make a din

Light flashes, his figure has entered the channel, and he has plunged forward without knowing the direction.
Mo Tianxing’s reaction in the grottoes is also very fast. Almost Meng Fei chose to flee to the figure and sink into another one, and the guardian of the five terror shrines remained here.
Flying bear, who was hit by a statue of death, stood up to be extremely strong, and his physical strength kept him from being seriously injured, but his anger was completely ignited.
It has always been proud of its physical strength, and it was defeated by a weak practitioner in a face collision. This is a naked humiliation, and this humiliation can only wash away the enemy’s heart and blood.
It looked up and roared, and his massive body didn’t match his agile speed, and he roared and broke into the secret, and the death statue left the passage one after another.
Tiger demon growled as if he had given orders to the other three beasts, and then followed the bear monster to kill the two Johnson without hesitation.
The spotted leopard turns around, its limbs are slightly stretched, and its body will shoot like a feather. It is naturally a good player in speed and can escape from him. There are not many prey.
Let’s walk upright, the giant wolf crouches down, and every inch of blood and flesh is taut, and the iron growls and turns into a virtual shadow.
Behind him, a few feet of black snake meat flapped behind the giant wolf.
Meng Fei eyebrows slightly wrinkled face slightly dignified.
He had already crossed four forks in the road before, but he didn’t know where he was, but he didn’t weaken him at all, but the distance was shrinking.
If at this rate, I’m afraid I’ll be chasing him soon. After thinking for a few minutes, I’ve made a decision in my heart. Deep in my eyes, the new cold mountain flashed by.
Since you can’t hide, don’t hide. If you can’t kill him behind you, you can’t pull him out as soon as possible to solve this maze mystery
The figure suddenly stopped, and he slowly turned to look at the depths of the channel, cold and warm.
After a while, it was scary and the roar came. It was the sound of footsteps stepping on the ground.
Although one is comparable to a horde.
The figure of a giant wolf galloping forward is now in sight, followed by a flying black snake flapping its crimson wings.
Both eyes are cold and naked, and there is no cover.
Two monster eyes instantly locked Meng Fei figure giant Wolf mouth a roar vigorous body rose and roared in a brazen culling.
Meng Fei looked somberly at the approaching giant wolf. His eyes were calm, and the mountains and ancient wells were clear and calm, and he couldn’t afford any waves.
The speed of the giant wolf is flashing, and the speed reduction is instantaneous. The distance between the giant wolf’s mouth and his mouth is several feet away. It seems that he has smelled the rich bloody smell from his mouth.
The giant wolf’s eyes are full of ferocity, and it seems to have seen its prey’s head smashed by it, and its blood and brains spewed out.
It’s another roar. A faint layer of blood suddenly appears at the hair ends.
After finishing this, its eyes are obviously more than a few minutes to cover up its fatigue, but the cruelty and tyranny have become more and more intense instead of decreasing.
Fuck you. You dare to kill Meng Fei. Cold hum a robe and sleeve. The palm of your hand moves slightly for a moment, and then it freezes and fluctuates at all.
And the giant wolf that took off and culled became a frozen fish, frozen in the middle, and then the body could not move at all.
The huge wolf’s head is a foot away from Meng Fei. You can clearly smell the fishy smell in the wolf’s mouth at the mouth of the blood basin and feel that two white hot gases sprayed from its nose are just a foot away, but the huge wolf’s mouth can never bite again.
Meng Fei didn’t pause. His hand turned over the black sword. Now his hand is piercing into the giant wolf with an open mouth.
Meng Fei never doubted that the black sword was sharp, and his face was extremely calm when he saw that it easily pierced the giant wolf and was harder than the skull.
The crimson resentment in the wolf’s eyes quickly faded away, and all emotions dissipated, leaving the deep fear and despair.
See the giant Wolf a recruit was Meng Fei to put out.
The black snake screamed loudly, but that fear was concealed by the root method.
Its forward body suddenly stopped flapping a pair of wings desperately, and the body quickly stabilized and fled to the rear to leave.