Cascold command

Brother Cass wanted to marry me. Fox Fox suddenly smiled brightly, and then he saw Cass plop down on the bed, put his hands together and put up red smoke on his head. He told me to look at that girl for me while practicing, and advised her to eat more. She was going to have a hunger strike again.
get out of here
Fox and fox spin around and hit the wall, while the little mouth slave hangs the pork. Brother Cass seems to know the crooked sister well, be gentle and considerate.
A touch of pink figure on the edge of the flower bed
It’s as if a peerless independent woman picked up a kettle and patiently watered the flowers in the garden, and raised a bitter smile at the corner of her mouth. She once taught Cass to water the flowers by hand at the edge of the garden, and she was once overbearing and stopped by him, simply trying to hold her two hands.
We were innocent in those days.
It’s like a mirror in which the water and the moon are dry and clean and can’t bear to touch his overbearing, childish, violent and evil words, and sometimes they echo in my ears.
Patiently watering the flowers, lifting up two branches and grafting them together, she crouched half-way, deliberately not following the demon Mo Xie who followed her. For her, he hurt her too deeply and lost her heart too hard, and lost the harmony before the truth was revealed, leaving a shadow full of eyes.
So I quietly look at the flowers and silently recall the good memories of the past. When I think of laughing, I laugh. When I think of being hurt, I feel hurt. I blow into the flower bed and scatter a faint fragrance. Now the rain is heavy in summer, and I stay for a while, and then a small rain floats.
Come back with me
Mo Xie put her arm around her shoulder and ordered.
I want to get caught in the rain. Look how beautiful the rain is. It’s not like a demon’s heart. It’s sinister and cold-blooded. It’s raining more to make me cool and sober.
You’re resisting Wang Mo Xie’s sudden bending down to stare at her eyes and asking evil questions. The strength of your hands is obviously aggravating the strong YinZhi taste, and the enchanting face is getting more and more clear and beautiful when it is wet by the rain, which makes you hold your breath.
No king will be dissatisfied with you. Now come back to Mo Xie with me and hug her waist and walk to her residence. In that storm, they had an argument. Korea bowed its head and pushed his arm, saying that the report didn’t have to shed crocodile tears.
You don’t have to give me a slap if you think I’m presumptuous, but I’m used to being beaten. I’m already paralyzed, hehe
Smell speech Mo Xie expression suddenly changed.
He doesn’t like her demeaning.
It’s worse than scolding him, stabbing him in the heart, churning and hating such uncontrollable feelings, so he chooses to be strong.
Put your arms around her waist and go back to the room. There is no room for her to talk. I want to get wet. Good King will take you back to get wet.
You let me go
Let go, hahaha, Wang cares if you let go, or you tell Wang to let go before he can let go of his overbearing words and deeds in that rain. His inexplicable words are colder than that raindrop, and I don’t know if Han can hear the sadness in his words. This is the second time that she feels sorry for him. His appearance is still so noble and pitiful.
Korea dropped from her seat wrapped in a bathrobe and was carefully wiped by the maid. Your hair is really good, Mrs. Oriole said with envy.
is it
Yeah, yeah, it looks good when it’s black and supple.
Hmm. How interesting
Korea curled her little smile and wiped her eyes to accumulate a smile. In Mo Xie, you walked into a moment of indifference, little girl. Your eyes were really cold. Mo Xie jokingly smiled and brought in a bowl of warm lotus soup and handed it to Korea. She ordered you to go and I’ll wait on her.
Oriole was startled. I’m the only one in this mansion. Wang Neng Shi didn’t dare to neglect her and quickly got up and left.
Little girl
His spoon touched her lips slightly, her eyes were full of tenderness, and she said, Open your mouth, Wang. Hey, you can drink this new lotus soup to mend your body.
I have no appetite.
Open your mouth. You’re cold. Make up for the heat. You’ll catch cold
I’m a doctor who knows how to take care of a lotus soup. I’m tired of eating it. Don’t go over there and don’t want to be tempted by tenderness. Tell yourself if it’s true or false. It’s his acting. It’s his Mo Xie who wants to take her as a slave and win her heart, and then make a splash in his game history.
It’s time for my lunch break. Please excuse me.
Little Maid, do you want the king to kiss you? Mo Xie provoked her eyebrows and looked at her with evil charm. The threat was strong and dangerous. There was a trace of anger in her eyes. Go back, my prince. I really have no appetite. It’s like poison. She is afraid of dying after drinking it.
Haha, my appetite is to raise words and fall into Mo Xie’s mouth. I just wanted to aim at Korea’s crooked lips, but I was slapped to push the porcelain bowl and break the lotus soup in Mo Xie’s mouth. Suddenly, it was cold and tongue-tied. I slammed Korea’s crooked mouth and pushed down Mo Xie’s sleeves and got up and went to the door from the flames in my eyes. He stopped evil ways. It’s no good for you to want to die and die and not to deal with me. Maybe she will be more energetic.
Outside the door, there are still raindrops.
The purplish skirt disappeared in the cold wind.
Glancing at his back, I can feel the breath of cold to my spine. He provoked me before he left. Yes, she can’t let a sick person die. She has to be alive and energetic to find a way out. She can’t sit still and die. She can’t take a bowl of lotus soup and gulp it down. She looks like a demon in her eyes outside the door.
Come on, Hanwaiwai
As she swallowed, she murmured about the phoenix, and if she could bring down Suu Kyi, she would take off her life. Hum, Kas, practice watching your woman make waves.
The next morning, the weather was still cool, and it was slightly refreshing to knock on the door and greet the fragrance, as if drinking a cup of iced black tea into the throat and feeling all over.