According to you, Jinyutuan London branch can be regarded as an investor to make money, which means that if people want to harm us or bring down our company, they must target us with our investment projects, which will lead to our investment failure and so on.

If we temporarily stop investing and come to Canada, we are not a city company, then the black hand hiding behind the scenes will not be able to deal with us
You mean that Li Yueling was amazed at the bold idea of stopping the company for Jin Nuanyu, but soon she realized that this idea was just the only way to avoid risks at present.
Li Yueling stretched himself with his hands behind his head, and said, "There’s nothing we can do, but we’re not just waiting for death. Do you think that if the real people want to kill the company behind their backs, then they will temporarily lose their target?"
Jin Nuanyu is also an intelligent person in ice and snow. He said with a smile, and then two people may be behind it, not money, but to kill the company. They will never give up because we put a stop, and they may attack the company through infiltration, but then we can take relative actions and more likely drag this black hand here.
Another possibility is that the behind-the-scenes person who has been attacking our company has given up attacking the company because the interests are not good for us. However, this possibility is extremely small. According to the recent situation of the company, the behind-the-scenes person has vowed to put the company in jeopardy. It is absolutely unnecessary to make such a big fight if he gains benefits.
Can stop the company’s transportation and what methods are needed to pull the company department? Jin Nuanyu is quite dependent and asked again.
This is easy. We have to stop most of the business operations and concentrate on a single investment project. Of course, this project is a shell. We won’t invest half a cent, but we must deceive the employees of the company. Everyone knows that the company is going to fight back and fight to the death. It’s strange that the fox’s tail is not exposed in this single project. It suddenly occurred to Li Yueling that when he was doing real estate sales, he used to trick his friends to pretend to buy a house. Isn’t that the way to fake a house with those hesitant customers? One is to sway others, but the way is slightly different.
In this way, I set out to arrange for Jin Nuanyu to look at Li Yueling in surprise. When Jin Nuanyu spoke, Li Yueling buried his head deeply in the beauty’s chest, smelling the faint frankincense. Li Yueling closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It smells good. Is it a small reward to see me working so hard for my little baby’s advice?
I feel strange in my chest. I can’t help but get up quickly. It’s itchy and giggling. It’s almost dawn. You guys are still thinking about it. Oh, believe it or not, Miss cut your tongue.
Warm jade baby, it’s up to you. Alas, it seems that it’s not a bad day. First, it’s not working. Where is Li Yueling willing to move his head away from the light hum and continue his heavy and long-term bad plan?
One is willing to fight, the other is willing to get caught in the lightning, and the fire is another fire that cannot be picked up. generate is in this young man and woman
It’s the edge of spring at night
What department just put an fried egg in the mouth before the dinner table? Jin Yiyun almost choked when she heard that Jin Wenyu was going to close the company.
But in this way, what will hundreds of employees of the company think about Warm Jade? Have you considered it? I’m afraid it will be even harder to pick it up when people are worried. Jin Yiyun still has no regrets about letting Jin Warm Jade manage a London branch. After being taken aback, he immediately recovered his consistent thinking. Although he hasn’t got Platinum Warm Jade yet, he immediately said that he was worried about possible concerns.
Jin Nuanyu first glanced at the side tube and immersed himself in a pair of oblivious appearance. After Li Yueling, he laughed. Second brother, don’t worry, I have already considered these. Last night, I Yueling had already thought about feasible countermeasures. Our company is currently in a situation.
After ten minutes, Jin Nuanyu told Jin Yiyun in detail about Li Yueling’s communication and countermeasures last night, and even added her to consider the feasible scheme.
Knowing that this method turned out to be Li Yueling, Jin Yiyun couldn’t help but look at the front with a rather strange look, but the parties didn’t react. Who asked Jin Yiyun to live in a mansion and cook breakfast was really delicious?
Chapter seventy-three Courtyard line
Another high-level meeting of the company also represents that Jin Nuanyu, Jin Yiyun and Li Yueling clearly know the implementation of the Golden Cicada plan.
This plan has been carefully considered by Jin Wenyu and Jin Yiyun again and again, and finally a series of arrangements have been made. Of course, first of all, they announced that they would immediately stop the investment projects of a company and put all their money and manpower into a large-scale purchase plan that means absolutely countering.
The target has also been chosen, that is, a famous watch factory in London. This old watch factory has become a negative asset due to poor management. Their capital has been operating for hundreds of years, which is what Jin Nuanyu claimed to buy from many company executives.
Everything is going on in an orderly way, from the contact to the joint sale of gold warm jade after the successful purchase in the future. There are signs that the company has put everything on this purchase business
Today, senior people in the company clearly know that this single purchase will make a net profit of 76% because the company’s goal is to buy this watch factory at a price of 120 million, which is almost that the company can mobilize funds at present, and then sell the factory to a giant in Arabia through a series of hands-on. It is said that this giant has been approached by the chairman of the board of directors and is sincere. People don’t care that the money will be bought by the company and then sold to him. It is because the giant is afraid of trouble and embarrassment that the company is always fighting for it this time.
In the past three months of crisis, the employees of the company had a nervous breakdown, and now they have finally got such an excellent chance to turn over. From the appearance, everyone in the company is full of energy.
Jin Nuanyu Jin Yiyun spent almost 24 hours in the company these days, of course, busy with this virtual purchase.
In Li Yueling, he is not interested in staying in the company. First, Master Jin spoke in Nanjing. He told the master about the recent situation. He heard that Li Yueling’s baby granddaughter was happy to laugh in the words. Not only that, but he also asked in detail about Li Yueling’s method of turning Jin Nuan jade into his hand, which made Li Yueling, a guy with a face thickness that didn’t lose the wall, almost overwhelmed his enthusiasm.
The little beast Gollum seems to have gone to a certain evolutionary period, but he went to sleep after one-time crazy absorption of half of Li Yueling’s body, and Li Yueling didn’t quite understand it. Later, he called for just asking to understand Gollum, but it took a long time to evolve to maturity.
In this way, Li Yueling simply placed Gollum in the secret room of a mansion. Once someone disturbed Gollum to sleep, he would be found by others. However, Li Yueling still went to visit Gollum once a day. Li Yueling called this an alternative fatherly love.
Today is Cliff’s appointment to meet with the Very Gentleman’s Association. On the first day, Li Yueling got up early in the morning and was carefully selected by Jin Wenyu to wear a proper white suit, which made Li Yueling absent. However, the beauty said that the place you went to is equivalent to another branch of the British royal family, so you can’t embarrass me. It’s ridiculous to go here in a casual suit. You are also a member of the association, so you should take a gentleman to respond.
In the end, Li Yueling came to meet him when he arrived at the headquarters of the Very Gentleman Association. Cliff saw Li Yueling dressed as a gentleman and immediately made a snap of his fingers and laughed. It seems that the list of the three handsome men in our association is going to change.