If it hadn’t been discovered, I was afraid of being swallowed up by those poisons, and I didn’t have any affection for this ruthless witch Meng Fei.

Princess Zixi smiled coldly and didn’t answer.
But Meng Fei clearly saw that her beautiful eyebrows were consciously wrinkled together at this moment. Obviously, she was very disgusted with this woman and didn’t want her to say even a word.
Who is this coquettish bitch? It doesn’t seem that Meng Fei, a person of the Great Xia Dynasty, suddenly whispered in her ear beside Princess Zixi. Although the voice was light, it happened to clearly reach the ears of people around her. Meng Fei did this on purpose.
However, these three words of Sao bitch made Princess Zixi’s face show a smile. In her blue eyes, it seems that the sea waves are rippling, and the woman with the leaves is still laughing and glancing at Meng Fei, but it is hidden in the amorous feelings to make Meng Fei’s heart tremble.
I’m afraid you’re a bird. You’re unbeaten here on the first day of the Summer Dynasty. You can still bite me. At the sight of the young master Meng Fei holding a rusty sword not far from me, he suddenly felt confident and stared at the woman in a provocative way.
The line of sight scanned the woman’s chest with some malice, and the disdain was beyond words. It’s really easy to master it with one hand.
This glance makes a woman in white called Bei Gong touch the lamella expression of eyes and suddenly become Ling Chapter one thousand and seventy-nine Stimulate the witch.
Soon, the guards of the imperial dynasty in the Great Summer rushed in to surround five assassins, Bei Gong, with a dense silver flash pointing to the six men.
The balance of victory and defeat has been biased towards Princess Zixi.
But the important weight about this day is the ordinary young man with the rusty sword. He is superior in strength and stands out from the crowd. Even a person can easily slay all the people present.
But I don’t know what Meng Fei suddenly wondered if this bitch named Bei Gong was a head problem. Since she was about to lose something, she didn’t honestly hide it just now and still dared to take the initiative.
Just then.
Princess Zixi, my promise to you has been completed. I don’t want to have a dispute between the imperial court and the imperial court. I don’t want to have a rusty sword after the meeting. The young man suddenly said something that no one can understand, and then disappeared into the lawn without waiting for the people around him to react.
Personal breath disappeared, and he just left.
Meng Fei is a little stunned.
At this moment, Meng Fei really grabbed the rusty sword in his hand and patted his ass and left. He was unbeaten and pressed his head hard on his foot and stepped on a few feet, and then asked if you were fucking sick.
The king’s egg was unexpectedly thrown lightly in such an abnormal situation, and then turned away without saying a word. If you stay here for a while, you will die.
And the strength is superior, and the invincible dugu floats away. Directly after leaving the scene, Princess Zixi quickly switches in the position of the balance of victory and defeat. Meng Fei is in a trance, and you can almost see the goddess of victory, the chastity bitch who has no solar terms, suddenly changing her posture and posing towards the mysterious assassination party.
Bei Gong, dressed in white and holding leaves, saw this scene, and that absolute beauty’s white face smiled even more. Her delicate hands gently twisted the leaves and gently stroked them. This was a very natural move, but Meng Fei felt unprecedented cruelty after Bei Gong’s gentle rubbing.
Hee hee has long heard that Dugu unbeaten once promised to be willing to hold Sister Zixi’s hand once in this life because she owed Taiye Chenxi a kindness to Daxia Dynasty. It seems that the smell is true.
Sister Zixi, it’s a pity that you are unbeaten. Your hand has blocked an attack this time. Hee hee, it seems that I have another chance to kill you. Oh, holding leaves with a smile on my face, white clothes fluttering and fragrant.
Bei Gong is a beautiful goddess, but speaking from her mouth makes everyone shudder. This woman is a combination of heaven and devil and a sweet poison.
Then try it. Princess Zixi’s answer is short.
She seems to have long expected that the invincible dugu will definitely drift away and be pure. The look in her eyes has never changed, and her beautiful and charming eyebrows are still tight together.
However, Meng Fei can clearly feel that Princess Zixi has been frowning all the time, not because she is worried about her own situation, but because she simply doesn’t want to say a word in front of the girl named Bei Gong. Princess Zixi seems to have a deep dislike for Bei Gong.
Is this man Meng Fei, who is called Bei Gong’s slutty bitch and robbed Princess Zixi, touched it and thought with bad taste?
At this time, the golden sunset has risen in the sea of clouds and dispelled the former cold.
There are less than ten people left in Xuanyuan, the lawn.
Ten personal guards, including Farchuan Avatar, clenched their swords and looked bad around Meng Fei. Their eyes patrolled back and forth among people from all over the world around the lawn.
Because up to now, a terrible archer assassin has not appeared in the crowd. This kind of assassin hidden in the dark is the most terrible. No one knows when he will shoot that deadly arrow and who he will strike first.
Robert has also rushed to the scene. He gave several bodyguards to Orlando, and then hundreds of bodyguards guarded Bai Xiaowen’s little girl Lin Yuer tightly after a country.
These two girls are the weakest people on the lawn. They can’t fight back in front of those ghosts and assassins, so they have to send heavy guards.
The atmosphere became even weirder.
At this time, although Princess Zixi is dominant in number, the situation is not optimistic.
The invincible hand of Dugu was slightly injured by five assassins. Their fighting capacity is still increasing. This unknown woman Bei Gong is far less than this mysterious assassin group in terms of the number of masters.
Most of the thousands of deputy armed imperial guards didn’t even have the strength of their rank. They were ordinary soldiers, and their base was negligible.