Ye Feng got up and said, I don’t look at you, Brother Feng. Who am I? What can I do? After that, I tried to squeeze my eyes, which were still black with ink.

Ah, all the beautiful women are calling
Elder brother Shi Er Le nu Dao, who beat you like this, and all the girls followed suit and asked.
Mafia. Oh, my God, crazy. You’re not as handsome as me, but it’s unfair that you’ve got so many beautiful women and I’m not black.
As soon as Hei spoke, all the beautiful women discovered that Hei was such a person who turned to look around in Erle and asked Brother Yaqi later. Why didn’t they see each other?
Who said I couldn’t see us? Later, Yaqiqi spoke behind all the beautiful women, which startled all the women.
When the women in public saw the seven things later, they all roared, Who beat you like this?
Later, I just wanted to say it, but Ye Feng beat me to it. Alas, a guy just said he was handsome. We said he was not handsome, so he beat us like this.
Twelve music immediately bash elbows coldly relative energy sword pointed to the underworld has become a pig, did you hit them like this?
Sister, stop talking. His energy has been sealed by me. Now he is the same as ordinary people. I can’t move four of them. Go get even with him. Ahem.
Good brother, husband, we’ll avenge you. You wait for the female figures to flash and disappear.
Black felt that there was a conspiracy in Ye Feng’s words. I wanted to urge the energy to flicker and leave, but I urged it for a while, but I didn’t move again. I still didn’t move. When I looked at it for a second, I made a loud noise. Ye Feng, you are crazy. I won’t die today, and you will be affected by me in the future.
I’m what? I’m I’m beheaded
When the lake was calm, when the maple black came from the inside, the three men almost fell into the lake. Fortunately, their nerves were strong enough, or they would have been drowned.
Why are you staring at me so big? I’m black and handsome, but I’m disgusted with men. My hands are black and I’m rubbing my eyes and saying
Black, your flaming mouth is so wide open that you can’t speak, but now she is cute in another way.
Gee, flame! I can’t believe that you have become more and more beautiful over the past 5,000 years. Gee, are you married now? Don’t marry me, black fish thief. Look at the flame.
The flame wakes up and it’s dark. What are you talking about? How can it be more and more unrecognizable?
Mafia, why is this a fact? You are getting more and more beautiful. I asked you if you were married, but you answered me. You are so anxious.
Flame happiness smiled and looked at the night maple. I looked at the underworld and didn’t get married, but
Black smeared a national treasure avenue. What, you let a little crazy soak me away? Oh, my God, little crazy, your heart is not enough. That little girl is dead set on chasing you. You even stole the flame of the third beauty of the protoss. I went to black with you desperately. As soon as I finished, I rushed to fight with Ye Feng desperately.
Night maple feeds you in a hurry.
It’s a pity that black doesn’t give him a chance to be impulsive. It’s a punch to the night maple’s eye in front of it. It doesn’t hurt for the night maple to evade. When you shout, you hit me in the eye. I’m unbeaten in the heart of fire. I’ll beat you.
Ah, crazy. We agreed not to meet face to face, but you beat me to a pig’s head. I’ll fight with you.
Ah, we agreed not to pick your nose and fight.
They are like children. You punch me and I punch you. It’s really scary to scream occasionally.
Yaqi later opened his mouth and stuffed three duck eggs. Later, he asked Fei Yan, why don’t you go and watch it here instead of fighting with your rival in love?
After seeing the flame, Yaqi smiled and said, This is the true face of Maple, not the cold feeling you saw.
Ah, then Yaqiqi lost her call.
Flame continued to smile and said, we grew up together as childhood friends. In fact, black is not me, but his character has been suppressed for thousands of years. Anyone who can come to see the light of day is very happy. His night maple fight is just a friendly way to express his happiness. What am I worried about?
Oh, and then Yaqi Qi Qi Oh, one.
By the way, later Flame asked why you didn’t call me Sister Flame or Sister Flame, but you had to call me Sister Fei Yan.