His heart suddenly understood where the resentment came from. He stretched out his hand and ravaged the soft hair of the little dragon mouse like a kennel. Then he laughed and ate your fish in his protest hum. It was my fault. I went to catch some.

He jumped up and jumped into the sea again.
When he was not a practitioner, he once exercised a body of water, although he dared not say how proficient he was, but swimming was a trivial matter that could not beat him.
And at the moment he is strong, even if he is ignorant of water, he can’t drown.
When he entered the water, his true qi turned slightly and his body suddenly shot in the water like a left arrow.
Cut through the waves and swim towards a fish in the water.
He swung the water and immediately attracted the attention of the fish, who suddenly twisted slightly and dexterously left the ground.
When Meng Fei’s double-day emblem shines, it seems that there is a strange image in his mind when he sees the fish swimming in the water. His eyes are firmly fixed on a certain fish, and watching it swim in the water seems to be an experience of some other kind of feeling.
His eyes are getting brighter and brighter, and he has long forgotten his own purpose, but he has devoted his body and mind to it.
Suddenly, a white shadow flashed across two small paws in front of me, and Meng Fei took a note of the fish body with the length of the foot and arm.
Although the big fish leaned forward to avoid it, Nai’s white shadow is also fast and agile in the water, which is even more flexible than the big fish and easily caught the target.
Meng Fei’s spirit suddenly turned back. He glared at the little dragon mouse and turned his head triumphantly. The big fish that had already fainted was tightly held in his arms by its two front paws.
Little dragon mouse can easily see clearly even at the bottom of the sea.
It seems to be showing off that Meng Fei hasn’t caught a fish for a long time, but it immediately caught the fish that Meng Fei had been watching for a long time.
It was the clever little dragon mouse who immediately found that Meng Fei’s face seemed to be wrong, and that the upcoming volcanic eruption seemed to suppress the momentum that chilled him
Without thinking, the little dragon mouse immediately pushed the big fish in its two front paws, and then swung around and swam towards the side like a fish.
Meng Fei threw the little dragon mouse and caught the big fish.
Although he was angry on the surface, he was very happy in his heart. When he observed the swimming fish just now, he was surprised to find that these swimming fish who live in water really understand aquatic creatures.
Whether it’s a big fish or a small fish, they all live in water from the moment they are born until they die.
Just as humans can’t live without air, they can’t live without water.
For them, water is their life.
Their understand of water has been engrave in their body energy.
Although Meng Fei is often immersed in seawater these days, he still has no idea about hydraulic perception.
But at this time, he has a feeling that if he can become a fish, it will definitely help the hydraulic perception.
His mind flashed the way the big fish swam just now, and his body was twisted.
However, he soon found that imitating oneself always felt out of place.
My heart suddenly moved. Although the little dragon mouse is not a fish, it is nimble in water, but it is three points faster than the fish.
At the thought of here, Meng Fei was filled with joy, and his feet stepped on the water and quickly came to the sea.
Throw the big fish in his hand towards the boat and just throw it in front of the blood ghost, and then he will throw the little dragon mouse in two places at once.
The ship suddenly came with a burst of killing rats, full of misery. Hum, this sound is tragic and tragic. It seems to be telling a bitter story. History is full of grievances and sorrows.
Even when Meng Fei heard it on the sea, he felt sad.
However, it is obvious that the little dragon and mouse whine to impress the blood ghost, which is hard and does not belong to the human heart
The white shadow flashed, and the little dragon mouse had flown towards him.
Meng Fei stretched his ape arm and picked it up. Looking at the depressed little dragon mouse, Meng Fei said, Little dragon mouse wants to eat grilled fish?
The little dragon mouse immediately became energetic, and his nose and mouth could not help nodding.
I chase you in the water. If I can not be chased by me for an hour, I will let you be separated and grilled.
The spirit of the little dragon mouse suddenly cheered up, and there was no expression like the end of the world just now.
It jumped into the sea from Meng Fei with a shake, and it seemed to contain some kind of posture of heaven and earth.