For you, it may be a loss of magic. What kind of person am I? Maybe later, you will know that your question is over. Go home, otherwise it will disturb their concentration. Ye Feng gave the marching orders without looking at the ice beauty in front of him.

Leng Wei-er didn’t expect Yefeng to drive herself away so quickly. I just wanted to say a few words, but Yefeng has turned away. Am I not beautiful? Is it so unattractive? Damn Yefeng, I must check your life. Leng Wei-er looked at Yefeng and whispered, Leng Wei-er, after Yefeng, the way to find medicine would be lively.
Listen, you two are training today with this stone on your back until five o’clock tonight, and you are not allowed to rest, move or fall. If you carry twice the weight of the stone that day, Ye Feng pointed to a stone weighing about 50 kilograms and said
Boss, why don’t you just kill me? Yesterday was the abnormal gravity barrier, today is the back stone. I don’t know if you will ask us to break into the three forbidden areas one day, and then lie on a tree trunk and cry and cry.
Yeah, boss, can’t you find some easy training for us, like running and skipping rope?
After the first day of training, Yaqi was a little scared.
When I hear your nonsense again, I will skip a word with a stone on my back for 100 meters. After you think it over, Yaqi just wants to talk, but when he sees the cold face of the night maple, he is afraid to point at it. It is very funny.
Little Ya Ya around Ye Feng giggled when she saw them.
Little ya ya, you are laughing so hard. Do you want to train Ye Feng to laugh at little ya ya?
The two of them nodded their heads, hoping that Yefeng could catch a little girl to train with them.
Little Ya Ya smiled at the night maple and immediately said, "Big Brother, I remember that my mentor Diana called me a thing of the past today. I think I should have left in time." After that, the figure was already 50 meters away, and Yaqi was disappointed to see Little Ya Ya go. She shook her head.
Night maple looked at the beautiful figure of little ya ya, and her heart was filled with a strange feeling about this little girl who was many years old. It seemed as lovable as her little sister.
Ok, now, first, gather together and pick up the stone, and then slowly put the stone behind you. Night Feng walked to a stone face and sat cross-legged and said
Boss, I can’t do it. I just picked up the stone and came back less than five minutes later. I was all flushed and shouted.
Then what happened to you? You died so soon. Yaqi seemed fine.
It’s heavy. Hey, Xiaoqi, why are you so calm and carefree? Is it really that bad to practice magic? Then he turned to Yaqi and said,
Have you forgotten what the boss said just now? I told you to concentrate. Don’t you get angry when you speak? Yaqi said calmly.
Oh, no wonder. I said, why do I feel heavier and heavier? It’s like this, and it’s like an epiphany afterwards
Cut the crap and tell you to concentrate. You’re getting more and more discouraged. Do you want to recite a hundred pounds of night maple? You didn’t open your eyes.
This later can darling shut up.
After a while, I found that my mind was finally unable to carry a stone, but I felt heavier and heavier. I turned to look at Yaqi and wanted to talk to Yaqi, but Yaqi had closed his eyes and didn’t move. It seemed that he would not be able to do it. Later, he hardened his mind and entered meditation.
Not far away from the night maple, a beautiful girl with long hair casually hanging behind her head and wearing a red tight-fitting warrior looked at the night maple in concentration with interest.
She is Leng Wei-er. When she got home, she told her grandfather about her encounter with Yefeng in the hospital. Her grandfather thought about the cold war for a long time, but she couldn’t figure it out. This made Leng Wei-er more curious about Yefeng. She found that Yefeng had been in the hospital for a while, but Ji hadn’t been in the classroom. Even the tutor didn’t ask where Yefeng had been absent before. If the tutor was absent from class, he would usually find out if it was more serious, and it would disturb the dean unless she listened to the special circumstances. Yesterday, Yefeng arrested two experts in the hospital for training
Come with me, don’t come and talk about two words of night maple road
Not far away, Leng Wei ‘er felt that this was ringing in her ear. It was not urgent, not slow, not warm and not dry. It was very comfortable to listen, but it was very uncomfortable, that is, there was no emotion
Leng Wei-er Ran Ran came to Ye Feng, and Ye Feng opened his eyes and jumped from the stone. Leng Wei-er just wanted to talk, and Ye Feng made a stop gesture and pointed to the seven-sitting and then walked to one side of the tree.
Leng Wei’s son nodded knowingly and followed Ye Feng to the big tree.
Yefeng, can I ask you a question? Leng Wei Er means Leng Wei Er, and even she speaks very cold.
I know you came here today to ask me what the first and third masters of the Academy are. Come and train. The night maple tone is even colder.
How do you know that Leng Wei’s voice is a little surprised?
You told me everything on your face. Yefeng Road may be very strong to recognize them in front of you humans in the courtyard, but they are just children to our mainland experts.
What about me? You also went to see the contest that day.
That day, you were half the strength. You practiced the red tornado to the black realm. Even if it is not ten times stronger, ten times the strength will not break you. Night maple light way
How do you know the wind magic storm series? It took me three years to practice from color to red. Leng Wei Er was even more frightened this time, and her face changed slightly. She said, I know this storm series magic. Few people know that this storm series magic is Leng Wei Er’s grandfather found it in a small hole in the Death Mountain during the Cold War. He didn’t say anything or teach it to others. Of course, few people know it.
Just because few people know it doesn’t mean that no one knows it. I just know that one of the night maple is a god. I don’t think anyone knows it better than him.
You’re a strange man. Even you know that Leng Wei’s slender fingers swept away the hair in front of her eyes.