Following his eyes, Gu Mengmeng saw that the foot was nailed to the ground by a sharp saber. The fatal part of the snake’s body was that it was too clever to cut it first.

You made my Gu Mengmeng face redder, just like a ripe red apple.
Don’t put
I’ll tell Colonel He. No, I’ll tell your father Commander Kang.
I can’t wait for you to tell the world
You, you bastard
Gu Mengmeng fiercely pushing him can friction way is also suitable for the army.
Conway took a deep breath to restrain his body and mind, and took Gu Mengmeng tightly to his strong and broad chest.
I finished the last joke, Gu Mengmeng. Listen carefully. This is an old joke. At that time, a colonel inspected the cookhouse squad. Everyone in the cookhouse squad shouted to stand up when the monitor found the colonel in a truck, and then ran over to salute the colonel. The cookhouse squad members were pretending to instruct the colonel to be depressed. They said that everyone would continue to pretend. Gu Mengmeng, do you want to pretend to the end like them?
Conway’s voice is very pleasant, and the joke told by him is like being alive. Gu Mengmeng heard this joke a long time ago, when he laughed heartlessly and snorted. The camera is still vivid today, but it sounds different on such a special occasion.
She pursed her lips and looked at Conway’s dusty face. She looked at him all the time. She was still very handsome. Looking at him didn’t look like a false sincerity. She hesitated in the face of such a situation for the first time in her life.
We are not familiar with the phrase "I want to go so pale".
Conway hand tight a Gu Mengmeng into her arms and hug tight.
Don’t make excuses, Gu Mengmeng. Our fate was actually doomed from the first meeting. Conway, the major of the Spike Team of the 368 th Army, solemnly announced to you that I am a girl.
There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s married and you’re made up of
Gu Mengmeng didn’t dare to look at him. He felt a strange mess in his heart.
That’s settled. You Gu Mengmeng will be my Conway girlfriend from this moment on. It’s not enough to say that he is familiar with it. He leaned over and kissed Gu Mengmeng’s rosy and delicate lips after painting.
Taste it, but it’s still touching.
His eyes Zhan Ran looked up and looked at his arms. There was a trace of confusion in shyness. Gu Mengmeng couldn’t help sighing in his heart.
Conway, it seems that you are still very difficult. Chapter 17 Seriously, women are the most beautiful.
Gu Mengmeng’s heart was as stuffy as a stone. She could never imagine that she was too fragile to resist Conway’s kiss.
Does he look too much like Cambridge or is he alone in the jungle? Fear makes her lose her keen judgment.
Gu Mengmeng grabbed a weed by the roadside and waved to the man who left her broad back in front.
Conway, like a long antenna behind him, has not yet reached Gu Mengmeng’s imaginary potential to attack him, so he broke his hand and grabbed her wrist, and once he turned it over, he held her little hand in his palm.
Conway looked up and said that it was dark and we had to speed up.
But I haven’t taken a picture of Gu Mengmeng yet. I’m a little annoyed. I haven’t finished looking at the vast jungle and shrubs. Where does she want to capture the special warfare players?
Conway ha ha smiled and showed a healthy white tooth.
Don’t worry, I promise you’ll get the best picture. When I wait for the stone to show you the way, just take it with your camera.
Gu Mengmeng nodded and pointed to his hand and said, You let me adjust the focal length.
Conway, reluctant to let her look around, walked into a low bush next to Gu Mengmeng with her waist hunched. He whispered in her ear, I’ll throw stones for a while, so you can shoot in my direction and remember.
Oh, Gu Mengmeng’s hand didn’t stop a few skillful movements, and Canon EOS5DMarkII was at its best.
Conway picked up a stone at hand and threw it at the waist-deep grass in the northwest.
A ripple
In a flash, three special warfare players painted with oil rushed from that forest. Their armbands and iron marks seemed to be the enemy Conway throwing a stone in the southeast and whistling loudly.
It’s like magic.
There are also a few special warfare players over there. Their armbands are a fierce wolf with dense white teeth. Conway seems to be his hand.
How can I put it? When enemies meet, they are particularly jealous. In military exercises, the opposing sides are enemies.
Gu Mengmeng did not hesitate to lift the camera Kaka Kaka even flashed their old tit-for-tat scene.
The special warfare players suddenly turned their attention to getting up slowly from the grass. Gu Mengmeng Conway Spike team members didn’t know what the captain was doing at this time. They pulled their secret code to the enemy and the enemy. This petite woman remembered before.
Conway waved his hand.
The special warfare players did not dare to slack off their horses, so they threw themselves into the actual combat. They were all stunted. At that time, the vegetation was flying, and the figure fell. Gu Mengmeng left and right, and she was still lying on the soil to capture wonderful shots.