The material of seven median congenital symbols is also more than 900 flavors.

The aggressive hand of the representatives of the two hidden halls is the seven-in-one talisman, which can be described as a tough ratio.
Fu Xuehong’s generation of tianjiao looks pale, and his chances of success in hand refining are less than 30%, but at the moment he still has no choice but to grind his teeth.
One of the girls in Tsing Yi, a boy named Yang Changfeng, is also a refined operator association headquarters, but he doesn’t want to be suppressed by Fu Xuehong, a hermit. At this moment, his hand flashes wildly, and he is all in the middle of his hand. Chapter six hundred and seven Go against the fate of the operator.
In addition, Yue Bai’s rudder, Gongxi brocade, has become a blockbuster, but it is also more than 190 copies of the materials of the seven-middle talisman. Although it is slightly weaker than other middle talisman, the final quality depends on the means of the operator.
At the top ten and six points, people are also doing their best this time. Although people dare to practice seven charms, seven charms are not uncommon.
At that time, it can be said that the immortals crossed the sea and showed their magical powers, and everyone made every effort to leave a hand.
Meng Fei eyes flashing waving subway materials at the moment.
Seven-digit small return symbol
Small return symbol
Ling Ya frowned. I wonder what the abacus is in Meng Fei’s heart.
It’s already the last battle. If he is really determined to turn the charm into a charm, he should never remain ignorant this time. With his means, it’s impossible to succeed even if he tries seven charms.
This monster is puzzled in his heart.
reviewing stand
Poor and hopeless eyes glared at Meng Fei. If it weren’t for scruples, he was already in the top 100 ranking assessment. He couldn’t help but catch this Meng Shaoshao and take a good meal.
Eye this kind of situation incredibly still weak hand don’t have to lose the assessment in the heart?
You know, this bet with the bodhi old zu is not small, and the loss is enough to make the poor old monster suffer for decades
However, things are already desperate, and my teeth are gnashing, but there is nothing I can do to endure and wait.
Yue Bai branch
Ma Feiliang and others look at each other and are glad to see each other.
This Meng Fei would be a master of seven refined operators.
But fortunately, they Yue Bai split the rudder, and this time the master helped Mr. Gong Xijin, and the seven-point refining method was enough to completely press him.
This time, if everything goes well until the end of the top 100 rankings, Yue Bai will be able to take the rudder in the East China Sea to suppress the wind and then replace it
Wide cold face slightly dark heart and complain.
Mr. Meng’s true identity is a seven-operator master, which is far beyond this old ghost’s plan. But this time, perhaps the East China Sea rudder is really doomed, but it turned out that the Yue Bai rudder has seven middle-operator master.
When life also
Everything is destiny.
In the East China Sea, the uniting face was shocked, and I felt a sigh of emotion when I looked at the young man who was composed of an alchemist and blue.
Who would have thought that this boy, who has always been low-key and extremely humble, was not an ashes in the later period, and the world’s powerful means of refining symbols reached the seven great masters.
However, what makes them frustrated is that even though Meng’s predecessors helped the East China Sea Branch, they still managed to reverse the inevitable decline of Gan Kun.
But at the moment, the beautiful eyes are smart and I don’t know. Looking at the thin and tall figure, she somehow believes that the end of this war has not yet been known.
People who compete for the top 100 battles are all powerful.
With the passage of time, the rich fragrance of medicine is slowly distributed.
Meng Fei looked calm. At this moment, he waved his hand steadily and sent it to the material fire for refining. He purified it and wrapped it in a spirit furnace.
His speed is not fast, so to speak, it is a little slow. Yuan Shen carefully removes every trace of impurities in his medicine from refining ashes to ensure that there will be no deviation when the medicine is refined and pure.
The seven amulets are the highest-level amulets known to come out in the world at present, which is quite complicated to refine.
Although more than 100 materials have more than 200 flavors than the Six Charms, the more each material is added, the more completely different drugs need to be combined and refined, and the difficulty is rising.
Besides, it is much more difficult for seven materials to talk about refining, refining, purity and integration than for six materials.
The difficulty of refining seven talismans is ten times higher than that of six talismans.
It was in the competition for the top 100 that the Lian Fu Association gave ten days to refine the charm, so that the Lian Fu teachers didn’t have to be impatient and slow to display their strength.
Three days later, the six-spirit Fu Lian Fu Shi has completed the refining, but he has not stopped at this moment, constantly fuelling the soul fire and carefully refining the quality of the spirit Fu Sheng.
They were the first to complete the training, but they were doomed to be behind because of the difference in the rank of the symbols.
However, they have already won great honor for being able to compete in the top 100, and this matter will certainly benefit a lot.
Six days later
The means are skillful and faster. The seven-alchemist’s alchemy has reached the tail horse, and you can complete the family charm.