wanbao. I don’t know what’s going on, but they will definitely come back to Guo Brothers. You should go first."
Guo Xiaosi ha ha laughs. You don’t have to go first. I’ll protect the law. We’ll be much safer if we go our separate ways.
In this case, let’s act according to brother Guo’s words, sister. Let’s walk first. Liu Jian pulled Liu Mei and said that he remembered that Guo Xiaosi had several magic weapons at hand. These magic weapons dare not say that they can defeat their opponents, but they are still more hopeful than them.
Arch eyebrows hesitated, but at the sight of Guo Xiaosi’s eyes staring straight at the east, he nodded at his brother and said, let’s go first.
In fact, Guo Xiaosi’s mind calculation is not to avoid any magic clan, but to go to the Seven Star Snow Mountain Tianchi to see if he can find Snow Lotus. After all, if he wants to quickly raise the achievement method to the top of the spinning period, he must also rely on a large number of gas-gathering Dan, especially what top gas-gathering Dan is needed.
After Liu’s brother and sister broke up, Guo Xiaosi urged Ling Cuiyu to go straight to the Seven-Star Snow Mountain Tianchi, hoping to find Snow Lotus. Secondly, it is not clear whether Wupeng has returned there. After returning to Yan Mountain, Guo Xiaosi never found Wupeng again. It is not clear that it has arrived in the square, either near Yan Mountain or back to the Seven-Star Snow Mountain Tianchi, where its hometown is.
Seven-star Snow Mountain Tianchi is still like that. It will always be a vast expanse of white snow, pressing the mountain forest, and the naked eye can’t see the situation clearly. But Guo Xiaosi is still carefully crouching in the snow, and rabbits can’t escape his gods. If Xiuxian is here, he will not escape his attention.
Just across the first Tianchi Lake, he suddenly found that two immortals were flying on the surface of the Tianchi Lake, which surprised Guo Xiaosi. He quickly hid himself and put on the cloth hat. Before he came, he had already changed into a white suit and covered himself in the vast white snow, but the two immortals didn’t notice what Guo Xiaosi was looking for.
One of the men in Younger complained and called out to the master, saying that his old man asked us to come here to look for snow lotus, but we searched for a long time and didn’t even find a shadow of it. Do you think this snow lotus will not grow in Tianchi, a seven-star snow mountain?